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oh god porno and bunnys and rainbow dash your so crazy terra but i liked it was pretty cool xD

er dude i never knew ponies had finger :D

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>>270073 They do if they're anthropemorphic. :3

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Wait... make me happy? Eying the extremitys? Kolkol I see what you did there

THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU YOU DISGUST ME nothing personal but the fact you have put 3 of the most disgusting things ever in one fic is horrifing your writing is great but grimdark is a waste of time and more importantly talent good day sir

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>>297052 i see your point. Still, i'm writing this out of neccesity. These stories build on one another and will soon come to a head. These have a purpose... And If i may venture the question, why didn't you stop earlier? You read all the way until chapter eleven before stopping... From the get-go, it's clear that this is a worrk of grimdark. If it's "a waste of time", why did you get so far?

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I give everything a chance. Even grimdark, but I can only take so much I'm afraid

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