• Published 7th Sep 2013
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Glory Be - BlackRoseRaven

Luna and Scrivener struggle to set right all the wrongs from their past and save their family and friends. Tenth and final story in the Blooming Moon Chronicles/99 Worlds Saga.

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Postscript: Oh, One Last Thing...

Postscript: Oh, One Last Thing...

It was calm and quiet in Ponyville. Boring, really, without Luna and Scrivener and Twilight around. Pinkamena kicked a rock as she strode sourly along the street, glowering horribly around herself. Everything sucked.

Yeah, that was a good way to put life. Everything sucked.

Her sister was like. Ninety. Well, okay, she wasn't that old but she wasn't getting any younger. Her daughter was down in Helheim all the time, getting all kinds of weird training, and of course when she was up here, it wasn't like she could drag her away from her midget marefriend.

Morning Glory was always busy. There were too few Clockwork Ponies to harass. Burning Desire was a pansy and in Subterra, anyway. She wanted Scrivener. She wanted Luna. She even wanted Twilight Sparkle, stupid... nerd Lich like she was. Chrysophylax Dives was a Lich too, but he was the lamest Dracolich she had ever met. Scratch that, she'd only met one Dracolich, so that wasn't insulting enough. He was the lamest dragon she'd ever met. She'd met a lot of dragons. Killed a lot, too.

Pinkamena growled in irritation, storming along the road, glaring every now and then up at the night sky as she continued to kick the rock along the ground. Everything was crap. Love was supposed to conquer all, right? Oh, yeah, sure, they'd always be together, friends forever, blah blah blah. Everything was always going to work out, so long as you had faith.

Screw that.

She growled again, then looked up at the sky and shouted angrily: “Hey, screw all of you, you hear me? After all the crap I went through, y'think you could give me a little bit back? Where the hell is my share? Where the hell is my 'true love,' huh? Screw you!”

Pinkamena growled... then frowned as she realized... something up there was moving. She leaned further up, then rolled her eyes at the sight of a shooting star, muttering: “Oh, right, okay. Here. I'll make a wish on it, let's watch it come magically true. I wish that this world didn't suck so much. Oh, and now I look inside myself and it turns out that the world didn't really suck all along, is that-”

A meteor smashed down in the flower garden just ahead with enough force to send a shockwave through the earth, and Pinkamena winced and leapt backwards, staring in disbelief. She mouthed wordlessly, staring at the pile of dirt that had been kicked up as lights flickered on in the houses all around Ponyville... and then, slowly, a head poked itself up out of the pile of dirt, a large piece of sod resting on top of the stallion's skull upon which stood a single unfettered flower.

He blinked blearily, then shook himself briskly before straightening and absently brushing at his tattooed chest as Pinkamena stared in disbelief, before the stallion gave a bright smile she recognized all too well... as if the vine mane and the big body and the tattoo wasn't all enough of a giveaway. “Oh, phoenix! Thou art a glorious sight after... well, I suppose it has been quite some time, but bah, I have never been any good with time. Did I miss anything?”

“Goddammit!” Pinkamena shouted, and then she booted the rock in front of her firmly into the stallion's face, making him wince to the side to send the flower flying off his head before she sighed tiredly and scowled up at the sky, muttering: “Nice play.”

Sleipnir smiled at her childishly, and Pinkamena looked moodily at the stallion before he hopped out of the crater in the ground and strode over to daintily kiss her forehead, as if this was any other normal day, and he hadn't been missing for years. And Pinkamena could only give another tired sigh before she smiled wryly, shaking her head slowly and looking up as she said finally: “Not much. I'll tell you about it on the way home.”

And Sleipnir smiled at her and nodded, and the demon couldn't help but grin a bit as she turned around, shaking her head slowly at the way he made everything feel okay... and reminded her that there was always going to be hope.


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:rainbowlaugh:I wondered where sleipnir had wandered off to. excellent ending to an excellent story!

I can't even say anything, and believe me, I want to; after all, it took 10 stories, a few spins offs, one AU we WILL NEVER DISCUSS, but I finally actually predicted something right...

