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Well Done! by the way Celestia is an alicorn, which are 1/3 of each of the ponies, not just pegasia and unicorns, but earth ponies as well (that where they get their strength.)

10970 Noted! and: THANKYOU!!!!!!! :pinkiehappy:

That's a stunner... :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Here it comes....

Well that was fast...

That was a beautiful story. Pinkie Pie still remains my favorite character, perhaps even moreso... Anyways, It'd be nice to know more about Sebastian... Nice story.

112326 Thanks, man. Bare in mind, however that this is far from the end. Sebastian still has much to do, injuries to sustain and justice to be deal. This little couplette is part of something much bigger... The next story will be posted soon enough. Keep an eye out for "Nightmare Boutique". To find out more about Sebastian, go to heroesofterra.weebly.com/heroes.html

There are many more stories featuring him if you're interested.

One does not simply kill Pinkamina Diane Pie:applejackunsure:
Interesting story though.

119290 Thanks for the feedback, but i'd hardly call this whole ordeal "simple". :applejackunsure: "Quick"? :rainbowdetermined2: Sure, but when one seems to come back from the dead, it's quite a game-changer... To compensate, Sebastian opted for better weapons and actually prepared himself for this round. :moustache:

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