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I'm a youtuber who makes let's plays and stuff. I put a lot of thought in my stories and tend to over think them, planning things that don't even happen until like 5 chapters later. Bear with me :P



"My name is Sea Swirl and I have two very amazing friends who I met by chance. Apple Fritter is an Earth pony who loves to bake, Raindrops is a Pegasus who loves to play with rain clouds, and I'm a unicorn who loves to swim with the fish. We are three very different ponies, but nothing could tear us apart."

This story chronicles the lives of these three ponies as they deal with the problems that the mane six are trying to overcome as well as problems of their own. This story might include but is not limited to: running from timberwolves, lots of bumping into each other, an upset frog, delicious apple treats, parasprites, a budding romance, and a really big tree. (Takes place during Season 1 of Friendship is Magic)

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3199373 She's my favorite background pony :twilightsmile:

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