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After a successful invasion of Equestria by the the changelings, a resistance group struggles to survive.
Being a part of the resistance group in Canterlot, Nyx must protect her family and all those around her if she is to survive.

(All OC's and copyrighted material is the property of the creator of said material)

This story Takes Place 20 Years after Past Sins.

Chapters (12)
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Oh God! I ain't even started reading and I'm excited! Falling Skies is an AMAZING show!:pinkiehappy:

(Joke) Alt. Title: Nyxfall

I'm mostly referring to the song, by the way.

3543116 Tell me your opinion when your done. I'm looking for some feedback.

3560167 Is this about the end of chapter 7 part 1?:twilightsheepish:

3664961 I never understood what OOC means.:derpyderp1:

Is it something like "Overly Original Character"?:twilightsheepish:

I'm basically riding on the 20 years later = maturity. I also gave her a military past, which I am going to flush that out a bit more next chapter.

3855471 well shit:rainbowderp:, I just noticed that.

I'm struggling to write the next chapter simply because it's going to be a MAJOR deus ex machina for this story. I also want it to be a fairly lengthy chapter. (Aiming for at least 2000 words.) :twilightsmile:
I also want to go back and add a few scenes in earlier chapters so the events in ch 10 don't feel as forced.

Terribly sorry for the delay.:ajsleepy:

Author's Note:
I need to find that writers block fairy and kill it......
Sorry for the delay.
Blame Ed.
I blame Ed
And I can't wait for the next chapter

Just so all you know the idea of StormCloud came from me. its my OC. i made him before i had this account so i gave him permission, since i only had literally written stories about him. you never know though, i am a really good story writer, they may get put on here. best of luck to you Playtindo.

Found just one itsy-bitsy problem.

Silver Star said as he held up a picture of changelings shooting at the helpless schoolponies.

Sorry for being a grammar Nazi, but hey, that's me :ajsmug:

also for peaking my interest for a second time same chapter!, have a mustache :moustache:
:pinkiehappy: I've always wanted to do that-squee-

4184915 it doesn't hurt to point out grammar flaws, it helps keep the story good,

side note: I am working on the next chapter, but school needs to calm down first..:ajbemused:

um chapters where did you go?

i really want some more of this. it's been 2 years since the last update but i just really want to see moar

"Silly," Giggled Fluttershy,"There's no such thing as overkill!" She said as two blades emerged from the armor on her forelegs.

Just open fire and reload.

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