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This story is a sequel to When the Man Comes Around

The twelfth story in the Journey of Graves.

Nightmare Night is back once more, which means a night chock full of hilarity, hi-jinks, and near apocalyptic obliteration.

Need I say more?

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Mr101 #1 · Sep 14th, 2013 · · 1 ·

That ending. :rainbowlaugh:

As soon as Rarity was revealed to be Wonder Woman I knew Graves would be Batman. But when they sent Spike away, not wanting him to see her, I thought you had taken me upon on my suggestion a while back. Can't remember? Let me help...
Trust those three to us the necronomicon to bring about Equestria's apocalypse...:facehoof::facehoof:

“Wait, what?” Twilight gaped. “But… ghosts are incorporeal! Non-solid beings made of spectral energy and negative emotions! You can’t just… punch one into submission.”
“Course I can.”
“Because,” he said, a smile flashing to his lips just before he turned and flew off into the night, “I’m Batman.”

That has got to be one of the best chapter/story end lines I have ever seen. I think you have taken the number three spot for me with it!

Considering what Graves does, there was absolutely no surprise.

But damn that had me laughing.

Oh god. That ending. I just lost my shit.

...lol the ending

This chapter, just... yes. I'm done.

Missing a t in that there nightmare :P

“Because,” he said, a smile flashing to his lips just before he turned and flew off into the night, “I’m Batman.”

HA! :rainbowlaugh:

I don't think the people that disliked this really even read it. there was way too much awesome here for anyone sane person to dislike it.

3204959 They most likely dislike humanized ponies, or fun in general.

So much forth wall breaking win right there. I never could have seen it coming, and usually I don't accept it, unless it's Pinkie doing it, but for that buildup and that ending...i'll not only forgive you, but give you :moustache::moustache: :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: Dovahkiin's out of 10

As ususal things turn out awesome. Hilarious.:pinkiehappy:

But Batman doesn't use guns...Nah, I'm kidding.

Honestly, I'm really divided over the whole DC-Marvel debate. I mean, at first I preferred Marvel comics but then I read the Killing Joke, watched the Justice League cartoon, saw Batman Under the Red Hood...but Marvel has the Avengers...but DC has the Dark Knight Saga...

Anyone who didn't expect this wasn't paying much attention. I mean, Lazarus Pit in A Long, Winding Road? Obvious foreshadowing!

Holy shit, that made my evening.

“Because,” he said, a smile flashing to his lips just before he turned and flew off into the night, “I’m Batman.”


:rainbowlaugh: I knew that last line was coming!

Comment posted by heirofaniu deleted Sep 15th, 2013

Iron Man Mk VII!!?? Respect, Twilight, respect!!!

This chapter is the ultimate chapter in all of geekdom, and this is exactly why I love humanized Equestria versions so much - no need to ponify all the pop culture that already exists here!

And that ending was the punchline ever - I TOTALLY saw that coming :rainbowlaugh:

“Power Ranger?” she sputtered. “This happens to be a completely accurate recreation of the Iron Man Mark 7 suit, for crying out loud! I mean, spent a whole week getting the armor plating to fluctuate for realistic aerodynamics alone! How the hay did she see a Power Ranger?!”

So Twilight built an actual Iron Man suit as her Nightmare Night costume? Hell yeah.

They're all dressed as superheroes? Hell yeah x2! Also, we need fanart of that Rarity costume, stat!

Of course the CMC summoned actual ghosts.

That ending. Wow, that was just beautiful.


You're fired.

Saw the costume choice coming. It still pleased me. :moustache:

That last line...I can only express my feelings in haiku
I burst out laughing :rainbowlaugh:
It caused pain to my very soul:fluttershyouch:
And it made my day :twilightsmile:


I was tempted to use this one, but it just didn't quite capture the Jack Skellington feel I needed. Nevertheless, it's pretty much spot-freaking-on and amazing like warm socks on a snowy day.


Wide eyed in amazement, the five on the hilltop stared as the dark figure stood upright, his tall frame shaded by a night-black cape and his face shrouded by a matching, horned cowl.

Soon as I saw that I rofl'd so damn hard. Why? Cause it's BATMAN and I have to say it suits Graves to a T.

"Im Batman".
3 2 1 ... YUS!!!!!!!!

a smashing soundtrack provided by DJ Pon3, who for some reason had decided to dress as a large, freshwater trout. A trout who, for some reason, oft fell to the ground in a spasmodic heap.

I... think I see what you did there... :coolphoto:

Reaching into her backpack, Applebloom pulled out a large, leather bound book with the horrific image of a howling face reaching out of its gnarly, veined cover.

I definitely see what you did there. Why does Twilight even have it in the library? :twilightoops:

This can be corrected:

“Hey Twilight, [Spike,] you [guys] ready yet?”

Major props to Applejack for her awesome idea. She-Hulk is a deplorably undervalued superhero. Not only is she one of the few female heroes, but she's probably the only one who openly shows off powerful female muscles. Makes me wish for a Shulkie movie starring Amber DeLuca. And speaking of female supers...

...but the dressmaker was pretty enough that it would certainly raise some awkward questions between parents and youngsters later in the evening.

Nope, not good enough. Pretty sure he's not that uneducated or immature. Also, he should have dressed up as Kick-Ass. It would've been totally appropriate (A Dog and Pony Show), and he would've fit the superhero theme all his friends had going. Fitting in is something he is rarely allowed to do, and his "friends" don't always help.

It also kinda sucks that Twilight is the only one he got an apology from after all six of them allowed his Nightmare Night to turn halfway into a miserable disappointment.

Hehe, never fails to drop the bass.

Side note, I never knew Bass was a type of Trout.

Really good. I just wish it were a tad more believable by either having spike in a super hero costume, or having AJ, Pinkie, and Twilight in none comic costumes.

The opening joke would still work if it was say Masked Rider or a recreation from a sci fi book.

As such I'm gonna imagine AJ went as Sanji from one piece and pinkie went as Sheen dressed as ultraman from jimmy neutron to work it better

Poor Twilight. Nothing ruins a prank like someone doing the same prank seconds before you.

Best ending.

...and so it was, that Inew's sides were never seen or heard from again.

Never-the-less, all was good in the world because Batman.

3208233 Really? Wow.

Poor Spike. Nothing ruins a holiday like all of your friends forgetting you while they march off to an annual party.

And that's how badass Batman is. Just a fraction of his awesomeness granted by dressing as him is enough to punch ghosts into oblivion.

The ending...it shall go down in history.

Batman + Graves=BAD ASS!

You, my good man, have just won the Internet.

what can i say about that ending that everypony else hasn't already except.....



You just couldn't help yourself, could you, GentlemanJ?

very well done


Thatlast quote...... BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

im litteraly rofl

I know basically everyone has already said this, but that was probably the best way to end this story. I actually laughed out loud, instead of doing that little exhale/chuckle thing we all do instead of laughing when something is funny, but not THAT funny. This was that funny.

I lost it at the ending. My sides should never hurt that much, ever.

That book...that damned book's been giving me nightmares sie I know about.

Either way this is how my mind reprresents this story....


You got one syllable extra in your 7-syllable line.:ajbemused:

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