Here hoping you have a good whatever you do with your life Raven, if only because I'm not willing to track you down in the hopes we get more oneshots or such. Still doubting you're quitting cold turkey thing though, but we'll see.


Thanks. I really wanted to fit that in... well somewhere, and that just seemed to click best with the whole thing. I really appreciate the comments and readership and well, stickin' through the whole thing along the way. So thank you again, and I'm more happy than I can say that it's proven a good read, all in all.


Thanks very much. For reading, for stickin' through through... the whole of everything, for your comments and everything else. I really do appreciate it, more than I can say. All of this has been a hell of a journey and it means more to me than I can say that I've had people actually interested in following through this whole thing with me.
There will be some announcements in a little while that might possibly interest you, and I don't know what I'm going to be doing from here, but. Certainly always going to be continuing writing. And there may be more ponies in the future, so I hope if you do end up readin' anything further of my work, it'll be enjoyable. Thanks again, for readin' and all your interest.

When I first started reading six broken ponies an moonrise, waaaay back on fanfiction.net, never would have thought this is where it would end up. Quite the pleasant surprise!


Me neither. I always thought Moonrise would be a one shot. By which I mean I'd never write more than that first chapter.
Well. We all see how that turned out.

most people have trouble starting, you just have trouble stopping,:pinkiehappy:


There really is. Although a lot of it would be about prostitutes.
Thanks very much for stickin' through this series. I really appreciate the readership and the comments. I dunno where things'll go from here, but I'm sure there'll be more of something in the future. The Chronicles are over, but even now the various voices in my head are all pointing out a lot of the other characters have their own stories to tell.

First question, how does this have a million words?
Second question, if so, why does it only have 30 likes?


Because my hands have a habit of getting carried away, and the story grew into this huge, insane final journey.
And well, I'm honestly surprised it has even thirty likes. It's ridiculously long and is the end of a ten-story series that takes place over quite a long time, where the only real point of contact with the Show is at the very beginning, post Luna Eclipsed. From there it diverges into a huge arc all its own. I'm just thrilled people have been looking at the story and giving it a chance, let alone anything else.


Thanks. A large part of my enjoyment writing this story came from working with Hel and Antares, since Antares gets to be cool and Hel frustrates the hell out of everyone, but there's a whole lot of gears ticking away in her head. I actually did mean to have a sidetrip with Rusty in this story, too, but. Things got a little carried away, so we don't really see him past that one vision.


No worries, like I said. Although if you ever feel like it I certainly won't say no. I'd enjoy seeing what you'd come up with, particularly with a chapter like this one. But honestly, read and enjoy, that's what really matters. It's just a pleasure to see people still so interested in the series, and I hope it continues to be an enjoyable read.


I probably deserve that, yes. I'm glad you're continuing to read, though, and I hope it proves a worthy one up until the very end. There's still a few twists and turns along the way and uh. With luck, the tears and fear and loathing will all balance out by the end of the tale.

And so it ends, but you know what they say about endings :P. I hate that it is over (for now), but I can say that this is one of the more fulfilling endings to any story I have ever come across. There is so much I want to say, but everything can be summed up in this: you are a master of your craft. Never before have I experienced literature with such a rich universe, deep, layered characters, and pure emotion. You made me laugh, cry, yell in denial, cringe in horror, and shout in joy at every turn. What impressed me the most, however, was how well you created unique and entertaining personalities for most of the characters. The other characters were all interesting, but were also evil, terrifying, or had some other quality that led to them being hated; no, loathed. Even then, with many of the antagonists you still made the reader feel bad for hating them, completely turning the character into something to be pitied. No matter what, you always made sure things stayed interesting.
As for this installment itself, I was honestly worried. Up until the last few chapters, it seemed that it was going to turn out to be some completely anti-religious... thing (not really sure what to call it). At the end, however, you showed those fears were unfounded. You kept me guessing who were actually the "good guys" and "bad guys," which complimented the character's internal struggles marvelously. I assume that is what you were going for. Even more, you essentially flipped the thematic concepts of good and bad, with Hell and darkness being the force of balance and Heaven and light becoming corrupted and corrupting, which is always nice to see.

