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An Iowa class battleship

Battleships may have once ruled the seas. But it is the legacy of those that still stand today to remind us of the days that their battles were won by the men that served on these ships.


In the aftermath of WWII, a trans-dimensional portal opens up at Midway releasing a fleet of other-worldly ships upon the island and the surrounding fleets. The United States Navy was able to repel the attackers back through the portal before any collateral damage could be inflicted. In the wake of the attack, the U.S government decides to send an expeditionary force beyond the portal to find those responsible and bring them to justice. But what they would find is a world of myth and legend.

Prior to their arrival, an ancient evil returns to the world of Verdon hell-bent on uniting the world under a new Reich order. Outgunned, facing impossible odds, and the Enterprise crippled in the recent attack on San Maresisco. Princess Celestia is forced to help Admiral Chester Nimitz return to Earth in hopes of bringing the other battlefleet's to the Equestrian world. But in a world now divided between the Allies and the Soviets, An event like America's secret first contact with an inter-dimensional race could trigger dire consequences on the world, and give Stalin the perfect opportunity to swiftly conquer Europe.

WWII may be over, but the "First Contact War" has just begun...

(Equestria's Warships is currently on hold till Landfall rewrite is complete, changes are expected follow the new storyline. The description above will be re-written.)

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ah old blood and gut how we miss you:pinkiecrazy:
\but continue my friend please :fluttershysad:


Also, grammar.

A question: if the Equestrian navy needs ships, will you have the allies give them the war-prize ships (Nagato, Printz Eugen, Nürnberg) they captured and older ships (Saratoga, Warspite, Nevada, Archerfish, Renown, Pennsylvania, Arkansas) about to be decommisioned?

We miss you blood and guts... We really do... :fluttercry: he would really be needed right now.

From the sounds of it he's back and pissed. I fully expected him to commandeer a ship and show up at the Big Mo. Though that may be my bias about him since I'm a soldier in the Uniter States Army.

Hummmm arguably one of the best tank commander ever in EQ. Will he get new Shermans? And yes I'm old enought to know what the main battle tanks of the 7th tank/artillery company was. I think that was what it was called. Anyway i wat to see a dam modern Iowa class battleship maybe the big E? Maybe a German U-boat? Good sequal:raritywink:

And to think I about to defenestrate my laptop when you said he died.:twilightsmile:

Never had so many notifications in a single day! :rainbowlaugh:
And the story got featured in the popular list! :yay:

Putting this through a word processor could have saved you some errors, like missing capitalization and some punctuation. I noticed you also seemed to randomly capitalize some words in the middle of the sentence.

I wouldn't exactly describe Celestia as "Technicolor"

"I can say the same to you too, Mr. President."

Overall, interesting and more focused than your last story. Still needs polish, but not as much as last time.

also:yay: cant wait for some more explosins ...and blood:pinkiecrazy:!!!

I like your Part 1 and 2 of your story man! I do hope the USS Missouri and other ships could fare the war in the other world. I was suggesting, the whole Iowa-class Battleships will be here? If not, I fully understand why.

PS. Phillipines here contacting. XD

Will you add your 3 stories to my group?
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Quite a number of spelling mistakes, but it's good in general. Nice job :ajsmug::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

Where's the "BIG E" when you need it, oh and when is the Iowa class battleship, and is Enterprise"Big E", Yorktown and or any other carriers going to show up? Or is this just about battleships,submarines,and destroyers. Oh and can I see a picture of the the mogai getting broadsided?

Just a heads up to all readers, my editor just informed me that Captain Callaghan wasn't Missouri's Commanding Officer at the time. He's being replaced by the actual Commanding Officer at the time: Captain Stuart S. Murray.
That is all!

Are the British coming?! Are the Canadians! Is going to D-Day all over again? Will I fly an A-10 in to the wormhole effectively braking the 4th wall? Also, even thought i know a B-17s cant fit on to an Aircraft carrier's deck but MAKE IT. HAPPEN! Or you could just put some B-25 Mitchell :raritywink:

3676098 umm.... that's B-25 Mitchell, and B-24 Liberators....

Will we see DC-47's armed with miniguns?!(just kidding, that was Vietnam, and yes it was a thing, puff the magic dragon they called it)

A fleet of that size and firepower?

The Gorgons are toast - no, scratch that, BUTTERED toast.

So America is back at war and with enemies in another dimension no less. God I can only imagine how pissed the returning vets and their families are, considering the world war that just ended less than two months ago and how most of the men just returned to their families.

The C-47 is only known as the Dakota in the RAF, otherwise its known as the Skytrain.

Wait a sec, if C-47s are able to launch, off at least one carrier (or were they ground based) then atleast a sqaud of B-25 Mitchals could have too. So make it happen! Also, avenger dive bombing. And some hellcats please. And correct me if I'm wrong, the 4 Iowa class battleships were, U.S.S Iowa, U.S.S New York, Texas and Missouri. I'm probably wrong.

No, New York and Texas are both New York class Dreadnoughts and the transport planes came from Midway, but i'll look into planning another Doolittle Raid :trollestia: :moustache:

3882596 hum what were that last two? And isn't the USS New York the most decorated warship? Or was it the Texas? Am I going mad?

3883470 the Texas is the oldest surviving battleship in the us. She was at d-day firing on Utah beach I think, dont hold me to that. Not sure on the decoratons and medals. Ive been to the Texas, she is a beautiful ship. Her guns, I dont remember the specifics, can launch a projectile the weight of a mini-van twelve miles. I want the Texas to be in this story.

