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I... like this fic so far. And this chapter. ANOTHER! :yay: *Smashes glass on table*

@Axton: I'm glad you like it! I honestly hadn't written anything in over a year, and this will be my longest story yet. But yes, chapter 2 is in the works!

Oh man I really hope he survives. Good fic so far :yay:

3172247 Wouldn't be much of a story if he died, would it? :/


You never know! Dead ponies can be a lot of fun! :pinkiecrazy:

3178679 For some reason, that sounds like a bad necrophillia joke. But you are right. At the very least though, his story can't end here. it'd just... suck.


And the levelup footnote would be kinda pointless, wouldn't it?

Oh, dear. Watch out, Shadow. Time to stalk you here, too! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:
Well, that's out of my system now. Nice to see the transition from Google Docs to FIMFiction now! :yay:

3193040 Oh, it's not a transition. I'll have it both places.

Loved the fic and would love to read more.

Well, okay, technically this is true. Do you have to rub it in, though? :fluttershbad:

3193276 Glad you did! I'd love to write more, which I am! :twilightsmile:

3193379 And what if I do? :pinkiecrazy:

Then I'll... I'll... probably cry. :fluttercry:

3193419 Ooooo.... puppy tears make excellent lubricant! :pinkiecrazy:

So, the second chapter is up! I also fixed a logic error in chapter 1, so.... yay! :pinkiecrazy:

I kind have released the second chapter without a final run through with my new editor... but he's been busy for the past several days. I will probably be fixing the chapter shortly after his grand return!

Yay a new chapter and he came back to life but at least he isn't a ghoul, since their souls are bound forever does that mean Lily will be going out into the Wastes with him?. Good chapter again, looking forwards towards the next :yay:.

3251997 To answer where this is going simply....
" "

...Take that as you will.

Well this is a quite a twist, glad to see him not all ghoulie, not that i have a problem with ghouls...:derpyderp1:

Totally looking forward to the next chapter~

3252859 Heh, well yes. I also have nothing against ghouls, but I didn't want Shadow to have the regenerative abilities of one. I have..... other plans.

well, with this added twist of seeing and fighting ghosties he will most likely encounter some interesting enemies and challenges outside the stable, yay for something that isnt the usual

Interesting twist and better yet a deal with a mysterious figure locked away for the (likely) good of all pony kind... yay!

Two things....
One: Thought the song was a little familiar.
Two: This is just fucking strange, but that good strange. I'll definitely read more. I also think that Shadow has the Wild Wasteland trait. Because... well, pretty much Death-himself just showed up out of nowhere.

3253119 Yus! I had to make something different!

3253494 :pinkiecrazy:

3254928 Well, yea! I'm not a song writer. I can write lyrics to a pre-existing song... I might try something in the future.

And of course Shadow has the Wild Wastelands trait! I don't think I could write a Fo:E fic without it! Although.... He isn't death himself... A lot is yet to be revealed about our Doctor~

To Everypony: Thank you all for your love and kindness! I hope I can continue to entertain in the future~

"You're going to LOVE ME!!!"


Seriously, that was all I could think for that moment! :yay:

Caught a couple of error, myself, though:
But I am here to say that is completely an absurd!
[center should have a closing bracket.
Otherwise, bravo!

3255064 Hehehehehe :pinkiecrazy:

And the 'an' is there because while he wasn't exactly singing at the time, the extra syllable there makes it more of a sing-songy sentence.

12:59 * Retl made it to the tail end of Broken Soul chapter 2. It's different. Focus seems to be primarily on uh. Metaphysical realm? I dunno. But it's still in the FoE universe. All in all, it's neat, and I need to go flail at their fimfiction page in a bit.

Very weird. Very different. Had a few laughs here and there. I like it, and I'm interested in seeing where this goes from here.

So he's gonna leave the Stable without Lily?

3329604 No, he's finding the path to the surface and is going to try to convince the other ponies to leave once he does. Shadow's not wanting to lead them into a highly dangerous place. But, you know... this is the wasteland... And with Shadow's traits...:pinkiecrazy:

Another great chapter, but in the last paragraph or so you put 97 instead of 79.

3331095 Thank you! One of those derps that's hard to catch. :twilightblush::facehoof:

Well Harp, perhaps you should have skipped dinner...

... or, y'know, just stayed on the surface and burned with the rest of the ponies and zebras in Equestria. :facehoof:

Well, this has been another interesting chapter, I have to hand it to you. :yay:

:pinkiecrazy: Im just gonna lurk....over here...

I do want everyone to know, I AM still working on this! I've been swamped at work, doing two peoples jobs, which is literally eating away at my own personal time. :fluttercry: BUT! I have managed to write another page today, bringing my doc up to 13... so it's sitting at somewhere halfway done. :twilightsheepish:

I want to apologize to my readers for the long delay, and I hope I can actually get something done soon....ish... :moustache:

Dear author, is the next chapter going to be ready soon? Because I really like this story and wish it to be continued. You are clearly talented writer and I hope you put your skills to good use, like a new chapter to this great story you have given birth. So, a new chapter soon. And if you don't have time, I'll just wait right here. On this spot. Next to my computer. Staring this screen without blinking. For days, then weeks, then months, then years. But if it takes more than a decade, I will dislike this story and be mildly annoyed. And one more time, new chapter please. But anyways, thanks for the already existing chapters. They were fun and exiting to read.

3940508 Yes.... Sorry! As I said in my previous post, my job had gotten the better of me.

I work as a tech in the largest high school in one of the largest cities in my state. There's supposed to be two of us on campus. (There's supposed to be more of us on campus, but the district disagrees. :fluttershbad: ) Unfortunately, my help had a stroke, and I had to take on his load of the responsibility. And for those wondering, he is recovering nicely.... but will not be returning to work. He was near retirement age anyway, so it's not a devastating loss for him.

But, with all the testing and everything going on, I had been completely burnt out on all the overtime work I had to put in to make sure everything was ready.... not even the weekends gave me enough energy to write.

Here comes the good news! On May the 4th, a new lan-tech will start working at my school full time, giving me the much needed rest I will need to pick this up again!

It is great to know that you are going to continue this story (in near future at least) and that my lurking here has not been fruitless. Just try to recover your strength and smash that keyboard of yours until a new chapter has been born, ok?

Please tell me that Doctor Soul is based off Dr. Facilier. It would make WAAAAAAAAAY too much sense.

OMG! It's been far too long. I am uploading a new chapter shortly.

4457163 Why, yes... he is actually!
4306057 Soon! I just have to look over what I've written!

Edit: And it's up! Unfortunately, I still do not have a pre-reader. I would like one, if anyone is interested.

I appologize for this.... massive delay. My help had actually passed on instead of retiring, and then I just kind of lost track over the summer. But.... I feel like working on this again, finally. So cheers, to all of you who like this story, to friends lost, and to friends gained.
Have a good day, everypony!


*cue Shining throwing Cadance at Cold Stone* :twilightsheepish:

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