Of course, there is so much more that can be said on everything, but it will suffice to say that this is one of the most enjoyable and thought-provoking works of fiction I have ever read. I eagerly await seeing what you will write next, whatever it might be. Hopefully one day I will see something you have written on the bookshelves, if being a writer is indeed what you pursue. Good luck and safe travels on wherever your life may take you next.

One last question: what was the significance of Riordian? Is he some kind of self-insert or something like that? I can't really think of any other reason for him to be in there, unless he is a side story in the making (or one I missed).


Thank you very much. For reading, commenting, favoriting, it all is really very appreciated, especially with a story of this size. I'm only glad to know it didn't disappoint, and you were able to get so much into the story and enjoy it so thoroughly. Especially the characters... that's where I always strive to do my best, since my plots are often crazy and convoluted and my stories usually end up so damn long. And I think at the end, this story ended up being more about the characters themselves and their journeys than... really, everything else that took place. About Innocence growing up, and Luna, Scrivy, and Twilight's... acceptance, discovery, and... the exit. And I really didn't want it to end up being some horrible indictment of religion or something like that, even though I know that, yes, it kind of comes across that way at times. Tools, objects, beliefs aren't bad things, in and of themselves: it's all about what we do with them. I'm glad by the end that became clearer.
And well, I really, honestly appreciate that. It's funny to hear people say so many good things about my writing, especially considering. You know. Not just ponies, but the fact I used ponies as a medium for these crazy stories. I just like seeing people are reading and enjoying these things.
Oh, Riordan. Riordan is Cheshire's real name, which is mentioned uh. Only once or twice in Synthesis of the Atheist. So that was Chess. I don't think I'm Cheshire, but I could possibly be wrong, as I do tend to shout random pieces of prose or poetry now and then and I tend to pop up out of nowhere.
But well. Thanks again. It's all very much appreciated, from adding the story to your favorites to the kind comments, and especially reading this big crazy series. The Saga's over, but I'm sure there's more yet to come, and I hope you do continue to enjoy whatever stories of mine come in the future.

So now this epic Saga comes to a close, and I'm left with a bittersweet feeling. I don't think that there's a better way this could have ended, the conflict resolved and all survivors managing to find some sort of happiness or contentedness while rebuilding what was damaged and lost. Despite this fact there's that little part of me that just can't believe that it's all over, a part of me that's gotten so used to having another chapter or two (or fifty) to read when I get home, or just used to the knowledge that the next installment is just over the horizon. All great things must come to an end, so I'll just fill that little empty space with the good (and bitter) memories given to me from reading you works and helping with that wiki.

In a sense, I suppose the Saga has come full circle from where it left off in Moonrise. After the final confrontation, Luna, Scrivener, and this time Twilight as well, are all essentially forced once again by circumstance into exile. The damage done during the fighting, while far more devastating that in was in Moonrise, is being repaired, and instead of ponies fearing the return of Nightmare Moon, demons take hope for a better tomorrow from the exiled trio that continues to elude capture.
Luna, Scrivener, and Twilight run happy and free in their exile, their family is well and safe, and for once there doesn't seem to be any sort of threat looming just over the horizon.I believe their exile is a sort of gift from Hel, they get to experience their freedom to their hearts content so that they'll be ready and more willing for when the time comes that they return to hell. To make their punishments just a little more bearable, and to give them the hope and knowledge that one day they may very well experience this same freedom once more.

I was very pleased with how the Light, particularly the Cardinal, was defeated. Instead of killing him and risking the safety of those they were striving to protect even further, they resolved things in a peaceful manner. They defeated the Cardinal with... well, with the Light essentially. They turned the beliefs instilled by He of Many Countless Faces against him and ultimately returned the Light to being not necessarily what it started as, but what it currently is: a group held firm by their beliefs, and to conduct their worships in peace and never forcing it on others. In the end I see the light as a 'Sanctuary,' to use the term for their places of worship. A sanctuary from darkness and unhappiness if people decide to join the light. Granted that it could be considered somewhat as cowardice and running away from the trials and fears of life, ultimately it's their own choice made with their own free will.

