• Published 13th Sep 2013
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Fallout : Equestria - New Roam Innovatus - Delvius

The land of the old Roaman empire is rife with a toxic wasteland, plagued by the remnants of the old world as well as the new. Finally, a Praetorian arises to protect the city like the legionaries of old.

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REVISED Musical Themes And Credits - as of 6/21/15

The amazing fourth-wall breaking (not really) zebra, has compiled all of New Roam's musical themes!
*I added / changed several themes.


Forum Tranquility - Alme_Sol
Peace of the Forum Fields - Alexander Peace; Epitpah of Seikilos
The Universe - Enigma
Roam - Civ 5 OST main NEW
Being chased - ME3 Reaper Chase
Escape from some dangerous place - Fall
War in the Roaman Wasteland - Savimbi's PrideNEW


Specters - The Game Has Changed OR ( I could not decide) MW2 OST main multiplayer
Legion - Warcraft 3 'Human 1 OST' OR ( I could not decide) Protectors of the Earth


Zaita - Cosmos, ASTO - 4.5 Billion Years OldNEW
Unnamed blue character - Immortal NEW
Unnamed, introduced green character - Starfall NEW OR ( I could not decide) CnC 3 Tiberium Wars ost Main - Black Dawn
Goldwreath - A New Dawn NEW
Myst - Assassin's Creed OST main
Skyfire - The Fire in Her Eyes NEW
Predator - Prophet's Journey NEW
Doodle - In The Moments Of Glory
Delvius - Blood
Vesperius - Crysis 3 main


Legion Conquest - Journey to Rome
Legion Battle - Soldier's Chant

Specters Espionage - Hector's Death (or at least the first minute before the vocals)