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Snails has a problem - he's been getting headaches, a lot of them, that keep him from sleeping. Trixie is quickly able to identify the problem: He isn't using enough magic, and it's building up. All Snails has to do is use more magic, and the headaches will go away. Of course, the Great and Powerful Trixie is more than willing to train a foal in the use of magic - after all, she's already training Dinky. What's one more?

...wait, why are there seven foals? Help!

A Lunaverse story.

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Incidentally, this story officially canonizes Dewdrops and Shutterbug as Raindrops' parents. Their only previous Lunaverse appearance that I'm aware of was in In the Heat of the Moment, which is of course non-canon.

oh that is so cute. A young colt,, and a hairy Tarantula.

cuter then it should be.

Sweet opening there! I still think Trixie should refer to Twilight as 'Sparkle', just to give it that little Lunaverse flavor to their relationship (and because all of Twilight's canon friends call her 'Twilight' or 'Twi' and it would be different).

The shenanigans have just begun! :D

Hmm...probably a good idea. I'll make that edit.

this sounds sooooooo goood.....but i want to wait for the previous (time wise) stories....ahhahh THE DILEMA.....i guess i ll read the lunaver / celestia verse cross over

“It’ll be okay, I promise,” she said. “The ponies here put up with me, remember?”


Pretty much what I enjoy about Trixie's character in the Lunaverse. Yes, she's essentially the same lazy, pretentious blowhard, but she's aware enough of it to do a little better each time we see her.

Also, Fluffy.

Let the explosions begin! Cry havoc and loose the tiny little unicorns of war! (Excellent so far, instafave and waiting for more...)

I think Trixie will soon realize she has bitten off more than she can chew. You would think that tribe specific lessons would standard practice in the Equestrian educational system.

And so Ms Sparkle FINALLY begins to build a life for herself that does NOT involve jamming her muzzle in a dusty old tome. Thus begins her process of becoming like one of the Mane Six.

Looking good. I think my favorite part was sleeping Raindrops at the bar, and also Berry's line about switching her to diet upon finding out Raindrops was already drinking a soda instead of alcohol.

The bits with Twilight were also good, but of course I'd already read a fair chunk of it, both in your blog preview, and of course the part from my own work. Though of special note I very much liked the line describing that justice should be about symmetry, not punishment. Oh, and speaking of my own work though, I hadn't exactly been expecting you to copy it at length in almost it's full entirety. Which is not to say I'm complaining, I guess I'd just expected select excerpts or something. Still, even in full, it's pretty short, and either way I'm still honored you chose to incorporate it directly into your own work. :twilightsheepish:

“Can I, mom?” she asked. “Can I? Can I? Please please please?”

That's a large typo there.
Otherwise this is looking pretty awesome! Looking forward to seeing the tale unfold! :pinkiehappy:

Nice you kept the cross over cannon, and of course Twilight Sparkle the little cross dimension adventure has given her a new lease on life. Of course having had a encountered a living mirror of who they and thier friends and loved ones could have been Twilight, Trixie and even Luna will never be the same. I don't think Trixie will be able to see the rest of the "original main 6" the same again either, or anypony really, after seeing a alternate set of elements how could she not start seeing everypony by what element they could embody? Though even then I think the number of ponies who could embody magic is going to be REALLY small (like maybe one other beside Trixie and Twilight) Trixie has definitely started down a path that's going to be much harder than she thinks, even limiting her self to unicorns with "special needs". How fortunate that Ponyville just got a new Librarian that is ALSO a magical prodigy :twilightsheepish: and knows a thing of two about having too much magic.

“Why is nopony concerned about the tarantula on Snails’ head?” Trixie asked. “I’m concerned. Deeply concerned.”

I would be too Trixie, I would be too. But this is setting up to be several different kinds of awesome. Twilight's in Ponyville, awesome, and Snails is one of my favorite foals. I don't know why. He's just so...cheerful, I guess. And I *really* like his portrayal in Lunaverse.

"I call her Fluffy!"

...I freaking HATE spiders, but I still wanna hug Snails when he said that. Brava.

We need a somewhat more reasonable reaction here:

I'm liking this fic.