Alas, it's over now. I wish you well in all your future endeavors, and I look forward to whatever it is you may write next be it about ponies or not.


Thank you very much. I'm glad that you were able to stick through this whole thing, from beginning to end, and that it all ended up being such a worthwhile ride. I'm sure any help with the Wiki would be appreciated by the few people over there: I certainly would myself. It's fascinating for me to see my stories... making that kind of impact, and how much people are able to put together with the various characters.
But honestly. Thank you. I can't really phrase it any better than that. People actually reading this whole thing means a lot, and to get so involved with the story through commenting, or just reacting along with it... it makes me happy to know. And there'll certainly be more stories in the future: not in this saga, but maybe of Sleipnir's little adventures, and side-stories, and just silliness. Assuming I get what I'm currently working on done at some point.
If you ever have any comments or questions or anything, don't hesitate to ask or poke me. I'm more than happy to answer 'em or respond to them or help out how I can. Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy any further stories of mine you might happen to read in the future.

.....longest story.....in .....Fimfiction...History. AWESOME!


Well, longest series, really. There's at least one story I know of that's longer than just Glory Be on FIM. But all ten stories are uh. Kind of ridiculous all-together, yes.

I am scared to start this series... It is probably combined the 2nd largest fanfiction ever (behind the 5 mil. one)

3559907 Eh, I think it's Diaries of a Madman by whatmustido actually :rainbowhuh:

3638524 hmmm well I'm not really sure tho

3645664 it depends if you count all the stories in Blooming moon chronicles or just the story.

Oh whatever. Even though this sounds good, I'm reading it mainly because I will have some busy weeks reading it :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:


Then I hope it both helps you keep busy and proves an enjoyable read from beginning to end.
Thanks very much for the watch as well. It's much appreciated.

I normally dont comment anything, but this exceptional. It took me almost 9 months to read the whole thing.

This whole story was just epic to say the least. There isnt really anything bad i can say about it, during the first few books it had a few problems with repetitive sentences. But the overall writing style improved alot, which is amazing considering how well it already was as you started writing this. You inspired me to start writing myself, and I will probably use this a style reference in future. And all the references to mythology really impressed me. The whole story was interesting the whole way, and also very well paced. I don't know if i will ever find a fictional Universe that will leave a bigger impression on me.

I still remember the 'scene' where Luna named her spear 'anlitzstingar', after Scrivener suggested it (not sure if i spelled that right), and I new what It meaned without needing the translation (Im german). And I still have to chuckle when thinking about it.

After reading this I wish I new you in real life, or at least as some internet contact. I can't imagine what kind of effort went into writing this, and i will probably read anything written by you in the future.

I hope you keep polishing your talent in the future.

-Bastian Kraft


Thank you very much. I really appreciate hearing that, more than I can really begin to express. I'm very glad to hear that it was so enjoyable, from beginning to end... especially that you found it improved so much, and that you found the pacing to be so steady. That in particular is really good to hear: with the length of some of these stories, I always wanted to work hard to make sure I wasn't dragging things out or just trying to do quantity for quantity.
I'm very honored to hear I may have influenced your own writing. Hearing that really does mean a lot, and I hope it helps in the best of ways. Writing this was certainly work at times, but working on this did teach me a lot, and helped me develop a lot of ideas and style that I'll be able to use in my future stories. Every story I write, I always want to make better, and there's certainly more to come, both pony-wise and with these books that I hope to publish, with Valkyrja as only the first.
And well, never be shy about messaging me or talking to me. I'm always happy to respond, answer any questions, talk about anything. And I'll certainly keep writing as much as I can. I hope you enjoy my future works, and again, I really appreciate your readership and all the favorites of the series. Thanks again.

I counted up all the words:
4 million 4 hundred and 36 thousand, 9 hundred and 35
Jesus fuck man. That is impressive, in fact this must honestly be the longest fanfiction written of anything ever.


Thanks. But I really do not know. There are a few quite long ones out there. I'm honestly just glad that it's coherent, in spite of being a little. Crazy.

