• Published 4th Sep 2013
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True Lyra - inacti

Lyn, a young girl living in Manhatten falls into a mirror and changes her world as well of that of a pony named BonBon forever.

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Prologue: Lyn Harsri

Dear Diary,
I've never had a diary before, so this feels a little weird, but I'll just write whatever it is I need to.
My name is Lyn Harsri. I work in my town's local orchestra as a lyre player. I have blonde hair with green streaks and pale white skin. People say I'm a bit of a tomboy, but it's just how I am. No shame in that, right? I have been playing for the past ten years, and I consider myself to be one of the best in the orchestra. I live in Manhattan, and frankly, without my Lyre I would be friendless. I wish I had friends, I really do, but I can't find the time for any, my job is very consuming. Today is an important day for me: my orchestra has promoted me to a front chair, complete with a solo position. I can't wait. I have polished my lyre so many times today in preparation. I haven't even fed my cat today I'm so busy.

I am turning twenty five in a few days. Funny how the time flies by, isn't it? After all those times I have gone to these music meets, today is my first solo? This had better be amazing, or I am afraid they might kick me out. That would ruin everything.
My lyre is everything I am; as primitive as it seems, music is my soul. I've felt that maybe, if humans had one talent and one alone, I'd be the best lyre player in all of the world. I guess I'm being a little long winded, so I'll just wrap up this entry now. I have to get to my performance.