• Published 25th Feb 2012
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Then You Saw Her - Possiblydominator

Romance story w/ Ditzy written from the 2nd Person POV. Deals with issues of the heart and of life.

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Chapter 12: Hearth's Warming Eve

“That will be fifteen bits, please,” the shopkeeper said.

“Here you go,” you say as you give him the bits.

“Happy holidays,” he calls as you leave.

“Thanks, happy holidays to you too,” you respond. You had just bought a muffin tray for Ditzy, you remembered her talking about that, hinting to you, and who were you to not get her exactly what she wanted? You got her a few gifts, but you still hadn’t found ‘the best present ever’ for her. Whether it even existed, you weren’t sure. Needless to say, you were going to try your hardest to find it. Wingsley was outside waiting for you.

“Took you long enough,” he said with a chuckle. “Find the ‘perfect gift’ yet?”

“No, not yet.”

“Does that mean we’re going to keep looking?”

“Yes,” you say matter-of-factly.

He sighed and whispered something under his breath. You give him a slight smile. He may not enjoy ‘the most insanely dull and mind numbing shopping experience of his life’ as he puts it, but he was being a good sport about the entire ordeal.

“So have you gotten a gift for Sparkler or Dinky yet?” you ask him, curious .

“Yep.” He nodded his head, taking a bag out of his saddlebags and holding it up for you to see. “I had a lot of time while you were out looking for the ‘Alicorn’s Grail.’” The tale of the Alicorn’s Grail was one of Wingsley’s favorite stories. The Grail was supposedly a mythical cup that held the ability to grant its owner the magical powers of Celestia and Luna. Whether the Grail actually existed was constantly up for debate. Multiple parties had rejected the story entirely, while others claimed its existence was fact rather than fantasy. You found the reference quite amusing when compared to your ‘noble quest’ at the moment.

“Well come now, young adventurer,” you try to say in your most regal voice to add a little humor to his dull day, “the Alicorn’s Grail awaits!”

After a couple more hours of shopping, all seemed lost. You had found nice, well-meaning gifts, but nothing truly spectacular. Saddlebags with a muffin clasp, an order for freshly made muffins, and the album that had your song on it for a slightly romantic inside joke.

“So I lost track, how many shops have we gone to today?” Wingsley sighed impatiently.

Defeated, you sigh in response. “Well there’s no use looking for something that obviously isn’t here,” you say grudgingly. “Might as well head back home.”

Sensing your pain, Wingsley tried to make you feel a little better, if only slightly. “Hey big bro, it’s alright I’m sure you’ll find it. And if you don’t, nothing bad is going to happen, she’s going to be happy with what you gave her. I mean you wasted hours on end looking for gifts for her. Don’t be so hard on yourself, even though I find it’s really weird that you’re dating my best friend’s mom. Oh, and what did Sparkler mean when she said that you two-?” You cut him off.

“-You know there’s a time and place for all questions, this is not it for that one.”

“Um, alright,” Wingsley cautiously said. Suddenly looking around you, Wingsley spotted something. “I know how much I want to go home, but I can’t stand you lookin’ like this. Have you gone there yet?” He points to a shop window you hadn’t seen when you were searching for gifts.

“Wingsley,” you say, staring at the window.

“Yes?” he replies.

“I think you found the perfect gift.”

About a week later, Hearth’s Warming Eve:

“YAAAWN!” You drift calmly out of your slumber. Becoming aware of your surroundings, you notice a nip in the air. Still in your bed, you glance over at the window to see snowflakes drifting lazily from the sky. Good ol’ snow, Wingsley will love this. Wingsley had never seen snow before this year, but with the sudden introduction to the cold white powder-like substance he now always got excited or anxious whenever he saw it. Up in Cloudsdale, ponies lived at cloud level, so there was no weather, only the sun and the moon. This change in lifestyle was a revitalizing blast to Wingsley; now he could live the life he never had.

Your bedroom door opened with a slam, jolting you upright. “It’s snowing! It’s snowing!” Wingsley yelled, leaping up on your bed. “Look, look! Snow!” Out of excitement, your brother began bouncing up and down on you, staring out the window.

