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AU=No Season 3; otherwise leaving the tag in just to be safe
Crossover=Not Mega Man himself, but at least Robot Master expies

A more action-based story that I've saved up for a little while, this gives the PSP remake of the original Mega Man a pony overhaul with Twilight as the Blue...er, Purple Bomber! I've had this as a random idea ever since watching the Mega Mare L4 video by Mr Poninator, though I've decided to work on a Classic-style version instead of skipping straight to the X story.

Mega Man/Rockman obviously owned by Capcom

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 15 )

random dislike already? :facehoof:

Three different stories going at once? You're spreading yourself a mite thin, friend.:twilightsheepish:

Yeah, I know. This story already has three chapters written for it in advance that I feel are ready to be released, so I'll just be putting the next one and maybe that third one up tomorrow. I won't be around to write much tomorrow anyway, so I'll be able to choose what to work on for Sunday. ^_^

Meh, I always look for comments to see people's opinions anyway. As long as people seem to enjoy it, I couldn't be happier.:pinkiesmile:

Random fact, since you were asking. Before it gained the ability to charge, the Mega Buster was just called the Plasma Cannon. However, in more recent games like Powered Up and 9 without a charge, it's still referred to as the Mega Buster. Always calling it that is acceptable, but Plasma Cannon is the slightly more correct term.

It would not be possible for me to read this story without the Powered Up voices dubbing over the story. Nightmare Moon with Wily's voice strangely works.

an interesting concept, and so long as ur not putting in any of the lamer Robo Masters it should be a good run. however, i seem to remember that Mega had a companion robot in a few of the early games, Rush, the transforming robot dog...perhaps Spike could preform that roll?

That would explain why the first three games marked the Buster as P in the weapon menu. Good to know.

Being Powered Up, it's using all of that game's Robot Masters (which means we'll even get a Time Man + Oil Man equivalent). The Wily stages, however, will have a few unique boss fights. ^_^

OMG.... I've been wanting a Mega Man powered up cross with MLP for ages! You have my attention good sir (or ma`am)

Maybe next Fireman or Iceman? :rainbowlaugh: I hope Fireman as I LOVE his accent!!

lets try this again. stage select: Guts Man

*falls to the ground* the puns.... the terrible... fire... puns...... :rainbowlaugh:

You hit home with the fire puns, and I couldn't imagine Fireman without his accent :rainbowlaugh: I wish I could play mega man powered up.... I miss that game......

Time Slow sounds abit redundant if you ask me.

I would like to see twilight find out about the magnet beam........too bad it only seen the light of day in old style and megaman 1 :fluttercry:

If we've got Fire Storm, I think the only logical solution is to go after the guy that's weak to it: Oil Slider. Though Hyper Bomb wouldn't be a bad option, since again, Twilight already has his weakness.

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