• Published 7th Sep 2013
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Glory Be - BlackRoseRaven

Luna and Scrivener struggle to set right all the wrongs from their past and save their family and friends. Tenth and final story in the Blooming Moon Chronicles/99 Worlds Saga.

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Act II: Theology

Act II: Theology

The Child's Tale

Once upon a time there lived a child, who was very much alone. The only friend he had was what he called his 'sky friend;' some would call it merely his imagination, others would say it was a guardian angel or a protective spirit, others... something else entirely.

The child wanted to be loved by the world, and wanted to share his love with the world. The child wanted to be more, more than a lonely little lost soul, hidden away in the abandoned orphanage. The child wanted to have more than the discarded scraps cast off from all the other children who had left this place long before he'd arrived here.

The child wanted to be more than just a long-forgotten ghost.

Often, he would sit on the upper floor of the orphanage, and gaze through a hole in the ceiling. The night was cold and painful, but the stars and the moon gave him hope and were pretty, shed light through the deepest shadows. And then sun was beautiful and powerful and it brought light over all of existence... without the day, we would have nothing, he thought to himself. Without the day, we would be left in darkness. And everyone would be as alone and cold as I am.

That thought was awful. Everything that came from darkness was tainted, and evil. Everything that came from darkness was bad, like the spiders and the rats, like disease and death. Darkness was used by bad people, who tried to hide in it: but good people cut through the darkness with light, like the stars and the moon did.

The light was good. The Light was good.

His sky friend talked to him whenever he sat down to look up at the sky outside. His sky friend told him stories, about how the world had once all been One, and One Together. There had been no war then, and evil had been vanquished instead of allowed to flourish. Sometimes his sky friend wished that everyone would be One Together again... but they had chosen to break apart, and you had to respect what people chose.

The child didn't understand this, not completely: after all, people kept him locked up here in the darkness, didn't they? He wasn't free to leave this place: he was shunned, and treated badly because he was different. To him, it seemed like everyone was trying to be one anyway. Why shouldn't they be helped along on that process? Then he could be one with them, too...

But he never argued with the sky friend. He liked the sky friend. The sky friend made him happy, happier than he'd ever been alone. He didn't want any of that to change.

One day, however, it did change, because the sky friend stopped talking... and the child had no choice but to go looking for his missing friend. His friend was in the sky... so the child made himself a set of wings from old clothes and faded dreams, and with faith and hope, he flew up into the sky.

The child never found his friend, but he found the world his sky friend had come from. And it was pure, and it was good, and there the child was welcomed home and embraced in the arms of what he could only describe as Light.

He never forgot his sky friend, but he wondered sometimes why his sky friend had never told him about this wonderful place. Of unity, of oneness, and of great happiness and joy. He grew quickly strong there. He grew quickly happy there. He became a great king, promising to help spread unity and oneness and the Light...

But all of that is a story for another day.

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