“Yes, yes, I see that. Just please stop jumping!” you say with a hint of exhaustion.

“Can we go outside? Please, please, please?” he pleaded.

“Sure, of course we can. Just give me... five more minutes,” you say, drifting back off to sleep.


“Come on! Come on!” Wingsley said anxiously, hopping at the front door with wings slightly aflutter.

“The snow’s not going anywhere.” You yawn, still sleepy.

“I know, but I don’t want to miss a second of it,” Wingsley stated, still bubbling with energy.

“And we won’t,” you counter. “But you aren’t going outside until you put on your snow clothes.”

“Big Bro,” he whined, “Do I have to?”

“Yes you do. I don’t want you catching a cold,” you retort as if you were a naggy mother. You always made sure Wingsley had a set of snow clothes for the winter, even in Cloudsdale. It might not snow there, but the high altitude mixed with the endothermic reactions taking place beneath the clouds kept Cloudsdale in the negative degree range most winter days. After a little more convincing, Wingsley begrudgingly put on his winter clothes. “Hey! Wait a minute!” you call. “Where’s the scarf?”

“I don’t want to wear it,” he complained.

“Oh come on, Mom made it for you.”

“When I was a little colt!” he exclaimed.

“You are still a little colt, and besides, you look adorable in it.” You laugh as you go to grab the scarf and gently put it on Wingsley. “See, was that so bad?” you ask.

“Yes,” he said, frustrated.

“Well we can go outside now,” you tell Wingsley.

“Really?” he asked unconvinced. “No more torture you want to put me through?”

“No,” you laugh. “No more torture.”

Wingsley jumped outside onto the snow-covered ground, dancing and frolicking under the falling white flakes. You follow him out, slowly walking and inhaling the frostbitten air. You turn and looked down the street. Snow had covered the rooftops of all the houses. Families were playing outside, free from all worry and reveling in the spirit of Hearth’s Warming Eve. You see mothers and fathers playing outside with their children on the snow-covered street, lovingly embracing each other throughout their fun. As you watch them, a single tear falls down your face in remembrance of what could have been. Seeing them so happy, so carefree, so together; it was something that Wingsley had never felt and probably never would. You on the other hand, being the older sibling, were able to remember times with your parents as a whole family back in Cloudsdale. Wingsley wasn’t even born the first time your parents brought you to the ground, the first time you saw snow. You were only a foal at the time.

“Mom, Dad? Where are we going?” you asked, somewhat confused.

“We’re going down to see the ground,” your mother told you.

“The ground?” You had no idea what they were talking about, and everything they said only created new questions.

Your parents chuckled not unkindly at your lack of knowledge. “Don’t worry about it buddy,” your Dad replied, using his pet name for you at the time. “You’ll see when we get down there. Climb onto my back and hang on. We’ll get going.” You had just learned how to fly, but you weren’t ready for a flight on your own, especially since you were descending a mile beneath the clouds. You grabbed onto your father’s neck as you rested on top of him. Your mother gave you a quick kiss on the cheek and then you were off.

As your father left the ‘ground’ of the city and you looked into the abyss below, you shuttered with fright at the grey emptiness. Your breath was lost in your chest as your father tilted slightly downstairs, unbalancing the equilibrium in your brain. Hanging on tighter, your breath picked up as your father went in a gentle corkscrew motion, slowly descending through the clouds to the ground below. You were terrified, but completely trusted your father.

The grey clouds beneath you approached rapidly. The cold seeped into your veins and you closed your eyes in fear as you descended into the cloud. The wind rolled over your nervous form as you approached the ground.

Getting closer and closer, so many thoughts rushed through your mind, most of them fearful. The ground, the unknown place under the clouds, you had no idea what to expect.

“There it is,” your dad said to you. Looking down at what was below you, you saw a blanket of white. If your parents hadn’t been there to tell you otherwise, you would have assumed that you had arrived at another layer of clouds.