Also, with that opening there, I suppose I can hold off on the Crisis on Two Equestrias screenwrite until further notice.

3148893 which is a damn crime btw. I demand canonical Trixdrops!

It begins!

I loved Trixie arguing with a sleeping Raindrops, that was straight up hilarious.

Hmn, magical build up, eh? That makes me wonder how they handle imprisoned unicorns that are wearing horn rings. There's mention of Sparkle having one on for two months (or at least not being able to use her magic for that long), so they apparently do restrict unicorns in that fashion for extended periods of time. Maybe the horn rings have a slight siphoning effect that deals with the build up?

“Raindrops?” she asked. “Is everything okay?”


You made me ship it. :trollestia:

Anyway, this one looks like fun. :pinkiehappy:

Trixie's really getting better at this "friendship" thing, isn't she? I love the way she volunteered to help Raindrops and Snails without even a second thought. She is pretty well qualified for the job, too - while she lacks Twilight's arcane expertise, she knows a lot about the general flow of magic and how to sense it.

This reminds me of a sequel I wanted to write to "The Worst Mother in Equestria" - Pearl teaching Shutterbug and Ditzy how to look after a unicorn foal. Three unicorn foals developing magic surges at the same time is a sure recipe for disaster, and may have ended with Rarity having to fight a giant crab summoned by Snails, I dunno. :duck:

I'm vastly curious, in the cover art there is a yellow filly with a purple mane and she looks like she has wings along with a horn. Could she be one of the next alicorns?


That's Alula. She's appeared before (Notably in Tales of Ponyville)

Maybe in larger towns or cities, but remember that in Ponyville, there's just Cheerilee in just what looks like a combined elementary/early middle school for the small number of foals in Ponyville. Foals in Ponyville probably have to leave for another town to go to high school.

It's small, is what I'm saying.

It's Alula. Remember Twilight's imagine spot where she was worried about being sent back to magic kindergarten? Well, there's an animation error in that scene that depicts one foal - Alula - as having both wings and a horn. The fandom has more-or-less taken to calling her Princess Erroria, but originally her name was Alula.

Anyway, I kind of like the idea of a pegasus-unicorn hybrid pony and so decided to canonize Alula as a pegasus-unicorn in the Lunaverse, and just canonize hybrids in general (earth pony/pegasi and earth pony/unicorns, though obviously both of those are much harder to spot, and in any case true hybrids like this are very, very rare - no more than, say, 20 or 30, in the entire nation of Equestria). Note that she's not an alicorn, though; and furthermore, she isn't particularly extraordinary beyond being able to use the magic of both pegasi and unicorns. Having said that, though, her magical potential for either isn't above that of any other typical pegasus or typical unicorn, and indeed at the moment she probably lags behind in both areas, since she has only so much time to spend practicing one or the other.

This story looks to be interesting. And yes, Ponyville is a monster magnet. Reminds me of a line from when Trixie asked why nopony ever pressed charges for the amulet incident: "For you, it was the day when you ruled Ponyville with an iron hoof. For Ponyville, it was tuesday."


while she lacks Twilight's arcane expertise, she knows a lot about the general flow of magic and how to sense it.

I think "The Hero of Oaton" canonizes Trixie as a magic savant with an instinctual orientation - books teach her little, but she can deconstruct and reverse-engineer any spell just by seeing them cast.

And now she has a book-oriented magic savant on standby, so they'll be able to bounce spells off each other until they can unravel Equestria itself. Well, buck. There goes reality.:twilightoops::trixieshiftleft:

Also, I'm calling it now. Snails is a distant cousin of Fluttershy. :yay:

3149795 Welp, I can see how spotting the other two hybrids are slightly harder to spot, but now that you brought this up, who would care to debate that Snowflake/Roid Rage is one of those hybrids? (Only saying cause of the stereotypical muscle mass thing) And I would also need to rewatch for that animation error as my eyes are not that keen on spotting those.

Also, first time Alula was actually mentioned to me so:twilightoops::twilightblush:

Calling it now, Shutterbug told all her non-unicorn friends about Trixie's lessons and they send them because they're worried about their kids.

