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My friends call me Spectra! Everyone else says "Ah, how did this horse get in here!?"

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Please tell me if you see any glaring formatting errors.

I had to pull this version from Google Docs and post it here since FimFic no longer allows linking to externally hosted stories.

Since it's over 200,000 words, and there was a lot of copy and pasting, there's a chance something got clipped or formatiing hiccuped somewhere. So just let me know if you're reading this and something doesn't make sense :twilightsmile:

A tip of my hat to you, for your hard work :ajsmug: Thanks for putting this up!

Much better! I can't tell you how glad i am to finally be able to read this in an ePub version!

Mark as read, mark as read, mark as read, mark as read, mark as read...

In all seriousness, sorry about FimFic being such a pain lately. Hopefully you don't have to perform another circus act and jump through more flaming hoops in the future...

It only took me eight hours of formatting and editing :pinkiecrazy: Not like I wanted to do other things today...

So, thank for the complement, I needed that :twilightsmile:


i know this might sound cliche... but that was AWESOME!

"my favorite dash quote"

you sir make my life every time a new chapter is released... so you have made my life... *counts fingers* 29 times

Bleh... And here I am having trouble even sitting down to write things for even ONE hour at a time! We all appreciate your dedication though. You're bringing us one of the best stories of the genre here! I dunno what I'd do without my Five Score fix.

does this mean you will no longer be updating the gdocs version? cause i never used the links in the chapters anyway, i had the folder for the story bookmarked and anytime i saw there was an update to the story i just marked it as read and moved on over to the gdocs version... im alright with using fimfic for this story in its entirety now, but ill need to retrain my brain for this new overly complex and impossible to follow method (ignore the fact im already here)

TwistedSpectrum!!! :flutterrage:

How could you possibly have devised such a devious, confusing and all-together impossible tutorial to find this story? It took me an entirety of 15 seconds to find this, and then 10 more to click "mark read" on every chapter.

You sure do like to work your readers to the bone, huh? Humph! :duck:

I probably put it on a bit thick... but I couldn't resist xD

Much thanks for the hard work of reformatting this, man!

hoh my gawd the "reader advisory: explicit content" in the cover image I am cracking up

Yay:yay:, now Google wont be a dick to me whenever I try to read this story from it!

Can't wait to see where the plot thickens (Get it?) in the next chapter!!

And, to set your creativity into a very great place, here is a vid.

3535650 It looks really good, didn't see any obvious formatting mistakes in the last chapter.
Which was a nice one, by the way, I was glad the tensions of the previous chapter melted away some. :pinkiehappy:

3540977 Oh I apologize I wasn't aware that that was against site rules.

3542425 right here in the rules
I honestly don't care that much, but I thought it fair to warn you, and I just wanted a reason to post that GIF :derpytongue2:

3542773 Well thanks for the heads up. I would prefer not getting banned or muted or whatever. XD

Look's like things are going to get more interesting with the CMC showing up.

It's up now!
...but I can't link you to it

Well, since this is the comments of an unpublished, mature rated fic, I think I can link to it? It's just to the table of contents of the Google Doc.

Please bookmark that if you don't have it, I won't link it to again.

Best. Chapter. EVER! (Not just this story, but all of FiMFiction)


Sorry for not being slightly more clear about my concern over the chapter not having yet been released instead of the link to the folder itself. Good to know that the link was changed to your nick from the title either way! :pinkiesmile:

The way that the melding of stories was handled in this chapter was excellently handled. Very little repetition involved and the "noise" factor has gone up appropriately as well! :yay:

Thinking I'm starting to see why and where Sweetie's going to use her memory spell for the whole...

Great new chapter. :twilightsmile:

Loved the python reference, definitely something Pinkie would say.

Shining laughs. “I don’t think you comprehend just how little we actually know about magic. Asking us to make a portal would be like going to a three year old kid who just threw a paper airplane, and asking him to pilot a F-16 through a hurricane. Twilight and I have nothing to go on in terms of making portals, we literally wouldn’t know where to start. And if we screwed up even the slightest, all the portal would probably accomplish is kill anyone that went inside.”

I don't think anyone could have put it better.

The arrivals of a couple of the series baddies definitely make things intriguing, particularly how laidback Chris is.

Fav'ing this actually worked, it showed up for me on my Feeds page.

Miniscule Horns, best new pony of the week.

Wow are those ponies' background stories in human world were based by side fic of this story?

btw Discord is sure isn't picky to banish any pony in Equestria and I would love to see more Sombra and Chrysallis! :twilightsmile:

I’ve love to ask her some questions.

I'd :P

Okay, it's obvious that the human governments have taken notice of the ponies, so why haven't government officials shown up to the farm yet? It really wouldn't be that difficult for them, considering how many ponies trajectories to the farm could be traced, then triangulated against the trajectories of other ponies going to the farm, then find where the farm is.

Fantastic. Now to once again post my favorite clip for when fics start crossing over. (just replace "not good" with "very good".

Also, Little Horn's constantly advertising herself like she was on some sort of story forum or something. Ha ha, meta humor.

How come more and more people are starting to know about Belarus? I mean even Marvel...
Also it's Vitebsk or Vitsebsk, not Viysyebsk

I'm becoming very curious about those side-fics. I've only read the CMC's and one with Lyra and Bon Bon. Good thing my friend linked me to a group that had a collection of them, assuming I can find it again. Cryssi sounds interesting. Or those two that said they were trapped in a government-something.

Rules, you ignore them.

Not that i'm going to tell anyone...




I coulda swore Sombra was exploded but apparently his hern wasn't eliminated so he came back. Not surprising he grew up the way he did as a human (I'm thinking mob or not very legal organization).