As your mother and father landed, they looked at you to see your reaction. Suddenly eager to experience this new land, you jumped from your father’s back into the icy snow. Expecting the consistency of clouds and not the sharp cold of ice crystals, you gave a yelp of surprise and leapt into the air, floating. “What is that!” you pointed at the odd white substance that you assumed previously was clouds.

“That’s snow buddy,” your dad told you.

“Why is it so cold?” you asked.

“Snow is cold, it’s like tiny pieces of ice that fall down from clouds.” He continued, “Underneath this snow is the actual ground.”

“So this is really the ground?”

“Yep, now come on. Your mother and I want to show you all the stuff down here.” You followed your parents shakily on the snow, slightly nervous, but you still trusted your parents completely.

Your first experience on the ground was one of your favorite memories of your parents, one thing Wingsley would never have. It was so easy to take for granted something that you already have, and you experienced firsthoof how important it was to have your parents in your life. Yet, in the blink of an eye they were gone. Having something so important ripped away from you doesn’t pass you on without scars, for the part inside you that held your loved ones close was replaced by a void. If you could, you would make sure no-pony could feel the pain you feel separated from your parents. A loss like that was something you wouldn’t wish upon your most hated enemy. Looking back, the emotions you feel about this are most likely what set you off on that pony in the post office all those months ago, then more recently at Nightmare Night. He wanted to take Ditzy’s children away from her because they ‘would have been better off.’ You know how wrong that is. No-pony should ever have their mother taken away from them because no-pony ever really recovers from that, no matter how much time passes. Having to be like a father to Wingsley, you knew that you took on a lot of responsibility. Responsibility to making sure that he has a happy life, no matter what that means for you. Time doesn’t heal all wounds, and this was one wound that you believed would never heal. Even if it doesn’t heal, you knew you could make him forget about it for awhile, keep him happy and be with him every step of his life. But that didn’t mean you couldn’t have fun as well.

“Think fast!” you shout, throwing a snowball simultaneously. The snowball hit your brother in the side of the head, catching him by surprise.

“What the hay are you doing?” Wingsley exclaimed.

“I think it’s about time you had a good ol’ fashioned snowball fight.” Wingsley looked a little nervous about facing you, so you gave him another choice. “How about we go over to Ditzy’s house and see if they want to play? That way I won’t crush you immediately,” you say, giving your brother a noogie.

“I could take you any day!” Wingsley said, ever-defiant.

“We’ll see,” you reply with a smirk.

You found Ditzy outside with Sparkler and Dinky, looking adorable in her ear muffs and matching headband. She saw you and waved you over with a large smile. “Hey!” she said cheerfully, giving you a kiss. Wingsley stood behind you a few paces, mock gagging.

“Hey cutie, how are you doing?”

“Pretty good, enjoying the snow before the play.” Sometime back, Ditzy and a few other residents of Ponyville were asked to perform the annual Hearth’s Warming Eve play in Canterlot. This was a big deal for Ditzy, and you had helped her practice for months so that she could get her lines and cues memorized. Despite knowing she was ready to perform, she was still nervous. But it was all you could do to try to keep her mind off of it.

“You are going to do fine,” you smile at her softly. To change the subject you ask her, “So what are you all doin’ out here?”

Dinky answered enthusiastically, “We’re building snowponies! Mommy taught me how! Snow is the best.”

You turn to her with a smile, “It is, I love the snow, Wingsley does as well. Did you know that this is the first year he’s seen snow?”

“No!” Dinky said in horror.

“And I think it’s about time he’s had a snowball fight, what do you think?”

Dinky nodded her head rapidly before dashing over to Wingsley, taking him by the hoof and dragging him over to where Sparkler was. “Come on, you get to be on my team.”

“So Ditzy, how does that sound? You up for a snowball fight?” you ask her playfully.

“You know it.” She winks at you.

“Okay guys!” you call out, everyone turned to look at you. “Adults versus kids!” Wingsley, Dinky, and Sparkler all went to begin making their ammunition and create their base of operations. To compete with them you knew that you would have to do the same.

