• Published 5th Oct 2013
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A Shy Pegasi's Wing - Dark Tempest

It's a fine night in Ponyville for Fluttershy, and when a new pegasus arrives, she learns more about life and love. However, when the pair are attacked at the Galloping Gala Hearts night, they learn that their lives will be forever intertwined..

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A Beautiful Night

Several days later, Fluttershy and Matrixwing (whom has become a lot more accustomed to being with the mare) returned to Rarity's Beautique to pick up their garments, and to have their hides and manes regroomed. Most everypony else had an early start, such as Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie (mostly because each pony was the representative of an organization) so they were left alone with Rarity, Apple Jack, and Spike to prepare.
As the three ponies dressed in their separate rooms, they discussed where Matrixwing had come from. "You came from Cloudsdale too?" Fluttershy asked. Matrixwing took a moment to think and replied: "Yes, and I've lived there until a week and a half ago. I was the head of the precipitation and weather control up there... and the fastest flier... 28.4 wingpower." Upon hearing these last few words, Fluttershy and Rarity's jaws dropped practically to the floor.
"Really?" Rarity asked, who was dumbfounded. "I could show you, if you like," Matrixwing said, "all I need is an anemometer." Rarity smiled and told him: "My dear Spikey-wikey can help with that." Then, Matrixwing and Fluttershy stepped out of their dressing rooms, looking very classy indeed.
Matrixwing looked at Fluttershy, and his mind went instantly blank as he gazed at her. "You look... amazing," he spoke quietly, almost a whisper. Fluttershy had tied her mane back into a beautiful bun, with no frizziness in either mane nor tail (Rarity had seen to that). Her dress was a forest green color, with an aqua secondary. She also wore her element of harmony: Kindness.
Fluttershy blushed a pinkish color, and replied in a quiet, but interested tone: "Thank you, and you look very nice too." Rarity couldn't help herself, she began tearing up and said in a breaking voice, "Fluttershy has finally found herself a date!" Matrixwing and Fluttershy looked into each others' eyes, and knew what the other was thinking: they had started falling for each other.
Rarity saw this and smiled to herself, then she looked at the clock on the wall: two thirty-six in the afternoon. She quickly decided that they needed to move on. "Matrixwing, do you mind showing us your speed now?" Matrixwing was still looking into Fluttershy's eyes, then he looked at Rarity with a confused expression on his face. "My speed?" Rarity giggled softly, and Matrixwing remembered "Oh, right... Sure."
Rarity led Matrixwing and Fluttershy to Ponyville library, which is also Twilight's home (she asked Princess Celestia if she could stay, and Celestia obliged)and asked Spike for the anemometer. He gave it to Rarity almost immediately. "Thank you my sweet little Spikey-wikey." She bent down and kissed him on his cheek, leaving lipstick marks and causing his irises to comically take on a heart shape before he fainted.
A few minutes later, after Rarity had put Spike into his bed, the small group of ponies walked onto the track field and put the anemometer into its place. Matrixwing walked onto the track itself, and closed his eyes in concentration. Then, when the signal was called, he used all of his strength, emotion, and soul to launch himself forward with so much force that bits of earth and tufts of grass came with him. He zipped past the anemometer so quickly, that little of him was seen but a blur, but Fluttershy studied the blur zooming past her, and found that Matrixwing left a trail similar to Rainbow Dash's, but his trail was a large bolt of white lightning.
Rarity had been looking at the anemometer, and saw the needle jump, all the way to 28.6 wingpower. "Oh my..." Fluttershy spoke quietly, "That was shocking..." Matrixwing had finally slowed down and trotted over to where the two mares stood. "How'd I do?" he queried as he got closer. "Twenty-eight point six wingpower," Rarity answered. "Wow..." Matrixwing had no idea that he was that fast.
The group then went over to Apple Jack's farm to retrieve Apple Jack. The three ponies went up to the front door, and Rarity knocked. The knock was answered by a familiar orange-hided and blond-maned mare who had just finished dressing herself.
"Oh, howdy all! Come on in, Ah was just helpin' somepony bake apple muffins." She led the group into the kitchen, where a gray and blond pegasus was taking a tray of muffins out of an oven, who turned toward them.The first thing Matrixwing noticed was her eyes. They were a dandelion yellow, and the right eye had a wall-eyed stare in which Matrixwing realized that it was dead, thus frozen there, unmovable.
"Hello," she said with an innocent note in her thick-sounding voice, which made Matrixwing even sadder, but he replied: "Hello there, you must be-" he was cut off as his statement was finished for him: "Ditzy Doo! But everypony calls me Derpy," she told him with friendliness.
"Wanna try a muffin?" She queried suddenly, and pushed an apple-muffin into one of his hooves, then smiling brightly. Matrixwing couldn't bring himself to refuse the wall-eyed pony, and tried the muffin.
