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Your Honor, the fish sticks are done!


Pinkie Pie has noticed something: every time Spike wears a hat, his personality changes in accustom to said hat. The mare then thinks of something that would be funny, and that would be to get Spike to wear all the hats she can find.

Spike is also unaware that he is wearing a hat at all.

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The original idea originated from: Lord Zinger

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Comments ( 46 )

unedited yey it probably looks like shat

reminds me of the movie "The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland"

Excuse me, I left my sides in my other pair of pants.

Great story, I have never laughed so hard in my life. :pinkiehappy:

Oh god! The tears!!! I love this! Favorite hats: backwards cap and cowboy hat

you know, i have something like this going on *puts on signature fedora* NYA, SEE? *puts on sombrero* So, any references in here?

I seem to remember a Loony Tunes episode with the same premise.

3421827 Well it was a good one, then. You see, I remember Spike being greedy with the pimp hat and fair with the top hat, so I said "Why not" and wrote this.

Now have Spike wear gangsta clothes!!!!

Talk about Spike becoming a princess, yet no mention of Rarity whatsoever......:ajbemused::ajbemused::ajbemused:

It feels incomplete....

And that's how Draconia was made.

Comment posted by Phantom Writer deleted Oct 31st, 2013

Hat syndrome... Just like Team Fortress 2...

I can't help but think that the only way it could have been more ridiculous is if Pinkie got her hooves on one of Rarity's massive hats. That would've been odd indeed.

Tis the Mad Hatter!



Very well, hattered mad one.:duck:

Best. Ending. Ever. :rainbowlaugh:

I for one welcome our new dragon overlord.

Until someone grows some common sense and LEVITATES THE CROWN OFF OF HIM!

that was amazing
and you should feel amazing

Cathy Weseluck would have so much bloody fun with an episode like this.

The entire thing probably took place in Pinkie Pie's head, though. And it all made perfect sense to her. The proposition that Spike is only four years old is a pretty strong indicator of that.

Yay! The Princess Spi-ike co-o-meth. Behold, behold...

Lol now for prince rarity and princess spike. Yay!!!

How the hell did this reach 500 views

Dat last line! :rainbowlaugh:


3433893 It's funny. That's how.:rainbowlaugh:

Haven't seen you in a long time, Flarpy. You never disappoint.

This is amazing.

666 views hail satan

As a person who has played too much tf2 i'm automaticly interested in anything that involves hat.

It's... It's... So... Beautiful... ITS BEAUTIFUL!

:eeyup: This is a idea straight from Zinger.....

Also love it.

P.S. the link is broke due to his name change.:scootangel:

This is great!:moustache:
Is there a chance for an epilogue?! So the funny may be doubled?!:pinkiehappy:


donk give spike a hat hats make spike evil, also death to pinkie pie

Beautiful just make sequel please we need a story about spike being the princess

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