3149817 An Earth-Pegasus? Well that would explain the huge bulk even being possible, and the tiny wings THAT STILL WORK!

Yer a wizard, Snails. :pinkiecrazy:


Maybe the horn rings have a slight siphoning effect that deals with the build up?

That would be my guess.


Foals in Ponyville probably have to leave for another town to go to high school.

...and that's assuming most ponies even pursue a higher education. Given that most ponies earn there cutie mark in there elementary years I wouldn't be surprised if most young ponies (especially in the smaller towns) move on to just directly apprentice under a trade professional after graduation. That used to be the way we humans did it prior to the urban industrialization. Even in the larger cities, I might wonder if focused vocational training programs might not be more common than the types of generic highs schools we are used to in our own modern world. A lot of what high school and is about is prepping people to focus on a college degree or what not, but where as most humans might not even know what they want to major in until their second or third year of college, the pony equivalent would have already known for a decade or more.

Which is not to say I think Equestrian's are under educated. A lot of the modern highscool experience is little more than a mediocre stopgap largely invented and enforced to delay entry into the labor pool and prevent skilled workers from losing jobs to cheaper youth labor (or at least that's the way it all to often works in the USA). It's easy to forget but the cultural passage between childhood and adulthood has been significantly lengthened in just the last century or two. Not to mention that if we took some of the stuff that's appeared on Cheerilee's blackboard on the show as canon, ponies probably finish elementary school with the equivalent of a high school education if not more. Then again, a lot of the lessons we actually see being taught can seem a bit overly juvenile for the otherwise apparent age of the foals, so it's something of a mixed bag, but could just be indicative of a difference in cultural standards.

The fandom has more-or-less taken to calling her Princess Erroria, but originally her name was Alula.

I'm not sure it's something we should ever overly focus on, but I can't help but imagine the likes of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon possible using "Princess Erroria" as an insulting nickname toward Alula.

Well... this won't end well. I predict something like this will happen: :flutterrage:

But I have been wrong before.

Haha, aww, this is great! I don't really have much to say other than I love the idea, humor is wonderful thus far and I can't wait for more! *sighs* I've become such a Lunaverse junky

I really liked Twilight's part. You captured that pit-in-your-stomach feeling of doing the right thing by owning up pretty well.

Really looking forward to Trixie's teaching, it's gonna be interesting to see how someone who learns intuitively tries to teach a bunch of rambunctious foals.

Huhzaa! Finally got around to this! Huh... I see Raindrops sort of takes after her father. Go fig

314975231497953150171 Or at least, they began calling her Princess Erroria recently. They used to call her Pluto. On TVTropes, it was decided that that was short for Plutonia. She appears in one of my fics (so far. She's going to appear in others) where she is a true alicorn. She also became pretty much the most popular character I've ever written.

Anyway, looking forward to inevitable shenanigins.

True (about Pluto). I liked Alula the most, though, out of her three names, and that was the one in place when I first wrote her into Tales of Ponyville.

3150874 3150837
I suppose her full name could be Alula Plutonia, even if we never actually use it... with ~maybe~ Princess Erroria as a mocking nickname. The latter is not something I'd want to dwell on, but if we ever needed DT or SS to tease her, that might works as well as any other.


Can non-unicorns cast spells, using alternative methods like runes, magic circles or staffs?

Probably. I dunno. If so, though, it's not very common in Equestria.


Zecora has showed competence in ritual magic and alchemy. In Crisis in Two Equestrias , magic was showed to be an omnipresent and endless force (Force Magic), what allowed Anthitesis casting tireless by creating spell- shaped holes in reality. Even if unicorns are natural built to cast spells via channeling their magic thorugh their horns, it would make sense the existence of alternative, if slower or less versatile, ways of harness magical energies to produce effects.

Maybe Earth and Pegasi Ponies once had several members with the talent and the knowledge of performing such feats, but their ways and traditions were slowly forgotten after the unification of the Three Tribes, since unicorns services became more available and effective.

Of course this is your headcanon, so the answers are ultimate yours.

31508743150946 Well, in my my own verse Alula is a sepperate filly (and a pegasus) that just happens to look a lot like Plutonia. And that seemed like a more appropriate name for an alicorn. In fact, in my vese, she's the alicorn of Pluto (like Cadance is the alicorn of Venus).

