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The magic comedy hoers.

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Huh. I'm actually interested in seeing where this is going.
Your characters are new and interesting(at least for ponies, in any case.)

Twice you spelled "quiet" as "quite"

Overall, I think Rock is going to be next, as much as he hears voices in his head. Or are his voices different? Interesting.

3148177 Thanks for the catch, dude. Fixed.

Also, can't tell you. Spoilers.

He also didn’t notice the other officer sitting in the back of a patrol car, not moving, mouthing silently to himself.

The Law of Conservation of Detail says that these Eldrichian numbers are spreading.

There was also:

He barely noted the green-and-blue mare sitting on a bench by herself, shaking and muttering. Nor could he hear her.

It's already spreading at an alarming rate. Three more ponies and counting now.

Well that was something. I can hear The X Files theme playing in my head after reading that intro.

Bye now, have a nine day.” Before Rock could ask again.

About that voice, is it going to be explained at some point? Is it a separate entity or a pretty advanced form of crazy?

‘I’m just saying. They’re not inhuman

Inhuman? Was that some kind of hint or were you just looking for "inhumane" (even though, as they are ponies, the term still doesn't really make sense in their vocabulary)?

3168462I totally missed thatpart. Thanks. Also, yes I will explain the voice, don't worry.

Holy shit, I love these paranoia-fest horror fics! Please tell me you're writing more.


Yes, I am. And to be honest I can't tell you how much I appreciate you reading this.

Don’t! Don’t look. You... they’ll stay in your head.

*looks at cover image*

That fourth wall better be reinforced. Also, I just now noticed that the title isn't actually in the cover image.

What the hell do you mean, "not as dark"? More ponies are succumbing, and it's only a matter of time before the bodies start piling up. That being said, holy shit, this is awesome! You're doing great, please continue!


I mean not as dark.

There's still a lot of ponies left on campus, after all.

Not sure if the first-person/third-person confusion at the start is intentional or not...

the most strung-out dude I’d ever seen.

I probably couldn’t (...) but I knew him

Rock trotted over (...) I jabbed a hoof

This last one is particularly jarring.

Then he stared long and hard at the pen in his hand.

I would just like to know if your doing anthro, human or pony? Because you also mentioned arms as well.


That's actually something I need to fix when I get to my PC. I got two pages in writing the wrong tense and backpedaled. Thanks.


Ok, I think I got all the glitches. Thanks for pointing out the hands thing. No, it's not anthro. It's just me being retarded.

When I read the description and the name, "Lost" popped up in my head.
Since there're numbers like Hugo's, but not the same set. and the one that heard it or use it got cursed with bad luck.

Holy shit, this is a pretty good story, gonna be sad when or if Rock kicks it. Think the Voice is keeping em' sane.

This is good. You're setting the scene very well.

Oh, and does the voice in Rock's head have a name? I do kind of enjoy the frienemy thing they have going on.

Aww, you're planning on ending this soon? I was enjoying it so much!

Well, with so many parallel stories that have quite a ways to go, I want to have a few completed works. That, and I didn't even plan on this story being as long as it is now. Besides, by soon, I mean like a few chapters at least.

3280036 Tru dat. Okay then, I await the final chapters with great eagerness!

You’re asleep, kind of. Well, YOU are. You’re body’s not!

*Your body's not

Also: Oh shieeeet...

Holy shit, this is so fucking intense!

Please give happy ending please give happy ending...

And by that I mean people stop dying.

Or ponies, I suppose.

*shudders* I have that feeling of intense irreconcilable horror from that introduction.

Such as: Bad, horrible, a perversity of nature, of humanity itself ready to occur, dark and gruesome, twisted and (of course) inhumane, reaching deep inside you and providing a moral message/sucker punch to your survival instincts. All at the same time.

One of those things that loudly speaks at the unfairness of the universe in a situation that was precisely calculated to be unfair because it's fictional and thereby contains the horror of random death along with the moral affront at "murder".

Cabin in the Woods was an example of this, I hated that, and I was kind of freaking out before watching it too, but I watched it anyway.

And I'm going to read this anyway, I just figured I'd air my deep sense of disturbance beforehoof... Because the chilling feeling in my shoulder blades is causing literal shudders, among other reasons.

My trusty spook-a-meter is going off, it's rarely (if ever) been wrong when it has.

That was a really great story! Looking forward to chapter 6 (if there is any).
Shit, you inspired me to write a story just like this one. :scootangel:


Chapter 6 should be in the next few days. My update schedule is sporadic. That's why I never list one for anything I write.

Haute didn’t seem to notice. “Oh, hello. I guess I’m five. Or I will be?”

Yes, Amy Pond, of course you will be.

“Oh, yes. Thank you,” Haute sniffed again. “Bye now, have a nine day.” Before Rock could ask again, Haute closed the door.

Counting up?

‘Get them out. Please... somepony... get them... out...’

Use your willpower! It's your mind, it's your body; fight it, beat it, win!

No, really, I'm really not much of a fan of forced insanity, it's against the way I view freedom of choice as a God-given privilege.

But hey! It's interesting to read P:

Can't wait to see how this'll end.

A very good, very original horror story.

3769028 I'm glad you enjoyed it.

That was great. Why aren't there more things like this?

Oh right, there are those SC whatever's. I could try those.

Number stations are already freakin' creepy enough... Thanks.

Not bad at all. More original than the xfiles any way. Felt more like a SCP incident put to a story.

I am not even a big SCP nut. The story was still excellent though.

That was a great read, man. I really enjoyed it!

...I was just starting to like that voice-in-head.

I hope as a result of it's presence that his brain is sufficiently different as to not to be affected by the numbers-of-doom or whatever.

Um, hello. I don't want to jump to conclusions, nor do I want to start a fight or anything of that sort, but...this story seems very, very similar to my story 9-4-6-1-2-4-2, which also involves a 'numbers station' sort of scenario. I am not accusing you of anything, but I feel like this is more than a coincidence. Did you by chance draw inspiration from my story?

3982834 I've heard of neither you nor this story, so no.

3983575 Interesting. It's just that I find the similarities between our works astonishingly similar, and I published mine almost a year before you published yours.

This is one of the most satisfying horror plots I've had the pleasure of reading.

That's supposed to be there.
It's like the "I'll be five" bit earlier in the scene.

When the numbers station was just a mess of nonsense that somehow dicked up a pony's brain enough to cause self-mutilation and general craziness, that was unfortunate. Now that it's an actual consciousness that's been purposely and maliciously driving ponies to insanity and has found a vessel, that's terrifying. It's the evolution that brings about the horror. Well done sir.

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