The snowball fight lasted for a long while, both sides at a stalemate. Neither could gain the lead. The game ended with a surprise attack by Wingsley and the others. Not letting the victory get to his head, you gave him a quick noogie to remind him that you were still the boss. Needless to say, he didn’t take too kindly to it. After wiping off all the snow, Sparkler approached you, a serious look on her face, quite different from her usual appearance.

“Hey, I was hoping to talk to you,” Sparkler tells you quietly.

“Sure, about what?”

“Not really in public,” she replied, being purposely vague. You catch on to the nature of her request and go into the house to talk.

“What’s on your mind, Sparkler?” you ask, concerned.

“I- I just want to make sure your relationship isn’t going too fast.” Sparkler put her head down trying to avoid eye contact like she normally did.

“I would hope not,” you reply. “What brought this up?”

She took a deep breath before continuing. “It was around this time a long time ago when my mom met ‘him.’ It is one of the earliest memories I have.” You keep your mouth shut and listen closely to what Sparkler had to say. You believe that this might provide insight on why Sparkler hadn’t always been keen on your relationship.

“One day, like today, I was walking with Mom and ‘he’ appeared out of nowhere. I never saw him before but Mom obviously had. I was too little to really know what was happening, looking back I remembered how she looked at him, the same way she looks at you. He was nice to me then and I remembered how he always gave me attention. I liked him, I thought he was nice.” Sparkler wiped a tear from her eye. “And believe me, when I met you I thought you were nice also. You made my mom happy and I was happy to see her like that. But as you can see, I was a poor judge of character in the past, and stuff like that doesn’t leave you completely without a few scars.”

“I understand,” you say stoically.

“I was only a little filly, happy, content, innocent, just like a filly should be. I was blissfully unaware of what was happening around me. I wasn’t ready for what came after that.” She took a deep breath and continued, “No filly should have to grow up that fast.”

“What happened?” you ask, sitting on the edge of your seat.

“I was staying with Carrot Top. Mom was out all night, I only saw her when she got back home. I rushed over to see but I noticed something was wrong. She didn’t have that same joy she normally had. She looked tired and beaten, not physically but emotionally, although I have no doubt that she did have a few bruises.”

“He hurt her?” you ask incredulously, voice rising. Sparkler only nodded.

“She had an...” she struggled to find the right word, “...an ‘aura’ of sadness that day, I don’t know what happened but after that she started to get sick. Like really sick, she couldn’t work, she couldn’t fly, she couldn’t do anything, and she was starting to get a belly. After that I saw him less and less. He stopped dropping by the house, I saw him less and less on the streets where I lived. I had no idea what being pregnant was back then, but one day she told me to come sit next to her and she told me that I was going to have a sister. Being how naive I was, I jumped up and down in excitement, I had always wanted a little sister. I remember how her face lit up when she saw my reaction, that must have been one of the few times she smiled during those few months.”

Sparkler, having to remember this ordeal, found herself on the brink of tears again. “The last time I saw him face-to-face was sometime after that one night. Not knowing any better, I ran up to him expecting the kind pony I met in the snow. He wasn’t how I remembered him. He was mean, cruel, and hurtful. I ran back to my room and hid, but that didn’t stop me from hearing the heated discussion outside. It was the first fight I ever heard, and it was a bitter, bitter fight. I... don’t like to think about it.”

“That’s fine, no-pony is forcing you to.”

With another nod of her head, she continued. “Mom told me to stay with Carrot Top while she dealt with him. She went to the courts with evidence of abuse. From what I picked up, he was convicted but ran out of town before anything could have been done about it. A lot of ponies that he was close with didn’t like what my mom did so they made it their job to make her life hell.” Shaking her head and exhaling, Sparkler went on, “I know that this doesn’t all relate to you but I’ve seen history repeat itself. You say that you love my mom, I really hope you mean that. So I want you to know the story, at least from my perspective. That was a relationship that went way too fast and everypony involved got hurt.”

