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The Lunar Samurai

If you are enjoying my stories, I thank you. Nothing means quite as much to me as someone really appreciating what I put out into the world. So, from the bottom of my heart... Thank You.


As Aspen tries to forage for food for his diseased family, he is met with a devastating realisation and a crippling handicap. Life is never fair, you have to learn to deal with it.

Artwork by: Somethingwronghere

P.S. This is the back story of the strange three legged stallion shiloh points out in the cafeteria in the fic: The Messenger. Everypony has a story, this is just one.

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This is my first post in a while, sorry if it isn't up to par.

Good story I'll hope to see more... :pinkiehappy:

That fatherly love wanting to kill those butt holes

I tried to illustrate total detachment, the raving emotions, then a collapse.

At this point, I can't recommend this story be read on Show Stoppers. This is not due to the near-suicide, but the amount of times death is thrown around casually in conversation.

However, I have recommended it to the group to at least read by themselves. This is due to the fact that it kicks ass. So you got a favorite from me! :pinkiehappy:

I totally get that. TBH I figured this would be the case as it is a pretty dark fic in general due to the circumstances around its writig. (I actually put myself into mild depression to write it.) No hard feelings on my side, there was a pretty huge backstory to it that probably would confuse your listeners had they not invested their time into my other fanfiction. I'm supremely honored that you find it "kick ass" and even more so that you recommended to the staff. Currently I am working on several (31) one shots that could also be put up into consideration (they aren't near as dark).

There's many grammar mistakes but it was still a great read.:pinkiehappy:

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