• Published 5th Oct 2013
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A Shy Pegasi's Wing - Dark Tempest

It's a fine night in Ponyville for Fluttershy, and when a new pegasus arrives, she learns more about life and love. However, when the pair are attacked at the Galloping Gala Hearts night, they learn that their lives will be forever intertwined..

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The Distance

As soon as they were ready, the Mane Six, Matrixwing, and Celestia traveled back to Ponyville by train. Just before they left, Celestia announced a crisis warning, ensuring that everypony had a chance to prepare themselves for anything that may happen whilst she was gone. Finally, when they got back to Ponyville, Celestia allowed Matrixwing and Fluttershy three days to prepare to leave for White Tail Woods.
The two pegasi did the necessary preparations including purchasing supplies, ensuring the local fauna had plenty of food, water, shelter, and finally, on the last day, they said bye to all of their friends. "Take care of yourselves you two," Twilight said as she hugged Fluttershy. Matrixwing and Fluttershy each said their farewells to all of the ponies, then trotted over to where Princess Celestia was waiting.
When they got there, Celestia asked the guards to give Matrixwing and Fluttershy some extra supplies. They included tinderboxes, a survival knife, a small bag of torches, and some weapons (Fluttershy didn't want a weapon, but Celestia convinced her to keep a dagger, just in case).
Matrixwing picked up a short sword and held it up to the light to examine it. The sword's blade was well-polished and tempered into a graceful, sharp point. He found that the metal was harder than diamond, and a very dark lavender color. Celestia explained the sword: "That belonged to one of the best generals to ever run my armies, a unicorn named Silver Sting. Since he had served Equestria so faithfully, I had that sword fashioned for him. It is of the finest make, made up of multiple metals such as corundum, quicksilver, veridium, steel, and platinum.
Matrixwing looked at the pommel of the short sword, which had a small yellow topaz encrusted into it. He looked closer and saw that the topaz was glowing brightly. He blinked, and when he looked again, the glow was gone. He was going to mention the strange glow, but decided against it.
Celestia continued the briefing, giving Fluttershy the map as she did so. "You two may be the only ones able to make this journey and complete it. I have no idea of the dangers that may or may not bar the way ahead, but with your determination, I'm certain that you will overcome any obstacle ahead of you. Your objective now is to gain the element of hope and return to Canterlot, where the rest of the elements and I will be waiting. Then, we shall find the Shadow and put a stop to it forever. Now go, you must prevail, or all life as we know it will come to an end."
Fluttershy and Matrixwing soared for quite a distance before they gradually began to slow down. They stopped under a nice shady tree and sat down there. Fluttershy was not used to flying so quickly for so much distance, nevermind for half a day. She sprawled herself on the ground next to Matrixwing.
"Can... we... take... a break?" Fluttershy panted heavily as she spoke. Matrixwing looked up into the sky to check the position of the sun. He estimated that they had maybe four hours of daylight left. At last he made a decision. "Yes, we don't have long left till it's dark anyway. I'll gather some wood for a fire."
As he got to his hooves and turned away, Matrixwing heard a quiet whimper from behind him. He turned back to Fluttershy, who looked at him fearfully. "It's just so scary, being alone... you're coming back soon, right?" Matrixwing bent down and kissed Fluttershy's muzzle. "Of course I am, Fluttershy. I would never leave you alone."
With that, Matrixwing trotted into the small wooded area nearby.
As Matrixwing searched, he felt the night slowly closing in around him. He quickly gathered firewood, berries, and wild yams, thinking about night as it was now. At one time, night had seemed serene, tranquil, safe. Now it felt all wrong, as if Luna herself could no longer control it. Matrixwing brought the materials with him to the camp and placed the wood in a pile.
Matrixwing then gave Fluttershy some of the berries he had found (he had already identified them as raspberries, and tried one himself to make sure they weren't poisonous), then kindled a flame using materials from his tinderbox, and soon he was roasting yams over a roaring fire as the night grew darker.
After they ate, the pair began to settle in for the night, keeping as close to the fire as possible without setting themselves alight. Matrixwing soon got comfortable as he laid on his side, and eventually Fluttershy laid her head onto his flank and stared up at the stars.
She reflected upon all the events of the past month and realized that her life would never be "normal" again... it has all changed... forever. Fluttershy got into a more comfortable position. At least I've finally found my special somepony...
Eventually, Matrixwing and Fluttershy fell asleep. When they awoke again, they heard the sounds of singing birds and fresh morning sunlight filtering through the tree's leaves above them. Fluttershy was the first to stand, fully alert after such a deep rest. Matrixwing was not so lucky, grunting slurredly as he hauled himself to his hooves.
"Are you alright?" Fluttershy asked, sounding concerned. "I'm fine," Matrixwing replied, shaking sleep from his head, "Just not used to sleeping on the ground, I guess."
They ate a quick meal and did their business, then continued to fly towards White Tail Woods, this time at a much slower pace so as not to tire themselves.
After a few more hours, they finally came upon the White Tail Woods, which looked beautiful in the mid-noon spring sun, especially with the blossoms on the trees, baby birds singing, and animals that were just beginning to come out of hibernation.
Unfortunately, they were unable to stay and admire the scenery, for they were in a hurry to find the element. Fluttershy took out the map and began to guide both Matrixwing and herself towards the highlighted blip on it. Finally, after many twists and turns, they found the cave.
As Fluttershy looked into the cave, she began to get an unsettled feeling: somepony or something doesn't want them there.
Matrixwing felt a similar feeling but rather than grab Fluttershy and get out of dodge, he instead took out his tinderbox and a torch and began to light it. After a few seconds, he successfully lit the torch and placed it into a customized torch clamp on one of his saddlebags. The torchlight sent off strange shadows in the cave, making it seem even creepier than it was in pitch black darkness.
Matrixwing readied his weapon, unclipping the sheath for easier access, then he and Fluttershy descended into the darkness...