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Takes place right after "Magic Duel" as well as a rewrite of one of my first stories. When Twilight forgives Trixie, the pony who banished the closest thing Spike has to a mother, Spike starts to lose trust in Twilight as well as his other friends for the way they all treated him all through his life, and runs away one night. He then comes across new friends, who are five orphaned colts. Will Spike return to Twilight and the others or will he lose his trust in them.

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This has promise, Spike not forgiving Trixie is in line with how children act when they get wronged by someone, his nightmares and insecurities are clearly a result of Trixie banishing Twilight.

I am interested in seeing how this turns out.

WHY DOES SPIKE HAVE TO BE SO DIFFICULT?!:flutterrage: Twilight, you are being the selfish one around here, not considering one inch about Spike's feelings about what Trixie has done!:flutterrage: You call him selfish, and all you can think about is "Why does he have to be so difficult?":fluttershysad: Really Twilight? Do you care for Spike at all, and I am not talking about your assistant, but a s atrue friend?:fluttercry: I hope when she sees Spike is gone, her heart breaks just like how she broke Spike's heart.:flutterrage: Great story so far though my friend, and I can't wait for more of it.

3144757 Exactly. At least Applejack did try her best to talk about the effect the Trixie situation had on Spike.:twilightblush:

Ugh... I hate the mother/son thing so much its ridiculous. But this a spike story, so you get a like

This is an interesting idea. I look forward to see how you handle Spike new friends.

I hate to sound cold-hearted, and I know this is just a story, but now Twilight is worried about Spike being out in the storm?!:rainbowhuh: I mean really really worried about him being struck by lighting or anything bad, but I thought she said he was 'selfish', and didn't care about anyone but himself, so I thought maybe she would feel that this storm would teach him. Also the group of colts seem cool, and plus, is a traveling band. :twilightblush:

It's good to know Spike is in good hooves.

3144864 Very true, and also it shows that she cares by telling Twilight what happened while she was away from Ponyville.

:fluttershbad: Oh Spike! The feels, those damn feels!

:flutterrage: Twilight! Y U NO GOOD TO SPIKE-WIKEY!!!

Well, at least Spike has some guy friends.

Oh, I can't wait for the epilogue. Beautiful chapter. And the little colts have a home now. Most importantly Spike got his best friend, and family back. :fluttercry: happy tears my friend, happy tears. :pinkiehappy:


Don't give up hope just yet, there's an epilogue coming soon! :-)

Heartwarming ending, and that picture, just fills me up. Adorably picture! :fluttercry::pinkiehappy:

Black Kyurem is gonna guess that you're a fan of Disney movies. And that made-up voice cast. Can you do that? :applejackunsure:

3157973 Do what? And yes, I'm a die-hard animated Disney fan. :-)

3157979 Dude, you just tossed in a random voice cast, yes? Or is that for envisioning?

3158000 Well, I was thinking who would be the perfect voices for the colts. :-)

I took one look at the picture of trixie up there and was all "WOOOH!!!! If looks could kill." :rainbowlaugh:

I personally dislike stories that paint Twilight as a mother figure to Spike, since it can be logically extrapolated from certain comments by Lauren Faust that Celestia did most of Spike's raising up to the point that he was ready to be Twilight's assistant, thus she is more of a big sister figure to him. However, the story seems interesting thus far, so I will continue.

AWESOME! :pinkiehappy:

3144648 You're right. Sometimes even characters like Spike can be autistic.

I don't know if I want Twilight to have really said that stuff or not cause on one hand if she did say it then Twilight you bitch :twilightangry2: but if she didn't and Spike just imagine it then that makes Spike look kind 'a foolish :unsuresweetie: so I don't know what id rather have happen

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