• Published 14th Sep 2013
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Equestria's first warp drive - CCC

The Enterprise pays a visit to Equestria. Luna decides to go and see what this new thing in the night sky is.

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Epilogue: Red Dawn

Eighty-four hours after arrival at Equestria; deep in Borg space

The creature once designated Red Dawn was unique among the Borg; a creature with the natural ability to change shape to any vaguely equine form, hiding its Borg implants and infiltrating any society – or, at least, any quadrupedal society.

But while the Borg worked on reverse-engineering this ability, and tried to work out whether it would be worthwhile to install similar capabilities in its other drones, there was one ability of Red Dawn's that would see more immediate use.

Dawn could communicate with the Changeling hivemind. And this communication took the form of subtle variations in the structure of subspace; variations that would appear to be no more than background noise, unless one held the key.

And the key was in Dawn's brain; hence the Borg had the key.

With care, delicate amplification, and a detector array the diameter of a solar system, the Borg hivemind could communicate with the Changeling hivemind from a distance of several thousand lightyears.

Unfortunately for the Borg, the communications channel was limited; they could not overwhelm the Changelings by sheer telepathic force. But that did not mean that they could not use the channel; as long as Red Dawn remained a Borg drone, they could talk to Chrysalis; and, for this communication, the Borg Queen would speak to Chrysalis in person...

Greetings, Chrysalis said a message, sent near-instantaneously across vast reaches of space.

Who is this? came back the instant reply, the subtle variations in subspace being picked up by the sensitive Borg recievers.

We are the Borg. sent back the Borg. We are a hivemind, much like your own, merely... somewhat larger. There is something close to you that we want; and if you will help us to obtain it, we can offer you much in exchange.

How did you contact me this way? What do you offer?

How we contacted you is not important. replied the Borg. As to what we can offer...

The Borg sent an image; of Celestia and Luna, covered in some strange armour, bowing at Chrysalis' feet.

We can offer you everything you want. said the Borg.

I've heard this story. replied Chrysalis. Moreover, I've run it myself. The tempter offers everything, with no details; if the mark accepts the deal, he is killed, drained of love, and cocooned. Besides, I will have Luna and Celestia trapped on my own by the end of the month. I reject your offer.

We have reviewed your current plan. sent back the Borg. It has a number of flaws. After it fails... contact Us again. Our offer will not stand forever... but it will stand for a time.

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Poor Chrissy, she has NO idea what's hacking the Hivelink:twilightoops:

SEQUEL INCOMING, hopefully!:ajbemused:

Well, after marathon this story, I have only one thing to say: SEQUEL!!!!

Seriously, very well written and an exciting read from start to finish. An interesting take on the ST+MLP formula, too.:moustache:

Huh. I guess the harmonic de-Borging wasn't complete. Well, nanoprobes are easy to miss. Of course, this means that the Cutie Mark Crusaders may be able to hear echoes of the Collective... :twilightoops:

In any case, a nice sequel hook and a great crossover. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

5188691 can't blame you I feel the same why about myself

I like how the Borg are very upfront. After it fails, contact Us.

Now all we need is a Changeling strapped to Twilights brain interface, with the CMC, Pinkie, and Discord on the controllers.

Lets see them adapt to That level of Chaos. I know, the standard way is to terminate the link with prejudice, but you cant do that when Pinikie can just crossfade dissolve, wipe, or just plain punch in/out.

When you have everything including the Kitchen Synch, you can do Everything. :pinkiecrazy:

This was very good!

Comment posted by Alexey deleted Oct 27th, 2014


Oh, there is *so* much scope for a sequel. For several sequels; centred around the Federation embassy on Equestria, or the Equestrian embassy on a nearby Federation world; or the Borg's plans to use the changelings to take over Equestria. There's even scope for a few prequels; such as one about how Dr. Whooves stopped a previous Borg invasion.

I just have a few other stories queued up to get through first...


There are no nanoprobes left in any Equestrian (aside from a single changeling, currently in Borg space). Flam has memories of his time in the Borg (thanks to Flim's memory spell being cast quickly enough), but not an active link.


Discord doesn't need any other help to deal with the Borg. He can just snap his talons and turn all the nanoprobes for a couple of planetary diameters around into orange juice.

Of course, he might find messing with them through the changeling link to be more amusing...


:yay: yay!


:applejackunsure: Well, on the one hoof, this is sure convenient; on another, Ah have no idea what we'll do if whatever stores this stuff comes from run out afore we get back home...



...maybe. Maybe not. I'll decide when I get to the point where it'simportant for any sequel that I may or may not write. :twilightsmile:


i doubt that's the stun setting

5741994 Got to love expanded material for stuff like that.

Well.. I blew through this in a single night! It was quite amazing! I hope you continue! :twilightsmile:

Read all the way through in an evening.. Very very nice! I wish we had gotten to hear some of the questions our Vulcan friend came up with for Twilight.

How has this passed without notice? It needs more upvotes.



Ooooh, nice picture!

*dramatic music*



I have no idea...

This starts out very silly, and somewhat eye-rolly - but then gets very good very quickly. Definitely deserves more up votes.



Bolting stuff down doesn't stop another Ferengi from stealing it, and, indeed, a substantial fraction of Ferengi go around everywhere with either spanners or a bolt cutter in their pockets, just in case they find anything that someone bolted down but foolishly left otherwise unguarded. (Those with bolt cutters are looking to get away with something of value quickly; those with spanners are taking a few extra minutes but stealing the bolts as well).

7957520 True, I suppose.
Of course, a smart Ferengi would simply weld the furniture to the floor. (The bolts could even be left in as decoys)♪♫:rainbowkiss:

Damned good story. Well done crossover with Trek and MLP. We certainly need more quality fics like this. :twilightsmile:

Onto your branching timeline of this one, later.




