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I had to reread the ending to understand it fully, but once I did, I loved it! Good work!

Holy... That is... That's epic!
I mean, at first i thought the baloon could be one of pinkie's balloons, but I didn't see that ending coming.
It was only when the colors of the dragon were described that I realized who it might be.
Whenever i read a fanfic it always leaves me in a state of emotion, that fits the fanfic, but the emotion I'm feeling now is unlike anything I've ever felt before.
YOU, good sir did a great job.
For the love of Celestia, don't stop writing.
If you do, I will hunt you down. :twilightsmile:


Thanks for your input. I personally love writing stuff that takes a while to notice whats going on. Those moments where hours after you finish reading you suddenly understand types. Don't worry I will still continue to write, although a bit slow, for a while now. Glad you enjoyed this little piece of fiction.

A big sad, but it's a good sad

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