• Published 10th Dec 2013
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Skyclad & Honor Bound: A Millennia Past - Mr Anomalous

Rainbow Dash, the Bearer of Loyalty, is a brave, capable mare. But her loyalty & bravery will be put to the test as she becomes thrust in a time that is not hers, and the fate of a world rests in her hooves.

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Prologue I: The Cosmos

As I'm sure you know, this universe of ours is vast, endless, gaping. The human mind cannot comprehend the infinite reaches of the inky, unsentimental blackness, speckled with bright stars, galaxies, nebulae...It is both terrifying and wondrous at the same time.

This universe is where our story begins.

Not our story, exactly, but we'll get to that.

Inside the west quadrant of the thirty-second dominion, inside of a galaxy called "Milky Way" and on the third planet from a particularly small star, we reside.

We've been around for a few millennia, growing and advancing in technology whilst simultaneously degrading in our own humanity. Our last day, I'm sure, is speeding toward us, waiting to careen into us like a young soldier trapped on the receiving end of an terrorist's fire.

But this story does not include us, save these past few paragraphs...we're going somewhere else.

Turn due west and take off at a speed seventy-two that of light and you just might make it in a few quintillion years. Leave our God's domain and venture deep within another's, praying that he is merciful and does not strike you down like one would an irritating fly on a hot summer day, travel within the thirty-fourth domain, northeast area, past the Horsehead Nebula, downwards into the Galaxy of the Aether, left, to a massive star known as Angel's Hoof, venture further, to the farthest reaches of the star's light, just out of its reach, and you will stumble upon our setting: A massive planet that should be devoid of life. This is Equis. The nations sprawled atop its surface include Gryphus, Draconia, Boardoar, Stalliongrad, among others. But we are focusing on the largest nation, geographically, militarily, and economically: The Celestial Sister's Democratic Empire of Equestria.

You know this story, yes, my words have summoned it forth, front and foremost in your mind. Thoughts of six mares, their perilous adventures across the continent...

But this is not our time. Turn back the clock a millenia and a half; yes, there. Here we are; the Dark Ages of Equis. What is now known as Equestria is now split into three racial tribes. Ah, you know this one too? Alas, no, you do not.

The story which I am about to tell takes place before even that.

This is the story of a mare, mercilessly torn from her own time and stuffed, rudely, into another, where she will encounter many a foe and forge many new friendships.

She is part of a prophecy.

One that foretells of a strong, powerful mare, one bound by Loyalty, and with a rather unusual mark of destiny emblazoned upon her side; "She-who-will-rise."

You know her. She is Rainbow Dash.

And she is about to have quite the bad morning.

Author's Note:

Was that cheesy? It might have been . . . anyway, next chapter is not like that, I promise!

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