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After hearing an important Bible verse, Pinkie Pie is greatly inspired to go out and win hearts for Jesus. However, Pinkie Pie can be a few apples short of a bushel sometimes and things don't work out exactly as she planned.

This is a follow up to my other story called "A Rarity of a Situation." You do not have to read that story to understand what happens here in this story.


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Troll harder next time. Take your Christian propoganda elsewhere. As your stats show--21 stories and 47 followers? :ajbemused:--you clearly aren't doing it right. :ajsmug: Even real trolls like Regidar, Ethesto, or TheGuyWhoCumsOnWalruses have better stats than you. No one wants to read this kind of drivel.

Also, nobody favs their own stories, dude. It makes you look more pretentious than you already are. :twilightsmile:

3206733 Nope. I plan to keep writing as long as the ideas keep coming be it Christian fics or not. If you don't like it, that's too bad. No one forced you to read this.





No one forced you to write this either. You really can't do any better? :pinkiehappy: You really need to find validation for your childish beliefs in a magical skydaddy on a website dedicated to fans of a cartoon for little girls? :pinkiehappy:

Enjoy being a permavirgin and dying alone. :twilightsmile:

I'm Simon Cowell, and I'll be your reviewer today.

Hmm, a Christian-heavy story that isn't making fun of Jesus? Been awhile since I saw one of those. Anyway, lets begin, shall we?

"And He said to them, Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation," Twilight Sparkle said as she closed her book and looked joyfully at her friends.
Each pony was sitting in a circle on a large pillow and they all had a Bible in front of them. The E.S.V. version of course because Twilight Sparkle loved that version so much.

How and why is there a Christian Bible in Equestria? You explicitly state that I needn't read the previous stories to understand this one, but already I'm confused.

"It looks like we need to start getting out there more often and telling other's about His love,"

Look, I don't care what religion you belong to, "his" is not a proper noun when used in this context. It should either be "telling others about his love," or "telling others about His's love," and there aren't any characters named His in this story."

Not every pony is going to want to hear 'bout Jesus, especially comin' from a loud mouth like you!

Congratulations, your Applejack has evolved into the Element of Brutal honesty.

She had her party cannon with her and was blasting random ponies that happened to walk by.

I know this story is about Pinkie being stupid, but that sounds extremely dangerous. When I spread the word of science, I don't typically maim my spectators with a cannon.

The pony spit out the cupcake and said, "What the heck is wrong with you shoving food into my mouth like that!? I'm diabetic for crying out loud and I can't eat cupcakes! Are you trying to kill me?"
"Would you still like to give your heart away to Jesus?" Pinkie Pie asked.
"No!" the pony yelled at her.

Visualizing this scene is more funny than it ought to be.

"We're not scared, we're actually gay," one of the stallions said. "That's why we hold each other's hooves."

Pinkie Pie gasped and said, "You know homosexuality is an abomination to God and practicing homosexuals do not make it into the kingdom of Heaven! Stop holding hooves and repent of your sins now!"

I can't tell if this is hilarious or extremely offensive. I really really hope the next hour of this is Pinkie banishing people to the depths of Hell.

When a human does it, it's annoying.

When it's a pony...holy crap it's amazing.

"The problem is that you're not gently piercing ponies with the sword of truth and letting the Holy Spirit do the rest of the work. You're actually stabbing them with the sword of truth and that's hurting the ponies. You'll never interest ponies in God if you yell at them and say things like that. You need to be more like Fluttershy. She is kind, caring, and compassionate. You're practically forcing your faith down other pony's throats. If you see that couple again, you should apologize to them."

"Pinkie, you need to gently thrust the blade into their heart, that way they have more time to accept God before they bleed out."

*hopes to everything that this turns into a fic where a talking horse harasses a gay couple.

"Yes, I am. I believe that Christ died four us and that He loves us all with a love that we may never be able to fully comprehend."

He also resurrected five us, and will return again to six.

"Way to represent your God, dummy. I think it would be best to actually live up to your word next time."

Why has every Atheist up to this point either been gay, ill, or a total dick? T~T

Well, anyway, after a bit of skimming, it seems to follow the same basic story.

Pinkie fucks up.

An Atheist is a total dick.

Pinkie spies on friend to learn not to fuck up.

Pinkie fucks up.

An Atheist is a dick.

Rinse and repeat.

I suppose this story makes sense in plenty of ways. The Christian ponies are eager to save their Atheist, or otherwise Theistic friends, as good Christians are wont to do. People are skeptical, but a few are open to the idea of a deity.

There are a few touchy moments like the whole "Pinkie Pie screaming at gays scenario" (which might help explain the less than wonderful ratio you have AOPT).