As for Queen Chrysalis, I actually feel bad for her. Not only do you look like a monster, even the ponies hate you. Apparently she's managed to harvest some love or doesn't need it as badly as some fics would indicate here on Earth. There's also no mention if she's figured out how to transform however. If they're stuck on Earth, she's got the best magic to blend back into society with.

Good grief, is there anypony Discord didn't zap???

And... how long is 30 moons? I recall that was the time the portal was closed. They never did mention how long it was open however. It's at least 3 days, if I recall the events in Equestria Girls correctly from the night the crown was stolen to the point Twilight and Spike zapped back home. Then again, maybe it's open for 3 full days after the first use, then it takes 30 moons to recharge.

[edit] Google to the rescue! The time it takes the moon to be in the same position is 29 days, 12 hours and 44 minutes.

Or, you know, they could use Google's image recognition to find the statue. Or ask the internet for help combing Gmaps street view. It's not like the internet has anything better to do.

A possibility of progress? :duck:

The reunion of Equestria itself is nigh.:pinkiehappy: What then, is this fate?
Awaiting further releases.:fluttershysad:

Pinkies instruction comprehension seemed familiar...

Undersized Antler is indeed temporary Best Pony.

And I can't help but get the feeling that Scoots is trolling Dash by now.

Still waiting for Gilda.

3545427 In old terms, a moon is what we now call a month. One 28-day lunar cycle. From full to full.

30 moons is 30 months, or roughly two and a half years minus a couple weeks.

I agree with some of the people here; bringing in Sombra & Chrysalis was a nice idea. Makes it a little more interesting.

Also... That's a loooot of ponies :twilightoops: Let's hope they can find a way back to equestria before winter kills them all.

im readying "its the final countdown" for this epic space travel
and my "take it back" for the final confrontation

y, I got you something for the occasion”. H

Technically, that's a run-on sentence. Should make the comma after birthday either a period or a semi-colon, and the period belongs INSIDE the quotation mark.

I read the label “Langavulin

You need a quotation after label, either a period or a comma. Without, then the following is what he's reading, not saying, and that doesn't make as much sense.

She’s a quiet girl I met her in college a few years back,

Get rid of the 'her' to make it flow correctly in one sentence. Otherwise, add a period after 'girl'.

non sexual

Should be non-sexual.

It’s already paid for,

comma should be a semi-colon or a period.

Don’t be jealous, I can make you one for

Comma should be period or semi-colon.

Just tell me your favorite pony,” Fiona smiles

That comma can't be a comma. You can only end a quotation in a comma if the following is a speaking verb, and 'smiles' is not a speaking verb. Either change the comma, or change the 'smiles'.

Jack rolls his eyes “Oh god,

Forgot a period after 'eyes'. (And personal gripe; if you're going to take God's name in vain, at least have the courtesy to capitalize the word, wouldja?)

Useless Pony”.

Again, period INSIDE the quote.

one of him”.

Again... Period inside quote.

talk for now”

Forgot a period, there.


And again. Did no one correct your other first chapter? If this keeps up, choosing to re-read your story is going to be pretty painful...


... If this were a drinking game, I'd be dead by now. PERIODS, MAN!

That doesn’t make any sense, we aren’t the role playing type.

Period or semi-colon after sense, and role-playing.

at Evan “See

Forgotten punctuation again... tsk tsk tsk.

not even bother changing clothes first.

botherING. Bothering.

I’ll just watch this video and finish my clopping”

First, no ending punctuation. Second, what's with the quotation mark? There wasn't one earlier, so... what's it there for, lol.

he looks, I mean

Period or semi-colon instead of comma after looks.

Oh my god,

Again... Please capitalize God.

thigh again

No period again...

I suppose”.


... Nope, not gonna correct it. It takes just as long, or longer, to point out the errors and corrections as it does to read a chapter. I don't have that kind of time to waste right now, especially when I have homework to do as well. I started re-reading to relax, not get wound up by grammar and whatnot.

Also, knowing what happens... lol at Applejack not wanting to be Applejack. XD


3 day window on a 2.5yr cycle? Shimmer was either impossibly lucky to bag the crown the very night Twilight was in the castle... or my secondary theory on the gateway is correct; that is it can be used any time but only stays open for +3 days (possibly a week), then has to recharge. This would give Sunset Shimmer time to somehow get Twilight to spend the night at the castle so she can steal the crown from Twilight. Makes me curious if anyone else wondered about this curiously unlikely alignment of events to kick off the movie.

I hope the portal is a misfire I mean I wanna see them get back but at the same time I wanna see discord try an fight the ponies here on earth because the military would get involved and fight side bye side with the ponies then the good relationships start and ten they work side bye side to try and find their way back to equstria does anyone else agree with me...?

Totally worth waiting for that chapter and I'd hate to be in the main characters shoes right now.

I sigh, truth is, I’ve been zoning out of most of it. I’ve met literally over a hundred ponies over the past few day, and they all feel like telling me their life story for some reason. I stopped paying attention about 40 ponies ago.

Lol sidefics lol.

I'm really getting annoyed with everyone who wants things back to the way they were. I'm also really unsure about the ethics involved in this scenario. You're given amnesia and live a life for twenty-five years, is being forced to remove the amnesia unethical? I mean, Sweetie Belle seemed to hold her human memories plenty fine, Rainbow Dash's obsession with not having a brain big enough sounds inane. She's not a different person. Thinking about Rainbow Dash as separate from her?

I don't know.

Well... THAT happened... I can tell I didn't read that mature versions the first time around until a few chapters later...

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