“Sparkler,” you say softly, “I have no intentions of going faster than Ditzy wants to. Ditzy is important to me and I don’t want to risk anything until I know that the time is right to tell her how I feel. It’s not enough for your mom to trust me, I want both you and Dinky to trust me. I love her and I love you and Dinky as well. It would be amazing if we could all get along under one roof, and I can’t wait until that day comes. You are equally important to me as your mother is, I want you to know that. I promise you that I will never purposely hurt Ditzy. I know that we will have our fights, but no matter what I still love her.” Giving Sparker a meaningful smile you tell her, “Remember, I’m not going anywhere.” To this Sparkler suddenly came up to you and embraced you, softly sniffling. You look down and smile again at her, knowing that you were closer to getting Sparkler to fully accept you.

“We should probably get going, the train’s going to leave soon.” Sparkler broke the hug and wiped her eyes. “Thanks for listening.” You walk through the house to meet Ditzy who was most likely getting ready for the play. You found her in her room, breezing through her cues in front of an imaginary audience, visibly nervous.

“Can you perform it backwards?” You chuckle at your joke, Ditzy wasn’t as amused.

“Very funny,” she said dryly. “But I think I have it. I think...” Her voice trailed off.

“Well that’s all going to be for nothing if we don’t leave for the train.” You turn to Sparkler. “Can you help your mom out with anything else she needs? I’ll go get Wingsley and Dinky.”

In the next few minutes you proceeded to gather the kids, get everything Ditzy needed, and head out to catch the train. The trek through the snow went without incident aside from needing to rein in Wingsley from time to time. Snow-covered Ponyville was quite a sight, and a blinding one at that. The weather team had scheduled clear skies for the day, so the sun reflected directly off the snow to every corner of the town. At times like this you wished for a couple of storm clouds to cut the glare, but the trip was just a brisk walk, so there wasn’t much to complain about in that short time. When you arrived the train was in the station.

“You all go wait by the door, I’ll grab us the tickets,” you say as you turn toward the counter and find a place in line.

As the four of them headed toward the nearest door to the train, you notice Wingsley run off to a pile of fresh snow and start to make a snowball behind a post so the girls couldn’t see. This won’t end well.

“Can I help you sir?”

You turn back to the counter to see it was your turn. The tan colt in front of you looked tired, and the pile of empty coffee cups only said more about how long the pony had been there. You notice a bad case of five o’clock shadow on his chin, and decide that this particular colt wouldn’t appreciate you running off to go stop Wingsley from his shenanigans while he waited for you to return.

You put on your best smile to try and make the colt behind the counter a bit more chipper. “Yes please, I’d like five tickets for Canterlot. Two adults, and three kids.”

“Yes of course.” The colt then turned to his cash register and typed a few buttons before turning back to you again. “That will be twenty eight bits please.”

You hoofed over the money and got your five tickets in return. You gave the ticket operator a friendly nod before turning back toward the train, just as Wingsley’s master plan came to fruition.

You just caught a glimpse of Wingsley tossing the snow toward the girls, and before you knew it, the powder hit Ditzy on the back of the head. Wingsley started to chuckle after the impact, and he waited for the reaction Ditzy would have.

Your eyes went wide and went to scold him, but held back because you were also a bit curious to see how the whole thing would play out. Ditzy hardly moved as the snow hit her, but after a few seconds she turned ever so slowly to face Wingsley with the most cheeky grin you’d ever seen her make.

As soon as Wingsley saw Ditzy’s expression, his own face went white as a ghost. “Uhh, sorry Ditzy, it was an accident.”

Ditzy remained silent as she stared toward Wingsley, her grin not fading a bit. In a split second Ditzy’s wings flared and she took flight toward the nearest pile of snow, grabbing as much as she could before turning back toward Wingsley and charging with a massive pile of the stuff.

Wingsley stood dead still as Ditzy flew high over his head until you could barely see her anymore. After a few seconds, you could hear a faint whistling sound that grew in intensity every second. Before long you knew what was coming and had to speak up.

“Wingsley! Take cover!”