In the end it gets across the message: "Be a good Christian, spread the word" all that jazz. The ending, although awkward in dialogue(yes, I get it, Derpy is disabled) was at least a little optimistic.

The biggest problem?
Everyone in this story is a total dick to Pinkie Pie.
Don't get me wrong, I know that assholes exist in Equestria, we've seen them, but almost every single Atheist is a dickweed to whomever they come across.

It's not even really that aspect that bothers me, it's that, in the show, it's established that the vast majority of ponies in Ponyville enjoy Pinkie's company.

Heck, even her friends are mean. Instead of being helpful, they call her a bad Christian and yell at her; which, for characters you state know and understand the Bible, seems very non-Christian.

I suppose it was at least a somewhat entertaining story.



Why is this autist posting his religious propaganda on a pony fiction website? :twilightsmile:

This isn't religious propaganda.

It's simply a story with a Christian theme about a fuck-up missionary.


Having Pinkie Pie harass a gay couple about nonsense, religious bullshit isn't religious propaganda? :rainbowlaugh: Look at the rest of the author's stories. He clearly has no grasp on reality, inserts his unscientific crap about everything from homosexuality to condoms into his writings, and has no regard for the spirit of the show. This is not a story in the MLP universe. This is Christian nonsense cloaked in the guise of cartoon ponies. The mod who approved this should be ashamed of him/herself. :moustache:

Granted the homosexuality scene was...touchy, but I highly doubt that's what the author had in mind.

3206875 It's after 2am in the morning here. I have to keep this short. I'm not sure if I agree with everything you said, but her friends are trying to help her out and she's clearly not listening to them despite the damage that she is doing. I'd be frustrated with her too. They have a right to be upset with her, and they care enough about her to go find her and build her confidence back up. Rainbow Dash was even praying for her, and Twilight tried to comfort her after that incident in the Library. Lots of this was intended to be funny. The whole message is how NOT to spread religious beliefs. when I say "He" or "His" it's referring to God. it's an act of respect and it helps show who I'm talking about. I'm pretty sure lots of other Christians right that way as well despite if it's proper or not. I have written a story about how the Bible did get to Equestria once, but that isn't related to this series, perhaps in the future I can go back and write a prequel about how it happened in this series. All I cared about at the moment was telling good and fun Christian centered stories through the ponies which is how this series was born. Not everyone is a dick here and there were plenty of nice non believers as well.


It's not the writing of fics that validates him, if anything, it's comments like yours. If you really didn't want him to have a say, or at least to give him the message that his fics don't belong, you should have ignored him completely. You've given him ammunition.

Your comments: love and tolerance? Sorry, that's for non-christians only.

Ah well.


Oh, I'm sorry, apparently I fell asleep in history class when they were discussing how persecuted Christians are. Oh, wait...


They are the source of almost all homophobia, sexism, racism, intolerance, and hatred in the United States and various other parts of the world. They deny science and halt its progress. They propogate lies about the natural world and human beings. Need I mention the Crusades? Westboro? The Ku Klux Klan? :raritywink::duck: I could go on and on!

Besides, "love and tolerance" is a bullshit phrase invented on 4chan to counter trolls. It has no meaning whatsoever in the actual fandom. Just like stories like this. They don't belong here. :duck: His stats should give him that message. :rainbowwild:

He can have all the ammunition he wants. It still doesn't make Jeebus or Sky-Daddy real. :twilightsmile:


It's after 2am in the morning here.

*2 A.M.

when I say "He" or "His" it's referring to God. it's an act of respect and it helps show who I'm talking about. I'm pretty sure lots of other Christians right that way as well despite if it's proper or not.


I have written a story about how the Bible did get to Equestria once, but that isn't related to this series, perhaps in the future I can go back and write a prequel about how it happened in this series.

Comma after "series" should be a period. Start a new sentence with "Perhaps" and then place a comma after "future".

All I cared about at the moment was telling good and fun Christian centered stories through the ponies which is how this series was born.

Comma after "ponies"

Not everyone is a dick here and there were plenty of nice non believers as well.

Comma after "here"

Please learn proper grammar. :twilightsmile:

3207004 Mate, as far as I am aware, you're not an admin for this site, and therefore your opinion on what stories are or aren't welcome here doesn't matter. If he feels compelled to continue writing regardless of the ratings and reviews on his past stories, he has every right to. If stories about religion or where it plays a major part in the story anger you, then simply ignore them.

Nobody is forcing you to read these stories. Though judging from your comments it would appear that you enjoy hating and discriminating against others who hold different beliefs and opinions to you, which would make you no different than the fundamentalists of these religions who do the same to non-believers. If that it is not the case I apologise, it's just how your comments are sounding.