Matrixwing's tongue was hit with the sweetness of the muffins themselves, then the finely diced apples and cinnamon. "It's delicious," he said, taking another bite. "Yippee!" Derpy exclaimed happily. Apple Jack told Matrixwing that they had been baking the muffins for the Galloping Gala, and that they had already been sent to Canterlot Castle.
"Well then," Apple Jack opened the front door, "Ah think we'd better get goin', it's gonna be a long trip, and we don't wanna be late."
The rest of the group agreed and made their way down the winding road to a carriage sitting at it's end, with team of four pegasi-stallions waiting for them. Rarity explained to the the other ponies that the carriage would take them to the Gala. She then told them to wait whilst she went to get Spike.
After waiting several minutes, Rarity returned with Spike, who had dressed himself in high-fashion clothing (everypony knew it was to impress Rarity), and they all filed into the carriage. They then were off, flying high through the sky, on the way to Canterlot.
Matrixwing marveled at the landscape as he watched it pass by the flying carriage's window. Despite their speed, it still took several hours to get to Canterlot. Finally, when they reached the Canterlot private gardens, they stretched their legs (and wings in the pegasi's case). They walked together to the private gardens front gate, where the princesses Twilight and Celestia were greeting guests.
"Hello everypony!" called Twilight gleefully as she shook hooves with each of her friends in turn, and then Celestia spoke: "It's good to see that Fluttershy will be joining us this time. Oh, who's your friend?" She had noticed Matrixwing standing next to Fluttershy, and Matrixwing responded with: "My name is Matrixwing ma'am." Celestia acknowledged his name with friendliness in her voice, and when they all finished talking, the small group of ponies moved into the gardens.
The first thing that happened was Rarity and Spike split one direction, and Applejack the other, each finding some activity to busy themselves with at the Gala, leaving Matrixwing, Fluttershy, and Derpy alone. "Oh, look! There's Doctor!" Derpy yelled, and after telling Matrixwing and Fluttershy goodbye, flew over to a brown Earth pony with an hourglass cutie mark, whom in which Matrixwing assumed was 'Doctor'.
So Matrixwing got Fluttershy some punch from the punch bowl (in which it wasn't hard to miss, for it had a giant ice sculpture of a heart in it), and proceeded to ask her: "So... what do you wanna do?" Fluttershy thought for a moment, then replied: "Do you want to go to the top of that mountain?" She pointed out the mountain right next to Canterlot. Matrixwing looked up at the stars. A beautiful assortment of stars, and not a single cloud in the sky, Luna had made an exceptionally beautiful night. "I don't see why we shouldn't, let's go."
It took them a bit, but they eventually got to the summit, then Fluttershy found a spot with a nice view, and sat down there. She motioned for Matrixwing to sit next to her, so he did, and as he did so, he handed her a rare pale violet rose that he had found whilst wandering around Ponyville the day before. Fluttershy stared at the sentiment in her hooves for a moment, then she put the rose into her mane and slid closer to Matrixwing until she had pushed her head under his chin.
"You didn't have to pick me a flower..." she said, but she had the tone in her voice that suggested that she loved it. Matrixwing wrapped a foreleg around her, and told her in a quiet voice: "It reminded me of you... It told me that even though there are many roses out there, they all are the same, even though they are different. They say that there's a mare out there for every stallion... Will you be mine?"
Fluttershy's irises grew wide as saucers and glistened as Matrixwing said this. She answered with a quiet "Yes," then Matrixwing suddenly remembered Fluttershy's question, and finally began to tell her what had happened.
"I was on a routine patrol of the weather during a storm, checking wind speeds and such, when it started to downpour. The strength of the winds had started throwing me around, and eventually I completely lost control and was pulled straight upward, into a cloud. I saw a tiny light when I was in the cloud, and before I realized what it was, I was struck by the lightning. It felt like a million white-hot needles being stuck into you all at once, and then I felt myself falling, then I hit a cloud. I tried to see where I was, but all I could see was... nothing. I am blind yes, for the lightning had fried my pupil, and when it was healed, I didn't regain it... But a unicorn cast a permanent spell which allowed me to see with my eyes, even though I can't see through my eyes. Although I can see again, I feel I will never be the same again..."
Fluttershy put a hoof on his face, and rubbed it soothingly. "It's ok..." Even though she was trying to calm him down, she was near the breaking point of crying, and through her tears she said: "I'd do anything to save you if I saw you in danger like that..."
Matrixwing saw her face moving closer to his, then he did the same, moving his head gradually until their muzzles touched. Then they closed their eyes as they embraced, their lips closed over one another's, and they kissed, becoming oblivious to the world around them, and hearts expanding from the love in which they felt for each other.