Wingsley looked at you for a second before acting on your warning. In a split second he dove off to the side using his wings to glide as far as possible from his previous spot and hid behind a small pile of snow. Barely a second later, the snow Ditzy carried with her into the sky hit the ground where Wingsley had just been standing with a ‘thump’.

As soon as Wingsley got back up to his hooves Ditzy was already on her way down, some snow still in her hooves, ready to be thrown.

Wingsley reached for some snow, and frantically began rolling it into a ball shape, but before he managed to finish Ditzy was on the surface of the train’s platform again. Wingsley cowered in fear as Ditzy approached, snow ready to be thrown and a face devoid of mercy. Wingsley dropped the snow he had in his hooves and raised his forelegs into the air, “I surrender!”

Ditzy didn’t stop her advance toward Wingsley, and you couldn’t help but smile at the sweet revenge she was about to enact on him.

Ditzy was now standing right above Wingsley, snowball in hoof, ready to fire. You only just noticed that all the other ponies on the platform were now watching the entire scene play out with great interest. The tension was deadly on its own, and the world around the train station went quiet in anticipation of her next action.

But it never came. Instead, while Wingsley was cowering below her with his face in his hooves, she simply dropped the snow on his head and walked away with a sly grin.

“Well then,” Ditzy started as she continued toward the train, “shall we be off? I have a show to perform in, after all!”

“That’s right! Come on Wingsley, let’s go!”

“Y-yeah, s-s-sounds good...”

You had to grab Wingsley to make him move, as he was still experiencing trauma from the snow fight and was having trouble getting up on his own.

“Come on silly, let’s get on board to go see a show!”

At that Wingsley finally found the strength to get on the train with Ditzy, though he avoided eye contact with her the whole journey until the arrival in Canterlot.

As you walked Ditzy through the doors into the backstage area, the noise and movement of all the ponies woke you from your haze. Lights were being pushed every direction, the lens flare catching your eye occasionally and making you squint. Ponies in amazingly tailored costumes ran by, going to various places they were needed, the colors and sparkles creating the illusion of a rainbow that was constantly moving across the floor. It was all so impressive you couldn’t help but grin at the sight. You turn to Ditzy, expecting the same reaction you expressed, but her face was solemn, clearly still nervous about the performance.

“Hey,” you begin, “are you gonna be alright?”

Ditzy snaps back to attention and turns to face you. “I don’t know, the reality just hit me all of a sudden.”

“The reality?” you question with a mocking tone. “You mean the reality of how great you’ll look up there on stage? The reality of how beautiful you’ll sound when you utter your lines? The reality is, Ditzy…” You pause for dramatic effect and grab Ditzy’s face between your hooves. “The reality is that you’ll be the one up there I’m looking for, and you’ll perform your role beautifully no matter what.”

Ditzy moved her gaze upward from the ground into your eyes. “You’re such a liar,” she said with a teasing look in her eyes.

Good, at least I got her into a different mindset. “Liar? I am offended, how could you say something so hurtful. You’ll make me cry Ditzy!” Your tone of voice becomes playful and innocent.

“Oh I didn't realize,” Ditzy mock-apologized, her eyes now half lidded. “How ever will I make it up to you?”

Ditzy began pushing you back with her hooves on your shoulders. “Oh I could think of a few things,” you say as your back was pressed against the wall. Ditzy’s face now starts inching closer and closer to yours, her eyes closed now as she came in for a kiss. “But, I think that will have to wait until after your debut on stage.”

Ditzy’s face froze in its tracks only centimeters away from your lips. Her eyes opened and she was gave you a devilish look that made you almost frightened. “Fine,” she said, lowering herself from you. “But afterwards, we’re getting some alone time alright?”

“Whatever you want, only if you really convince me while you’re up on stage though.”

Ditzy paused for a moment. “Fair enough. Now get back to your seat, this area’s for famous actors only.”

At that you turn to leave, but just as you reach for the door, Ditzy grabs your foreleg and pulls you around for one last kiss. “For luck,” she says with a smile, before turning around back toward the other side of the stage. You can’t help but smile to yourself as you leave the backstage area. What a silly filly.