In short, just stop. If you don't have anything nice or legitimately helpful to say in regards to his writing, then don't say anything at all. If you're only going to try and make someone feel or think that they are lower than you or any other person for being different, then perhaps you need to get a larger view on life and visit somewhere where you would be "different" and possibly be discriminated against or treated differently and see if it helps change how you would feel and think.


Though judging from your comments it would appear that you enjoy hating and discriminating against others who hold different beliefs and opinions to you

inb4 he replies with "just like a Christian"

Evan Jelly Goo! :rainbowlaugh:
English Standard Version I care not for, King James Version is much better. :pinkiehappy:
Needs a bit of polish and could flow better.

Still I give this story a like and a spike :moustache:.

Oh boy, I get a bad feeling for christians when they try to put Jesus with my little pony.

And asshole atheists like NemoTramp aren't helping.

My friend, I'm Christian, but tread carefully when putting christian fics on here. I cannot control what you do, but I wish you good luck on your stories as the ideas come.

3207529 The KJV is so confusing to me! Thanks for the kind words and for reading. :pinkiehappy:

3207893 I'm very careful with my writings and if I ever feel the need to discuss my stories with people who are far more intelligent than me in Theology, then I currently have at least one person who enjoys helping me out and reviewing my stories before I submit them when I may ask him. I have only had him help me twice so far when it came to two of my stories here. I can usually fair quite well on my own. Being careful with what I write is very important to me when it comes to my Christian fics. I don't want to mislead people or give them the wrong ideas. Thanks for wishing me well. :heart:

Do not worry about the negativity and hate from the comments that I get from others. I am very much used to it and I pray for my haters.

3207529 3208066
It's a tough read for most, especially for those who don't have English as their mother tongue, but I personally agree on using KJV myself. :ajsmug:
There's actually a few reasons given by pastors on youtube/internet on why the KJV is still the Bible to use... though be warned, because of their stance on the matter it does not make them popular with most people, including fellow Christians...

I'm actually on the same line of thought, when I first heard of the idea of having Christianity involved with MLP I thought of Harry Potter, Narnia and LOTR and how Christians abuse those non-Christian related fiction and try to spread the Gospel with them. They are good stories but I'll leave it at that, just good stories, too many variables to say "Oh so-and-so is like Jesus!".

But I got to know Brian through Christian Bronies on facebook and was introduced to fimfiction, (before this, I read MLP fics on deviantart and creepypasta) and though I have told him about my stance on Christianity in theses fics, I respect his decision and bravery to keep writing stories with Christian themes. Other people have their rights on how to view him, hate on him, and to mock him, heck if I was a non-believer I might be doing those things to him as well! But as a fellow brother in Christ, I choose to be supportive and to show him where I may think there is a flaw or what he should not have written, rather than bash him over the head with a club of insults. (is that a weapon? we should totally make that into a weapon: The Club of Insults = + 5 Damage and passive Maim)

Man, all the flak on this fic, and I haven't even started reading yet! :rainbowlaugh:

I always thought that Pinkie was the slowest to learn in the Mane Six. :derpytongue2:
Derpy? A Sister in Christ? That's new. :rainbowhuh:
You've got a few letters that need correcting. Otherwise, well done! :rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2:

3216096 Hah. Thanks for the kind words my fellow Brony in Christ. I'm sure you will like this one when you do get the time to read it. I'm very glad I got to meet you in that little group on Facebook. :pinkiehappy:

3216326 Yeah, I keep going back and finding little nagging things when it comes to misspellings and errors. Thanks for bringing that up. I have an editor who loves to read my stories, but he's quite busy and he really takes his time reviewing my stories. He usually gets to them way later after they are published and helps me get just about every single little error. He has some catching up to do.

Poor Pinkie Pie. You have got to love her so much because she is so child like and is trying so hard in this story, but at the same time you want to strangle her for not listening!:pinkiesmile:

Derpy is the new seventh member! I thought that would be an adorable and awesome idea.

I'm very happy you liked it. I'm now working on part six to this series.

I was going to comment on the various sentences that might need correcting or misspelling that you've done here but I'm a little distracted by something... you seem to like stuffing things up ponies' mouths in your fics... :rainbowhuh: apples, muffins, shuttles... whats up with that? :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright:

"Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth." :yay:

Aww... Derpy, wasn't really expecting that one... :') even in my short time in the fandom, I've really come to love that adorable pony, and just how cherished she is by everypony!

