• Published 17th Mar 2012
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A Whole New World - Canine

A human named Dutch finds himself in a mysterious forest. Will his life turn for better or worse?

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Chapter 10: A Generous Soul

Author's notes: In the next few chapters, we will meet most of the mane 6, with the others coming in later on.

I groaned with comfort as I opened my eyes. That was the best damn sleep I've had in months. Who'd have guessed it would be in a hospital? I noticed the morning sunlight coming in through the window, and I closed my eyes as I felt the warmth through the glass. I still remembered last night, and because of that, I didn't have a care in the world.

I sat up, feeling no pain whatsoever as I shifted my legs off the side of the bed. They were bare, as was my whole body except for my boxers, and I felt heat rising in my face. I was surprised it had taken me this long to notice; I had been semi-naked in front of talking ponies. Just when I thought it couldn't get any wierder.

I stood up, and it took a moment for me to balance myself. Luckily, the bedside table had wheels, and I used it as a makeshift crutch to walk up to the window. It was a beautiful day. The hospital was located on top of a small hill, and I could hear the birds singing from a nearby tree. The sunlight was blinding, but I didn't care. Whether it was the potion or my own emotions, it would take a lot to ruin today. I saw the town of Ponyville at the bottom of the hill. I figured today would be as good a time as any to go down and see what was actually there. I wonder how everyone's going to react. Should be pretty fun.

At this point I heard the door open and I turned round to see Applejack and Nurse Redheart trotting in. Upon seeing me, they stooped in their tracks.

"Dutch," Applejack started, "Yer outta bed!" Then she saw my stomach, "And yer alright! How are y...? When did...?"

"Believe me AJ, I have no idea!" I said, a huge grin on my face. I walked back over to the bed and picked up the bottle and note, "I woke up in the night with these next to me. They were what healed me." I handed her the note, "Any idea who it could be from? I'd like to meet them."

She took the note from me, and read through it several times. She eventually handed it back to me, saying, "Ah ain't got a clue Dutch, but they're certainly right; yer definitely brave, if a bit crazy."

She nudged my leg, and I was reminded that I was only wearing boxers. I felt the blush coming back, "AJ, are my clothes anywhere nearby? I'd like to feel the comfort of wearing them again." She gave me a look, but left, saying they were in the waiting room. The nurse watched her leave, then said, "Are you sure you're alright?"

"I'm pretty sure, yeah."

"Could you let me take a look at you anyway? There might be other damage which isn't showing." I wasn't going to oppose, so I knelt down and let her run her hoof across my stomach, while she did a running commentary.

"Hmm, no signs of bruising, ribs feel organised, and I can't feel any cracks or breaks. The area under the ribs is soft, so no internal bleeding." She pressed a little further into my stomach, and my nerves involuntarily recoiled, resulting in me falling backwards onto the floor. She looked up at me, "Did that hurt?"

"No, I'm ok," I said, picking myself up, "I'm just a little ticklish."

"Well, you seem fine, but I'm still not sure how you pulled it off."

I laughed, "Neither am I Miss Redheart."

Applejack returned through the door at that moment carrying my clothes on her back and my boots in her mouth. She set them down and I started dressing.

"Whew, those boots are heavier than they look. Hey Dutch," Applejack asked, "Why do ya wear all that stuff? Most ponies only wear clothes on special occasions, like meetings or formal parties."

Sounds understandable, seeing as they have a coat. "Well, I'm sure you've guessed that humans don't have fur like you. Couple that with our species general opinions of each other, and you'll find we're much more conscious about our nudity. We wear clothes as part of our daily lives, and not wearing them in public is considered a crime. Indecent exposure, we called it. My boots are kinda like armour for my feet, because we don't have hooves." I finished dressing, and noticed that they felt clean. They were also giving off a fragrant smell. "Did you wash these AJ?"

"Nah, mah friend Rarity did, she's the clothes expert in this town. Ah took them to her whilst you were out of it, and asked if she could also take some measurements fer new ones; Ah assumed that the ones you were wearin' were all you had." She paused, "Hey, that reminds me! Ah was wonderin' if ya wanted to meet mah friends today. Ah was gonna do it when ya had recovered, but yer up and about now, so we can go and see 'em whenever ya want."

I think I was ready to handle seeing more ponies now, "Sounds great AJ, I'd like to thank Rarity for this, as well as whoever stitched my face up."

"That would be Fluttershy, we can see her afterwards."

