• Published 14th Sep 2013
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Equestria's first warp drive - CCC

The Enterprise pays a visit to Equestria. Luna decides to go and see what this new thing in the night sky is.

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Three Days

It was a long three days, in Equestria.

Celestia tried to send another letter to Spike. There was no reply.

Rarity spent the first day pacing, back and forth, back and forth, in the room the Princess had provided for her.

Rainbow Dash took to the air and flew. She didn't care much for where – she just flew, caring only for speed. There were no less than fifteen sonic rainbooms that day, spread through Equestria, and rumours abounded.

Applejack sat on the balcony, and watched the skies.

Pinkie got into the castle kitchens, and began to bake. And bake. And bake. After the first three hours, one of the royal cooks quietly sent some of the guard out for more flour, sugar, and eggs, and the Princess ended up sending the extra cakes out to close on half on Canterlot.

Fluttershy calmly took the train back to Ponyville. She arranged for her animals to be fed and cared for, over an indefinite period; informed the Cakes that Pinkie would be away for a while; hung a 'Closed' sign on Rarity's door; talked to the mayor about a temporary substitute librarian; and told Big Mac (over supper) what was going on, and that Applejack would be a while.

Twilight Sparkle studied. In the afternoon, she studied under Princess Luna, learning how to modify a shield spell into a space-twisting warp drive, and how to track it once it had passed.

In the morning, Princess Luna and Princess Celestia had had an argument.

* * *

“I do not see why.” said Luna, coldly.

“Because,” said Celestia, “I need you here.”

“Thou art able to raise both sun and moon.” pointed out Luna.

“Yes.” said Celestia. “That's not why I need you to stay. It's a matter of security.”

“Thou hast kept Equestria secure for a thousand years without our aid.” said Luna. “What is it that hath changed so in the short interval since that time?”

“The Elements of Harmony found new bearers.”


Celestia sighed, and looked out over the balcony. “Do you remember Sombra?” she asked.

“Ruler of the Crystal Empire? Was he not destroyed?”

“By the Elements.” said Celestia. “Do you remember Obsidian?”

“Aye, I recall that he was defeated -”

“By the Elements of Harmony. Do you remember Discord?”

“Aye, he -” Luna stopped, as she realised what Celestia's point was.

“Was turned to stone, by the Elements of Harmony.” finished Celestia. “We both thought he was dead. And then, once they had new Bearers, he broke free to terrorise Equestria again.” Celestia took a deep breath. “The Elements have been used, Luna, and used often. It may be – in fact it is likely – that all of those defeated by the Elements have been destroyed permanently. But what if they are not? The Elements and their Bearers, Luna, are about to leave this entire solar system. If any one of these threats raises itself again, I may not be able to handle it on my own. And I can't ask the Bearers of the Elements not to go; not with Spike, and their younger sisters, among the victims. I need you, Luna. I need you to stay here with me.”

Luna glared at Celestia for several minutes. Then she asked, “Who will track this 'Pog', if I am to remain?”

“I need to ask that you teach what you know to Twilight.” said Celestia. “In three days, I am quite certain that she could master it.”

* * *

On the second day, the Royal Guard reported to Celestia that there was no sign of anyone called Red Dawn having gone missing in Manehatten a week ago.

Rarity sat in the same room as Luna and Twilight, trying to understand how the warp spell worked. It was quickly clear that she was very, very far out of her depth.

Rainbow Dash, thoroughly exhausted, spent most of the day asleep.

Applejack had moved from the balcony to the top of Canterlot's tallest tower. She watched the sky.

Pinkie Pie managed to bake, and decorate, even more cakes than she had made on the previous day.

Fluttershy said her goodbyes, and took the train from Ponyville to Canterlot.

Twilight, much to Luna's surprise, managed to find a correlation to Starswirl's Third Law showing that magic could not penetrate a warp bubble. This explained why nothing more had been heard from Spike. She also managed to create a very small, approximately one-millimetre diameter warp bubble, which took a small puff of air almost as far as Fillydelphia before collapsing.

* * *

On the third day, five of the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony stood on the roof of the tallest tower, staring at the sky, and waiting.

The sixth, Twilight, continued her studies, gathering a selection of some books to bring with, in case there was time for further research on the way.

Celestia spoke to the Admiral again, confirming the arrival time of the promised spaceship.

It was a long three days, in Equestria.

* * *

It was a long three days, in a Ferengi prison cell.

Much to Spike's dismay, there was no further word from Celestia; no letters arrived. Frem returned, on occasion, always holding a rectangular device; a few taps on it caused another meal to appear in all the cells, and emptied the bucket.

Dawn would sometimes talk with Flam, or the Crusaders, or Spike; but never while Frem was in the room. And Frem never tried to talk to her. Flam found himself idly wondering how Dawn had persuaded their captors that she was not intelligent, but he had no wish to end the strange charade. After all, it might be helpful later.

Whatever strange engine was vibrating the floor continued to do so.

Applebloom spent most of her time kicking at one spot on the back wall. She didn't have the strength of her older sister, but perhaps if she kept going, she could knock something loose.

Following her example, Spike tried turning teeth that could casually chew diamond to the wall.

After three days, the wall was unchanged, unmarked.

Flam spent most of his time sitting quietly, observing.

It was a long three days.