As I've said before, it's a little hard for me to see the ponies from the show having Bibles and talking about Jesus in their self-contained Equestrian world. But somehow, picturing them as girls (like, EQG) makes it easier to imagine the scenes in my head... ^_^

They totally need to make EQG emoticons for us to use, I mean it's still canon right...? :trollestia:

3218215 I just find it hilarious, and I remember them shoving food into each other's mouths as a way to make a pony be quiet in the older episodes. They also sometimes put their front hooves to each other's mouths to make a pony shut up.

Oh yeah, who doesn't love Derpy Hooves? She's very clumsy, but she is very sweet and child like. :scootangel:

I just prefer them as ponies. There are no wings, no magic, and no fantasy when they are humans. That's boring to me and I have the options to do so much more with the story because of that and over the fact that each character has these unique abilities and traits. It just adds more fun to the story and the cartoon ponies are way more adorable to me than the human cartoon version.

I agree.
Hopefully, part 6 has to do primarily with Dashie.
As for my reaction to Twilight writing letters in the shower:

3218969 Haha! That's great! :twilightblush:

Yup! Part 6 is being worked on now and it will be about Soarin' and Dash. I should have it out in just a few more days from now.

Are you working on a new story?

I need MOAR :flutterrage:...if you don't mind:fluttershyouch:

3249091 I have a new story done, but I'm just finishing up the sequel to it right now so that I can release both of them soon. I also have ideas for a third story after that. All three stories will be Soarin' and Dash related and all three stories will be apart of the (SiC) series. Be patient. They are coming. Thanks for reading and showing interest! :twilightblush:


What do you believe in? That the universe just randomly evolved over the course of millions of years? Christianity doesn't halt science, biased scientists do. And I was taught that writing "His" when you're referring to God is proper. Have you read the Bible? If not, you can say nothing against Christians!


That the universe just randomly evolved over the course of millions of years?


You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. Please read up on cosmology, chemistry, abiogenesis, the Anthropic Principle, quantum physics, and biology before making such an idiotic statement again. Read a fucking book.

As for your Bible, it is nothing but "buy-bull," and I have read it more than you ever have. You're a fool for believing in a sky-daddy. Only children have imaginary friends. Wake up and smell reality. :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Gabrielangel13 deleted Oct 9th, 2013


Tell me, what is evolution then? Here was suddnpy a bang and behold! There was matter. Yeah right. Read a few science books, science disproves evolution. Several scientific and archaeological discoveries support Christianity.


:rainbowlaugh: You're so fucking stupid it's cute. :pinkiehappy:







Nothing you say will convince me that your sky-daddy exists. Read some actual science for once in your demented life and maybe you'll understand. Or you won't, because you have a hard-on for a dead Jewish carpenter. Whatever. I have no interest in continuing to speak with you anymore. And down-voting my clopfics still doesn't change the fact that they are better and more popular than this drivel. :pinkiehappy:

Just three words for you:

Jesus loves you.


Hahaha! Oh this comment made me laugh.

Yes having an imaginary friend makes girls think you're weird. But just because you can't see Jesus doesn't mean he isn't real. You can't see the wind, so it must be an imaginary force, right? Girls don't think you're weird jut because you love Jesus. Trust me, I know a lot about girls.


Quick question, in your last comment, you claim to know what girls like. Do you have any reason for knowing such things?

3330608 3330815

Again, you are so fucking stupid it's cute! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:




And I know what girls like because I've actually gotten laid, you thirteen-year-old little shit. :pinkiehappy: The only ass you're gonna get in your life will be when your finger slips through the toilet paper. :rainbowlaugh:

When you grow up a little, you won't believe in your mystical Jewish zombie or your sky-daddy or any of that bullshit... or, at least, I would hope you wouldn't believe in it. But you're still young and stupid. :duck:

As for you and what you have to say:



It's been fun, but I've got better things to do for now! :pinkiehappy: Bye-bye, sweetie! :duck: :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:



And you call me stupid?! I know more about girls than you will ever know!

Why do I say this? I AM A GIRL!


The writer of The Chronicles of Narnia, C S Lewis, was saved and admitted that series was a Christian allegory.

Mark 16:15 "Go ye therefore and preach the Gospel to every living creature."

3206975 Wait, you repeated his saying the second d-word?

Christianity isnt a religion. There, I said it.

And I don't think Flim and Flam would be that quick to be converted.

Pinkie Pie is no Ray Comfort or Todd Friel.... :pinkiecrazy:

Pinkie Pie is no Ray Comfort or Todd Friel.... :pinkiecrazy:

Since when does Rarity have a foal? :raritycry:

3718852 You either skipped part 4 or do not have mature stories enabled.

Well, that's just sad. That poor dog.:fluttercry:

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