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Insanity is a friend... That gets you into trouble a lot.


"Myths are interesting stories, created to entertain the masses. However, no story is completely created. Sometimes we must borrow from the truths of the world."

"To conquer one must divide the enemy. For if they unite victory can not be assured."

Equestria is in danger of an old enemy. One that has not been seen for milleniums, he only brings destruction and sorrow to the world of myths and legends.
However else where an old ally continued their journey. Through strife, pain, and war. They forge an incredible society that spans their universe. Thanks to the discovery of an unknown signature they will advance even faster than before. Allowing new technology and imagination to take flight. They are only limited, by how far they dream.
What will happen when they finally open a doorway to a world, who believes their kind as nothing more than a myth?

I have continued it for now. So leave a comment, so I'll know what to make better.

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The story is worth doing in my book

so much potential keep going dont quit half way the humans can take their revenge on the deamons and help all ghe other species in a shock and awe tactic to show humans have reaturnd my friend dont give up on this im shure a lot of people would love this it could even be featurd

This story looks so awsome so far please continue wiht it. I beth the equestrians (I mean all races) will be drop there colective jaws when they see the humans agan oh and the deamons will fill there colective problably non-exsitance pant's when they see this.



Well done, good sir, on getting the 3,000th story in the Crossovers group.
As for the story, I may read it, I may not.

The latter is far more likely, though.

MOAR Thats if you dont mind of coarce

I love it, please dont stop :pinkiehappy:

this looks great keep up the good work

I'm interested. Please, do go on

One MAJOR problem I'm having here.

PLEASE use new paragraphs when a different speaker begins to talk in the story.

Walls of text due to writers not bothering to remember that basic rule have me downvoting a lot of good story ideas.

Both or the second chapter? I'm actually trying to learn the speech part.

3177999 The second. The only part that I found in the first that could be a problem character speech wise is the very last bit where the soldier asks if the drone was ready, and the scientist replies. How you have your paragraphs structured in that chapter makes his reply seem like its in the same paragraph.

hmmm, the story interests me but i could see this going either way. please don't light this story on fire and throw it off a cliff, figuratively of course.

I'll try not to. I'm working on the next chapter. But I'm just revising it now and again. I don't want this to be normal. Human meets pony, and everything is nice an fine. Even if they have a myth surrounding them.

A few out of place commas and other, easy to miss, mistakes. Overall good story.

Interesting, ill be keeping a good eye on this story.

affect is a verb, effect is a noun. you affect things to cause effects

4534670 Was this meant for chapter 5? I corrected it, and thank you for pointing it out.


causing the strange affects

It's mostly in the descriptions of the noxious mystery substance

4534946 cool, keep on keeping on bro

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