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Douglas Jones has everything he needs in life; family, friends, and is looking forward to the future. But after a series of unfortunate events unfold, he feels he needs some time by himself. When he finds himself in a mysterious forest, he doesn't know where to go or what to do. But luckily, all it might take is a hand - or a hoof - to help him find his way.

Additional characters and categories will be added as the story progresses. Rated teen for language and violence. Rating might change further along the line.

This story will take place a few months before the first episode of MLP: FiM. I may add one or two episodes in, but I will not do a copy/paste from the show, and will be primarily from the protagonist's point of view.

Chapters (57)
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Comments ( 1075 )

may i ask....MOAR?!:flutterrage: nice job though! KEEP IT ON UP!!!! :flutterrage:

I like it so far.
I haven't spotted any obvious grammatical/spelling mistakes but since English isn't my native language it's hardly surprising.
And in the immortal word put forth by anyone impatient (for stories and the likes) on the internet:



It's good to see people are enjoying this already, considering I failed Literature. :twilightblush:

And don't worry, I've got plans for this story miles down the line, so there will be lots of MOAR to come! :raritywink:

Before you even think about a relationship let him meet the other 5 and see who is the best choice then..

Like Fluttershy *wink wink*


I will, don't worry. Twilight's still in Canterlot at the moment, so it's going to be later.

Also, if I do a relationship, I've already decided who it's probably going to be...

Do a background pony relationship instead of a mane 6.:fluttercry::pinkiegasp::rainbowhuh::raritydespair::twilightangry2::ajbemused:
nopony will see it coming.:pinkiecrazy:

Hmm, lemme just click this track box. Might as well click the little green thumb while I'm at it.

Relationship? Oh hell no. :ajbemused: (Keep it friendly)
Thatd ruin the story. FAST. Seriously. Steer clear of it. Best way to drive off a majority of readers trying to read a HiE story :facehoof:


It's still a maybe. And if it is, I'm not planning on making it a clopfic. I don't think I could bring myself to do that


Lockbox. I don't understand how you were able to fail literature. JUST LOOK AT THIS STORY. ALL OF MY WANT.

Go at the pace you feel necessary, but please, please continue! This story is too damn interesting to fade away.


334409 You...
Failed lit? Oh, the irony.

Awesome story bro.

In soviet russia, light goes into you.

I am proud to be a tracker to suck a thankfull writer!

everything went better than expected.

Now we only need to call him Ezio Auditore Forenze.

Assassin's Creed jokes aside, wonderful job! I'm glad I tracked this!

EDIT: And "My Second Life" isn't bad, either. Though it is mature...

about MSL... it is more than a bit rushed.
having a threesome with RD and AJ after three months is a bit unreal.

MASS EFFECT 3. the kid in the forest nightmare right?

the bannered mare is the inn in whiterun (skyrim). brony points are mine!


*sigh* Yes. I did get that idea from the dream, but I didn't want it to be a copy/paste
...please don't hate me :fluttershyouch:

I could never hate you :heart:

brohoof? /)

So this is before season one.... it stands to reason that the summer sun celebration would be on the summer solace.... hm.... what month is that in ? I forget.

at the very end it sorta reminded me of fallout 3 when you're in vault 101 at you're 10th birthday party and you try to leave early.

Oh, good. I knew that the 'Bannered Mare' was from Skyrim. Geez, made me spit take.

This should be interesting... didnt expect the head of security thing....

Thank the lord this wasn't an April Fool's joke. I love where you are going with this! You'll be incorporating Dutch into the story? This is interesting.

All of my gusta. All of it.


Dutch will have a role in the canon story, but I'm going to be creating my own path, rather than sticking straight with the story. I feel that would get boring quickly.


But of course. If the story was unoriginal, there would be hardly any drive to read said story, eh?


Oh i didn't expect this at all, i didnt get that all the story so far was supposed to be before the first episode, not that i mined tho this was unexpected but relay good.

It will be interesting to see what you do form here, sens you will not let the plot progress as it did in the cartoon, what role durch will play will be fun to see, maybe this stamina and strength boast, (and possibly some more hidden powers, maybe even magic or magic resisters) will have something to do whit that,
and please have dutch getting into a fist/hoof fight whit NMM next chapter.:trollestia::moustache:

relay looking forward to next chapter, don't forget the Alternate Universe tag and keep the chapters coming:twilightsmile:

i just realized how much trouble hes gonna be in for f***** up with security.

Hmmm, this wasn't as vastly different from the original episode then I hoped.

It all seemed a little more rushed than anything and with there being "seven" Elements instead of the original six might put off a few readers. . . BUT, we can just call it an Alt. Universe and deal with it. :pinkiehappy:

The wolf battle was slightly disappointing. I'm kind of an action nut when it comes stories:rainbowdetermined2:, so I might be a little critical here, but I expected a more original choice for a monster rather than big wolves.:duck: The whole Pony-verse seems to play off of Greek monsters, with a twist added to them, so you should play around on the internet and check out some of those monsters for future battles. *If there are any*

Overall, I hope to see more of your work.:twilightsmile:

I get a warm fuzzy feeling from reading this. Also, nice touch with the Element of Bravery. Most stories I have read so far seem to have the human on the sidelines. Well done!

Main character "Dutch" is a total gary stu. :ajbemused: Things are going too well for him. His reactions with his surroundings are just too ideal. No grit. Just candied and unoriginal....:applejackconfused: along with this "plot" having little to no significant conflict. :facehoof:
I'm going to push through 2 more chapters.....if no change or improvement presents itself (HOPEFULLY SOMETHING!), untracked and downrated :ajsleepy:
Sorry brony. :fluttercry:


nice chapter, your alternative story work realy good so here have a few pinkies:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
the last paragraph goth my attentions tho, Dutch´s getting OP powers... man this is gone be interesting indeed:twilightsmile:, the question is what kind of OP powers will it be..


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