• Published 14th Sep 2013
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Equestria's first warp drive - CCC

The Enterprise pays a visit to Equestria. Luna decides to go and see what this new thing in the night sky is.

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The cargo hold shook again, as another tremor shook the Ferengi ship.

“What's going on?” asked Red Dawn.

“The dragon's message magic interferes with some other magic that's here.” explained Flam. “Last time, they stopped it pretty quickly, but -”

“SWEET!” yelled Scootaloo, leaping up onto a small, hovering cart. The impetus of her little body pushed the cart slowly towards one wall.

“Ah, yes.” said Flam. “That cart was what those fellows traded -”

“It's got like a permanent flying spell on it, but no wheels!” said Scootaloo. “It's like a little cloud, only everyone can ride on it!” She stood up on her hind legs, resting her forehooves against the edge of the cart, which as still moving. “And it doesn't slow down! Do you know the sort of speed I could get out of this thing?”

Applebloom and Sweetie Belle nodded. They were quite aware of the speed their pegasus friend could get out of her wings.

“Speed?” asked Flam.

“Yeah!” said Scootaloo. “Everyone get in, an' I'll show you!”

The other two Crusaders hopped immediately into the hovercraft, followed more cautiously by Spike.

Flam looked at Red Dawn, and Red Dawn looked at Flam. “Well...” said Flam, after a moment's consideration. “We do need to find the exit as quickly as possible...”

“Be brave, Spike.” muttered the dragon, his claws gripping the side of the cart so tight that his knuckles were pale. “Be brave, Spike.”

He cautiously climbed in. Scootaloo hopped out of the cart, and hung off the back, her forelegs hooked over the edge and her rear hooves planted firmly on the side of the cart. “I can do quick!” she enthused. “Come on, Dawn!”

“I, um, how exactly do you propose to steer this cart?” asked Dawn. Spike's reaction to the idea was leaving her more than a little nervous; Changelings were not all that physically durable.

“Easy,” said Scootaloo, “if you wanna go left, just yell 'LEFT' and everyone leans to the left!”

“Ah kinda wish we had our helmets.” volunteered Applebloom.

“Are you sure that will work, for the steering?” asked Dawn.

“Sure!” said Scootaloo. “'Course, from here I can't see, so you lot in front will have to decide which way to go...”

“It can't be that much faster than walking.” said Flam. All three Crusaders rolled their eyes, but refrained from comment. “And it'll be less tiring. And we do need to find the exit from this place as fast as possible...”

The room shuddered again, causing Dawn to stumble, while the others, in the cart, remained unaffected.

“Oh, alright.” said Red Dawn, cautiously climbing aboard.

“Right!” said Scootaloo. “Let's go!”

Her tiny wings vibrated until they were but a blur...

* * *

“They can't be up here, Frem.” said Pog, marching firmly towards the bridge. “Not if they were down in engineering, messing with the focus crystals.”

“Yeah?” asked Frem. “What if they split up?”

Pog was silent for a long moment. Then he said, “Good point. Keep an ear open.”

With great care, the two Ferengi walked slowly along the corridor; until the corridor suddenly shuddered again, almost making them lose their balance.

“Why would they do that?” asked Frem.

“Quadrupeds.” said Pog. “I bet they have less trouble with stability than we do. And I'd bet they don't know they can cause a warp core breach with that stunt, either. Come on. We've got to get to the bridge, or everyone dies.”

“Wait, what's that?” asked Frem.

There was a distant sound of screaming. Both Ferengi took a cautious guard position, aiming their stun rifles down the corridor.

The screaming got closer. It sounded like there were words in it.



Frem turned around, just in time to see his hovercart approaching at some speed from directly behind the Ferengi. With a scream, he dived at Pog, even as Pog fired his stun rifle; the door behind Pog opened, and the two Ferengi clattered into the room beyond(1) in a heap.

Pog's stun beam, however, hit; it struck Flam directly on the horn, and the unicorn collapsed. Red Dawn grabbed him, as he fell over to the right; the sudden shifting of weight spun the cart unexpectedly, flinging Spike from his seat and sending the cart through a nearby door.(2)

Pog scrambled to his feet, dragging Frem up by one arm. He shoved the side of his crewman's head into the earprint scanner by the door, and said, triumphantly, “Lock!”

“What the -” asked Frem, fighting to get out of Pog's grep. “What was that for?”

“That,” said Pog firmly, “was why I am the Captain and you are not. Despite your interference, I have managed to recapture all but one of the slaves, and at the cost of only a single stun bolt!” He pointed a thumb over his shoulder at Spike, who was shaking his head dazedly. “I'll leave the last one up to you.” he said, smugly. “You could do with that one-latinum reward.”

“But, but, but they're trapped in my room!” whined Frem. “Where will I sleep?”

“I'll rent you the couch in the mess hall.” suggested Pog, with a grin, as he headed off towards the bridge. “Three latinum a night.”

* * *

“Somepony needs to clean up!” said Sweetie Belle, looking over Frem's room. “This is more of a mess than my sister's inspiration room!”

“Where's Scoots?” asked Applebloom, looking around.

“Here.” A little orange hoof waved in the air, from just behind the crashed cart. “Where's Spike?”

The Cutie Mark Crusaders looked around the room. Spike was nowhere to be seen. “SPIKE?” yelled Sweetie Belle.

“He fell out just before we turned in here.” said Dawn, helping Flam onto the unmade bed.

“Oh my!” said Sweetie Belle, peering at Flam. “Is he okay?”

“He's fine.” said Dawn, pretending to take his pulse(3). “Just out cold.”

“Hey!” said Applebloom. “The door won't open!”

“Spike!” called out Scootaloo. “He's gonna be facing those two alone!”

“An' they got knockout guns!” added Applebloom. “He's got no chance!”

* * *

Out in the corridor, a third stunbeam hit Spike. He didn't even bother to try to dodge this one; it had just as much of a lack of effect as the first two had had(4).

“That all you got?” asked Spike, contemptuously. He grinned, widely. “You wanna see what I can do?”

He took a deep breath, and blew a short burst of flame, barely enough to singe Frem's trouser knees. The Ferengi crewman screamed and ran.

One latinum was not enough to deal with a stunproof, firebreathing alien.

(1) A small emergency locker, containing an air tank, a small two-way radio, a pressure sensor, and slot on the wall in which one had to insert pieces of gold-plated latinum to activate the air tank.

(2) This one led into Frem's room. It was not particularly tidy.

(3) She didn't want to explain that she knew Flam was fine because she was still feeding off his sympathy. She also didn't know how to take a pulse.

(4) Ferengi stun beams, as it turns out, are not all that effective against a being who can go for a nice, relaxing dip in molten lava.