We left the hospital, bidding farewell to Nurse Redheart, and made our way towards Ponyville. When we reached the outskirts, I realised it was a lot bigger than it had looked from the farm. As we made our way through, I noticed that, sure enough, there were more ponies wandering through the streets. Some of them had quite... imaginative coat and mane colours, but they carried on with their lives as if it was normal. Upon seeing me however, they would stop and stare. I could feel dozens of eyes following me, as well as hearing gasps, screams, and ponies whispering amongst each other. One pony even ran inside their house, where I could hear a hammer and nail being banged on the door. I was expecting some surprise, but isn't that just a little bit overreactive?

After twenty minutes of walking, we reached a building with blue walls and a pink conical roof. Above the door was a sign with what I assumed was a pony version of a mannequin on it. This must be the place.

"Alright, we're here, Ah'm gonna go inside and let her know yer comin' in. Just do me a favour."


"Rarity and Ah have a... fragile friendship. We have absolutely nothin' in common, ya see. We can get carried away with our arguments, and it's turned nasty before. If we start raisin' our voices, just cough or somethin' to remind me."

"Oookay..." I was puzzled, but I complied.

Applejack walked inside, a bell jingling as she entered, and closed the door behind her. But I was still able to hear the events unfolding inside.

I heard a voice from inside, high-pitched, with a trans-Atlantic accent, "Good morning! Welcome to Carousel Boutique. I'm sure I have something in here that will--" Her enthusiastic voice was replaced by one of complete disinterest, "Oh, it's you Applejack. What do you want this time? Come to make me create more freaky clothes? That's what you called them, wasn't it?"

"Yes Rarity, they were clothes fer a friend of mine." Applejack's tone suggested she wanted to spend as little time around Rarity as possible.

"Well, whoever this friend was, not only do they have the oddest shape for a pony, they'll also feel completely ridiculous in these clothes. I've never made anything so plain and boring. You wouldn't let me put on a single gemstone!"

"Rarity, someday yer gonna realise that you shouldn't make everythin' all fancy-pants." Applejack's voice was sounding annoyed now, "What if somepony likes simple clothes?"

I heard Rarity scoff, "Of course. What should I have expected from a simple-minded farmer?"

"Ah swear Rarity, one of these days Ah'm gonna--"

I figured this is what Applejack was talking about, so I leaned over to the door and knocked sharply on it. There was silence inside, but Rarity called out first, "The door's unlocked darling!"

Applejack interrupted. I think she knew what I meant, because she had calmed down again, "Erm... actually Rarity, that's the friend Ah was talkin' about. He wants to meet ya."

"He? Is there something I should know?"

"What? Ah mean... no! Ah just wanted to warn ya, he's... not exactly a pony."

"Whatever do you mean Applejack?"

I heard Applejack shout, "Come on in Dutch!" and I promptly opened the door. Applejack was standing next to a white pony with a purple mane that was beyond curly. She looked like someone who put maybe too much thought into their appearance. I also noticed that she had a horn on her forehead. So unicorns exist here? When Rarity looked at me, her face turned to terror, she almost screamed, but Applejack covered her mouth with a hoof, so it only came out as a muffled squeal.

The squeal lasted for several seconds, but she eventually regained her composure enough for Applejack to take her hoof out of her mouth. She continued to stare at me though, with those huge eyes that every...pony had. I'm still trying to get used to that.

"Erm, hello... I am, um, Rarity." Rarity said, at a loss for words after seeing a human for the first time.

I had already met other ponies, so I was completely calm about all of this as I knelt down to her height, "Nice to meet you, Miss Rarity. Applejack informed me that you were kind enough to make some clothes for me." I figured if I spoke like she did, I might make her confidence return, "I would be most grateful if I could try them on."

It seemed to work, because she stood a little straighter and said, "Of course darling, let me just fetch them." before heading upstairs. Applejack gave me a look that said, 'How did you do that?' I simply answered her silent question with, "It was the decent thing to do. Something I learned from a certain friend of mine." I gave her a wink, and she chuckled.

I took this opportunity to look around the room. I saw a cat in the corner, eyeing me with suspicion. I had always been quite good with animals, so I thought it might be the same here. I walked over to the cat and knelt down. There was a purple bow on its head and it had... eyeshadow on its eyelids? Its hair raised on end, but I ignored it and held out my hand.

"Hey there kitty, what your name?" I figured if ponies could talk, maybe other animals could too. I don't think cats were on the list however, as this one simply hissed and swiped its claws, almost giving me another injury to worry about, "Fine, jeez."