It's all lies, Black Rose Raven will never be done writing stories.
The literary sickness is in his veins, no amount of blood letting will cure him/her/it? :pinkiecrazy:

This is like, the longest story EVER! I'm scared just to read it because it is so long!:applejackconfused:


There are apparently a few longer. But I can understand that, especially when you take the whole series into account. People do seem to enjoy it, at least, crazy as it can get at times.

I also really like your avatar, it looks super cool.:pinkiehappy:

Loved the ending, found it very appropriate and fitting.
MIA Slippers made me sad.
I feel awful for Terra, and somewhat bad for NM.
What the hell happened to Barry? Despite being a minor character he kept showing up like you planned something for him.
Celestia! Freya! Celestia! Freya! - I felt like her character became somewhat needlessly complicated in this arc, and didn't really serve an endgame.

I really enjoyed your unique take on Heaven/Hell & the gods. I liked the whole Idea of Subterra and how demons were not necessarily evil; just other types of 'people'.

Loved the story, one of the best I have ever read, am amazed you are not on NewYork times best-seller list or something.

Truly a masterpiece.

More please.


Thank you very much for reading this whole series. It's always a pleasure to see people who are so interested in my work, and who take the time to go through this whole huge thing.
Barry I. Honestly forgot about. I have a hard time keeping track of everyone. And by the time I remembered him, it just felt... awkward to try and slip him in. I would have ended up adding a few more chapters and modifying some events and uh. Well. It's already a million words long and all.
Same sort of thing with Freya. Although her arc I can at least promise will be dealt with in a future story, assuming I ever get there.
Sleipnir though, yes. I figured that he kind of had to go, though, because he just brings a kind of... positivity to the world. I wanted things to hit pretty much bottom before they got better, so. Off he goes. However, on the bright side, he gets his own story, which I'm slowly shambling my way through.
But thank you very much again. I'm glad it proved such a good read and I hope you continue to enjoy what stories I have for the future.


Have I ever told you how much I hate Zebras?

I dont want to insult you, but how much time do you have in life to write this all?:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:


I don't really remember anymore. I think Glory Be took... five months? I don't have much else to do but write so. I end up just sitting and writing obsessively. I'm a little neurotic.

4586462 but still dont u have homework or job?


Well, yeah. But no matter where I am, I can write or make notes as long as I have a few spare minutes. Then I usually have a quota I try to fulfill for whatever story I'm working on before I let myself do much else. Keeps me busy.

4587264 oh, for a second i thought u were one of those bronies who have no live, and sit there watching repeats and fanfictioning for 17 hrs a day:rainbowlaugh:

i mean i get that u like mlp, but thats just too much:rainbowhuh:


Thank you very much. I do like my references, subtle or not.
I'm glad to know you've been able to enjoy the saga, though. It's always a pleasure to hear people actually like the damn thing, considering how big it is and how much happens and. Everything else. So I really appreciate it, and I hope you continue to enjoy it, and whatever stories I pop out next. The Chronicles are over, but there's still at least a few interconnected stories yet to come.
But I hope you enjoy the rest of Glory Be, and thanks again for reading.

One of the longest stories on the site with over one million words.

Has just over 500 views.



I've always been good at staying under the radar. I'm surprised as it is people have read the series at all.

Dude, i applaud the amount of effort you put in to the saga. I managed to read the entire saga in under two months. Even with a week or so break because of BLCA. That one was grim, even for me. And this was reading when i had spare time. You just have to get these published. Also, if you are in need of a proofreader or a co-editor then let me know, already proofreading A Dragon's Journey.
Anyhow , Raiden Sparkle out


I'm impressed by how fast you made it through the saga. I know it certainly has its moments where uh. Yes. Breaks are needed. But thank you very much: I'm just very happy to know that you enjoyed it so much. Hell. I'm happy these stories are even readable, considering the content and volume and the fact these are mostly draftworks.
I appreciate the proofing offer, too. I might take you up on that since I don't have anyone at all prereading for me.
Thanks very much for the fave of Slap's Big Adventure, too. I hope it proves an enjoyable addendum onto the series for you.


I understand what you mean far too well. That's part of why I always gave chaos energies a green tint.

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