The smart Ferengi would still get his bolts stolen...

7960107 But is Equus in "Federation space"? To date, Equus is non-aligned in a partially explored sector that may not even be in any territory of the UFP or other neighboring empires. As for the threat of trade sanctions, it wouldn't stop folks like the Romulans, the Gorn, or Cardassians, where the Federation is virtually at a state of hostility, if not outright war. Other strategic interests may also come into play which might hold off sanctions.
So, the only thing that puts Equus off-limits to other cultures swooping in and raping the planet is the fact that the princesses can toss celestial bodies about. To paraphrase someone from a work of fantasy, "One does not merely piss off people who can crush the Borg like tin cans and petrify the Q!:trollestia:" Think Organia, or the Metrons, or Trelane--and once you've done that, now think BIGGER!.

7960109 But here, without time for their romance to develop, there would not be the level of feelings she and he needed to blast Chrysalis and the swarm out of Canterlot.

7960112 It all depend on the nature of the "decoy"--some things, you WANT the thieves to steal! Doing so (or trying to do so) can really fuck up their day. :rainbowlaugh:
There could be choices like knock-out gas (or something deadlier if so desired) for immediate capturing/eliminating the crooks or as innocuous as a dye-marker that can used to track them to their lair.

Over all an excellent story, tragically marred by the inclusion of the Borg.

What keeps the Ferengi civilization from collapsing under the continual infrastructure damage caused by theft?



...you know, I'm not really sure.

Rule of Acquisition #17: A contract is a contract is a contract, but only between ferengi.

The financial cost of being caught stealing would be too great, especially if any contract is involved. It was a couple centuries of exposure to other races, and perhaps also the decade of exposure to the Federation specifically that did lead to the near total reformation of the ferengan societal structure. (Don't expect generosity from a ferengi following Grand Negus Rom, but do expect the appearance of values other than greed)

8969632 :facehoof: Oh for the love of Equestria....

Comment posted by Six String deleted Jun 6th, 2018

This was a really fun story, just love seeing these two franchises intersect, and how badly everything about Equestria makes the rest of the galaxy question reality. Though still want to see a fic that goes more into the details of the two working things out and sharing information, not just a bit of get to know each other then crisis that needs both to beat. (Though it's hard to not love that as well, especially if it involves Worf leaping out of a hole in the ship while it's in atmosphere to fight an aerial battle, hand to hand, against a flying Megladon, and Vinyl Scratch saving the entire crew of the Enterprise-E from being devoured by ghost sharks, through the power of wubs)

The Borg showing up was... interesting. Could have been done a bit better, but do like things over all. Plus the fact even the Borg have learned to double check that The Doctor is nowhere around before doing stuff. Just give them a few years and they'll get to add The Sisko to that list. And pretty ehhhhh on the whole NMM=Borg thing

Though on the topic of PD.... yeah that's pretty well gone to shit and shouldn't really apply to Equestria. At least beyond how it applies to any other non-Federation members. The 'primitive' part, Equestria' already shown to be an odd case in that effect, and damage of contact has been done. The "No single planetary government" has never been an issue for PD usage, just one of the pre-reqs for joining the Federation. And even then they have been known to entertain the idea of exemptions under certain circumstances. As to keeping other races from exploiting Equestria.. yeah the "We have a member of the Q serving as a lawn ornament" argument is pretty good reason to avoid the hell out of them.

Oh and the whole Chryssi thing, fun but, agreeing it feels WAAAAY to hard to buy her doing it for that long. She doesn't have the patience for it for one thing. Plus a lot makes no sense that way. Everything points to her only having replaced Cadance at most a week or so before the events of the ep.

Few issues but still, overall, really really damn fun story and loved it.

Loved the story overall, but this ending makes me a bit sad. Poor changeling :fluttercry: On that note, shouldn't the Borg have problems keeping her alive? While the Borg can synthesize food, she needs love to survive (or at least use magic), and they aren't exactly known for their emotions.



They can synthesise nutrients directly into her bloodstream, and have the expertise of thousands of biologists to figure out which nutrients...

The creature once designated Red Dawn was unique among the Borg; a creature with the natural ability to change shape to any vaguely equine form, hiding its Borg implants and infiltrating any society – or, at least, any quadrupedal society.

I know this was before we saw Thorax hide as a rock. Oh well.

Suppose they really cannot keep her alive on artificial love. That would be grounds for the offer not staying open forever as Red Dawn slowly withers away.

Nicely concluded. Interesting how differently it turned out compared to the alternate ending. Extra warp cores is meh. "All Good Things..." had an extra nacelle for the future Enterprise D, and a higher warp factor, but I don't ever remember an extra warp core in any ship except that huge, modular colony ship Voyager encountered.

The Borg were... not handled correctly, particularly for the dangerous animals. I would have liked to see the kids (Red Dawn included) hide from assimilation for a day or two, possibly having the elements teleport onto the ship with the last survivors complaining of getting stung and popping an implant just before harmonization. A quip from Rarity about how icky the Borg looked would have been nice.

The tail end of the story felt a bit long. Sure it can be fun to have the two IP's interacting, but it felt like fluff after most of the ex-drones came to terms with everything. I loved how each party has their own 3rd person narrator who doesn't know everything and usually describes things so the reader knows who is who.

That very ending begs for a sequel. It would be interesting if the alternate ending could lead into the same extension. Spoilers for alternate ending: Say the Borg just try to assimilate the little Warp 4 put put on its way back to Equestria. The Elements get Red Dawn anyway, but the other characters are harmonized nonetheless.

Nine cats and a kitten out of ten.

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