Now to wait for the Iowa Class battleships to pop in and rain shit all over everything. Sure they're not invincible but they have 3 14 inch turrents with 3 cannons each plus a metric butt ton of 5 inch and AA guns. Then Yorktown carriers send F4F Wildcats and Helldivers all over their base, and then happy ever after.
~ Eric

Or worse case drop a nuke

Oh wow, your medals are so much more important than the men and ponies you are supposed to be leading, General. :ajbemused:

Slight sarcasm here.

3406245 Uhm... unless you make it on your own, no. if I'm correct, IJN Mogami collided in the Battle of Midway

You should've seen what London had to go through in the early years!

Yeah, we're pretty f***d up back then. Also, could you make a scenario like Battle of Trafalgar? Or Battle of Jutland? Or that engagement between USS Washington with IJN Kirishima? And if you need some help with speck of a battleship or aircraft, you can ask me! I have an encyclopedia that contains almost all informations all the way from the end of sail until WWII and all the specks from the Gloire-class until the cancelled Sovyetskiy Soyuz-class
and another book that contains a shipload of informations about aircrafts from post-WWI until today!

Oh while I'm here, let me remind you about the two last Iowa-class BB:
-USS New jersey
-USS Wisconsin
And the remaining CB's:
-USS Guam
-USS Hawaii
And where are these ships?
-USS Ticonderoga
-USS Hornet
-USS Midway
-USS Yorktown
-USS Intrepid
-USS Lexington
-USS Hancock
-USS Franklin
-USS Philippine Sea
-USS Valley Forge
-USS Antietam

i know i am jumping from chapter to chapter but could we use some of the Montanan's? like uss montana, Ohio, Maine. and then the Vanguard, KGV, Anson, Howe, Fletchers, (Subs ?) and then lets have the little rock's conversion from cl to gudide missle crusier 1? idk when it was converted though :trixieshiftleft: and then maybe we could raise yamoto and then piss them off. sorry if i sound crazy. first thing with two things i like combined.
1. mlp
2. WWII ships and after till maybe 1960's

Sure there not invciebale, but they have 3 14 inch turrets with three cannons.

Totally Not Insane Inc
really the only warships to have 14" guns during world war 2 where all the KGV classes, and any war ships after the Arizona

the warships after arizona had 15" gunnery. and then near North Carolina was 16". and lets include the pocket battleships like Admirl Scheer and Hipper and then have bismarck and fuso:rainbowwild: and maybe pinz eugen saying its americans at this time

and why not f6f hellcats. better than f4f's

well lets see about the war ship idea you have, three problems i see in the naming of all the units. first is that the USS Hawaii (Cb 3) was never finished. second is the USS hornet sank at the battle of Santa Cruz where the Big E got f****d, and Lexington which sank in the battle of the coral sea. although... they may have made a second Lexington(not referring to USS saratoga) like they made the USS Yorktown CV 10 which was an Essex class carrier. and then what numbers were the last 2 Iowas your talking about? if your talking about the 65th and 66th. those were Kentucky and Illinois. then again, i am asking for the 67th, and 68th battleship to be put in this story. sadly no vanguard yet...

:twilightsmile: Well done USS Missouri! You made me proud! And just a heads up Geoffrey is a Alicorn.

Oh! OH! OH! UPDATE!!!!!! I thought this was dead! Good its not.

5169172 Well. :applejackunsure: You could say that. But Geoffrey is a Alicorn. And also it's my name too.

"Looking out in the distance, were the unmistakable shapes of DC-47's approaching from the north."

That should just be C-47, the militarized version of the DC-3. There's no DC-47 designation AFAIK.

how about something like the first american attack on the batio atoll, which would be tarawa, so like the battle of tarwa would happen next maybe? just saying cause it seems like there should be an invasion soon, or like and invasion force meets with the enemy like one of the convoys that sank so many ships by u boats, and luftwafe (in 1943?) idk, im just speaking my mind

Thanks bud, I did tell you I was gonna make your character a unicorn. But now that think about it? I guess I could say he's part of an Alicorn family in Austalia.

Oh! I completely forgot! I was meant to give you creadit for the character and ships! :twilightoops: I'd better get on to that :scootangel: :twilightblush:
edit: All fixed!

I just had to do this due to the tital of the new chapter

Send them over the waves
Our sentinels
They report in the news
Position of our foes

This battlefield´s been choosen, tactically in advance
Time to alert our fighters
We´re soon in range

We'll meet at Midway
Naval War

Calling all men to deck
Got to be airborne
Head out into the sun
Decending on our foes

This is the crucial moment, in the heat of the war
To fly and hit our targets
Down in the waves

Display their might, ordering carriers, admirals at war
We'll meet at Midway
To win the fight, tactics are crucial, naval war

Far from shore, a pacific war
bombs are falling from the skies
Its a bombrun day, it the naval way
A bloodred sun is on the rise

5171141 ^^ Your welcome. So. When the main fleet going to show up. You know King Geo's Fleet?

They'll be involved in another operation against the Gorgon Navy on the other side of the ocean. If all goes well, they'll meet the rest of the coalition fleet at the Gorgon mainland. I can do a chapter on the Austalion front aka. Battle of Coral Sea?

Part of me is still scratching my head at how do those Austalions have modern day Navy tech.

Also, the Greatest Generation just got greater baby!

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