Twilight’s smile grew a little larger, and significantly more genuine. “Except for the entire library I’ll have under my hooves after closing time,” she noted, waving a hoof at the tree as a whole.

Ah, you just can't take the Library out of the Twilight.

I can see her going stir crazy fairly quickly under house arrest though and we know how crazy Twilight can get.

I loved Fuzzy's scene particularly the nuzzle bit.

I wasn't so keen on the repeat of A Final Crisis of Conscious though probably because I've already read it so it seemed to make the beginning of the story drag while I was waiting for something new.

3150946 Alula Plutonia is a fairly good full name if you ask me. :twilightsmile:

Fuzzy is best tarantula

That, and I believe that she got used to calling that particular Twilight "Sparkle" anyway in Crisis...
Which begs the question, would Twilight have a some sort of regression and start calling her Lulamoon again?


....Idea: Twilight calls Trixie Lulamoon, and Trixie is ok with Twilight calling her that.

Nice to finally see Twilight on the path to facing up to her mistakes. And with five years in Ponyville, I imagine she'll be a common feature in the stories to come.

I liked all the setup for this. It's gearing up to be plenty of fun for the foals (and plenty of headaches for Trixie!).

315182131509463150874 Suddenly she finds a new element and they decided to call it Plutonium:derpytongue2:

I am so bad...

As for the 'mocking name' maybe they could use a part of it to mock, like the ror in Princess Arroria became roar? I dunno, I better stick to bad jokes, i'm somewhat better at those.

3152542 I really like that idea, gives us a little bit more of a lasting effect from Crisis.

I like the story series. But at the same time it irritates me for some reason. I think largely because it all seems like a "take that" at Twilight and her friends.

Mistakes were made early in the Lunaverse's run; we've been working hard and fixing them. This includes the portrayal of the Mane-6.

Twilight I actually don't count as one of those mistakes, as I rather like the arc she went through. But Applejack especially, and Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity to a lesser extent, we could have written better. Not Pinkie, though (that is, I don't think we mishandled her), Pinkie is still Pinkie in the Lunaverse. Pinkie is always Pinkie.

Anyway, it is only in the Lunaverse's earliest stories that have this problem; we identified the problem relatively quickly, though (about a year ago now), and have struggled hard to correct everything later on.

i think the pivotal implication also grates on me--- that the bonding of the elements to their bearers, rather than being to the ones who best exemplified those traits, was completely chance. That any six idiots who managed to get along tolerably and stumbled across the Elements at the right time would have been chosen.... Twilight's hard work and studiousness, Applejack's honesty and trustworthiness, Rainbow Dash's loyalty, Rarity's generosity--actual virtues and qualification--- are all irrelevant.

Twilight's rejection is particularly nasty:In canon, Trixie got put in her place because she's a blowhard and can't back up her noise. In your fanon, Twilight Sparkle got rejected and defeated in spite of being more qualified in every quantifiable way than her adversary. in one sweep of the arm it dumps studiousness and hard work off the table and onto the floor as trash. This flies right in the face of ethics and common sense. No, a stage magician who plays things by ear and ad-libs everything she does is NOT interchangeable with someone who studied in the most prestigious school in the nation and graduated at the top of her class.

What it is, it's reminiscent of a very popular and very petulant cry among those who have stumbled: "You'd do the same in my place, you're no better than me!" What an ideology, what a self-serving and disaffected perception of reality. Actually, no, they would NOT do what you did. People are not arbitrarily interchangeable. Some people, yes indeed, ARE better than others. Sometimes people ARE better than you, and would NOT do the exact same thing just because circumstances were reversed.


Twilight I actually don't count as one of those mistakes, as I rather like the arc she went through. But Applejack especially, and Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity to a lesser extent, we could have written better. Not Pinkie, though (that is, I don't think we mishandled her), Pinkie is still Pinkie in the Lunaverse. Pinkie is always Pinkie.

Twilight was one of those mistakes, arc or no. Nothing you ever say or do will ever convince me that "Boast Busted" was anything but a collection of mistakes. And we are not getting into Pinkie again.

I would comment more, but I barely skimmed the chapter so far. Maybe when I'm not wishing for death, I'll be able to give you better feedback.

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