Rarity returned from upstairs carrying a pile of clothes, except they weren't on her back, they were floating alongside her. I had a look of utter confusion on my face as I asked, "Rarity, how are you doing that?"

She looked over at the clothes and replied, "Magic of course, my dear." She gestured up at her horn, which was now glowing a soft blue aura, the same colour as her eyes. Before I could inquire, she levitated the clothes over to me and placed them in my arms. "You can try them on over behind that curtain."

I gave my thanks and walked behind the curtains to change. The material didn't feel like anything from home; it felt lighter, but still strong. The fabric also felt smooth to the touch, even the trousers were surprisingly soft, considering they were modelled off jeans.

As I began to try on the clothes, I heard Rarity and Applejack talking.

When Dutch had disappeared behind the curtain, Rarity shot Applejack a look of annoyance. Applejack realised it almost straight away.

"What in the hay are ya givin' me that look for?"

"Thank you so much for the warning you gave me about what would be entering my shop." Rarity answered sarcastically.

"What? Ah told ya he wasn't a pony!"

"Yes, but it would have been nice if you had told me he was six feet tall, didn't have fur and talked! I could've had a heart attack!"

"At least Ah told you at all. Maybe Ah should have just let you faint."

Behind the curtain, Dutch suddenly coughed, and after Rarity asked if he was alright, he simply said he was fine.

She turned back to Applejack, who was wearing a look of realisation, and decided to change the subject, "So, where did you say you found him?"

"In mah barn. He was in bad shape, he had been attacked by wolves, but he was alright by the next day. He didn't seem to know about ponies before he met me though, Ah think he might be from a different world. He calls himself a human."

"Another world?" Rarity pondered the statement, "Well, that would explain why I've never seen one before, but are you quite certain about looking after him? He seems a bit... intimidating."

"Ah'm quite sure. He's a kind-hearted fella, you've seen that yerself, and he hasn't been in Equestria for four days and he's already almost died savin' Applebloom."

"He did WHAT? What on earth happened?"

They heard Dutch's voice from behind the curtain, "I thought it would be a good idea to have a fistfight with a manticore."

Rarity had a look of shock on her face, "But, nopony's ever fought a manticore and lived!"

Applejack explained, "Well, by rights, he shouldn't have neither. He was on death's door one night, but the next mornin' he was fine, with an empty potion bottle from... somepony next to him. But whatever happened, he saved mah sister, and..." she walked closer to Rarity, and spoke in a whisper so Dutch wouldn't hear, "And Ah trust him."

"Applejack, you can't possibly be serious!" Rarity replied, also whispering, "You only just met him."

Applejack looked her in the eyes, "Ah know that look Rarity, so quit it. Ah'm happy to call him mah friend, but Ah don't like him like that. He's a completely different species. Ah just feel Ah can depend on him when Ah need to."

At this point, Dutch walked round from the curtain, wearing his new attire. The trousers looked like the ones he had been wearing before, but with a lighter shade. He was also wearing a brown, long-sleeved T-shirt and was carrying his new fleece under his arm. He moved his limbs around to test the clothing, and said, "This is great Rarity. I've never had clothes tailored for me before, but they fit me like a glove." The girls gave each other a look of confusion at the expression, but Dutch didn't notice, "I'll have to find a way to repay you."

"Oh, it's quite alright Dutch. Any friend of Applejack is a friend to me. Let me just fetch a bag for your old clothes." After folding and packing Dutch's original clothes (he had offered to do it himself, but she insisted), she apologised for the simplicity of the clothes.

"Don't worry about it Rarity, simple means practical, and I'm just that." He gave her a friendly smile, which Rarity returned. She had to agree with him; despite being so plain, they did look stylish. She thought to herself, maybe she could open a new fashion line like this.

Applejack mentioned that they were planning to meet Fluttershy today too, so Rarity decided not to keep them any longer. Dutch thanked her again, and he and Applejack left the boutique.

"Thanks fer remindin' me about the arguments Dutch," said Applejack.

"Don't worry about it AJ, I'm happy to help," Dutch replied, "Now, you mentioned that Fluttershy was the one who stitched my face?"

"Yes, we'll go see her next," Applejack looked closer at the cut, and noticed it was starting to heal nicely, "And by lookin' at yer face, Ah'd say those stitches are ready to be removed."

Dutch felt slightly happier as they wandered through Ponyville, where they were greeted by more uncertain stares.

Oh, I almost forgot. You should check out "A New Point of View" by cyber5555. He's done a pretty good job with his own HiE story.

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