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Immensely creative and unbelievably unmotivated. Enjoy me for my creations and hate me for my procrastination.


Suddenly finding himself within a magical and pony filled world, with no memories of having tried to travel dimensions, Angel and his Demon, Sedar, must find who, or what has brought them there. Without most of their powers, their friends, or knowledge of what to expect, they'll have to use the help of a group of ponies that have been entangled in this mystery.
But unbeknownst to them, its not just their familiar enemies they'll have to deal with; but an all new hybrid of chaos and darkness that threatens the existence of Reality itself. Will Angel's past experiences and long history with the evil Shades be enough to help the Elements of Harmony face something that shouldn't even exist in Equestria?

Chapters (2)
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Any [decent] criticism comments would be helpful, just so everypony knows.

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