You return to the audience and find your seat next to the kids. As soon as you settle down and look back up at the stage you can see Ditzy’s face poking out of the curtain. You give her a wave which she returns before suddenly disappearing behind the curtain. Moments later the lights dim and the curtains are pulled away.

The play began, and the only reason you could pay attention was through anticipation of Ditzy’s appearance. Most of the beginning goes by quickly, and you can barely pay attention to the ponies on stage since you were too busy watching the sides of the stage for Ditzy’s part. Sure, it was a small role, but the fact that she got into the show at all was important enough to mean the world to you, and you weren't going to miss a single word of her character’s lines.

About thirty minutes into the show you spot a grey figure with a beautiful blonde mane fly onto the stage from above. She was wearing her own mailmare uniform to play her part of delivering messages from each of the leaders of the different pony races. She went to each one, and every time she came on stage you caught her eye, and each time you caught her eye, she smiled.

Her role was small, but very important nonetheless. You sat beside the young ones throughout the rest of the show, and you could have sworn that you saw Ditzy’s face poke out from the right side of the curtains at one point near the end.

The show finally came to an end, and you made a point to rush the little ones to the backstage area so you could meet Ditzy. A larger black stallion stood between you and the area behind the stage now, preventing any outsiders from getting a peek behind the curtains.

“Excuse me,” you mumble, “but I need to get back there. My marefriend is back there and I’d like to congratulate her on her performance.”

“Oh yeah, you and everyone else in here wants to get a sight of Rainbow Dash,” the stallion responds, turning away from you.

“Huh? No, actually I’m here for the grey mare with the blonde mane.”

The stallion turned back to you, “Oh really?” he asks sarcastically, “Well in that case go right on in.”

“Um, thanks?” You continue through the door as the stallion moved aside for you and the young ones, though you thought you heard him snort after you passed.

It takes you quite a while to find Ditzy; the whole area was filled with ponies trotting about trying to talk over one another over the madness. Everypony was congratulating each other, and your calls for Ditzy were muted by the sounds around you. Not only that, but because everyone was still in costume, you couldn’t even recognize anypony. The kids struggle to keep up with you as you try to navigate the crowd, and you keep having to check over your shoulder to make sure all of them are keeping up.

After a few minutes of searching you hear the sound of a young filly shout with glee. “Mommy!”

You turn to see Ditzy standing between you and the kids, her back toward you and her mail satchel still strapped to her side. On the other side of Ditzy you can see Dinky and Sparkler run up to hug their mother.

After the embrace Ditzy moved back and asked, “It’s so good to see you all, but why are you all alone back here?”

“Eh hem.”

Ditzy turned to face you, and her eyes lit up like fireworks. In a split second she was in your arms.

She backed up and her cheery expression turned to worry. “How was I? Did I overdo it? Do you think I was loud enough? Oh no, was I too quiet?”

You just wait, knowing this was bound to happen.

“Oh ponyfeathers I was too quiet wasn’t I? I knew I should have been louder! Ugh this is a disaster!”

Okay this is getting ridiculous, you say to yourself as Ditzy babbles on. Instead of listening to her needless worry, you decide the best course of action is to use your own lips to stop hers, and that’s exactly what you do. You lean in too quickly for her to back away and lock lips for just a moment. After all, the kids were right there.

“You were perfect,” you say gently after the kiss. “Easily the best performance I’ve ever seen.”

Ditzy was silent, her cheeks growing bright red as a smile appeared on her face.


The moment was interrupted by a little filly from the other side of Ditzy, causing you to snap out of you trance and look behind Ditzy to the three kids who all had a look of disgust.

“You’re gross!” Wingsley grumbled with a frown.

“Haha, sorry,” you say. “Sometimes I just can’t help myself.”

“Yeah whatever,” Wingsley mumbled.

The show overall had been a huge success, and ponies were seen congratulating each other on a job well done. The last thing that remained was the clean up. Clean up duty was expected of all of the actors, but by being part of Ditzy’s family you were expected to help as well.

This is probably for the best, you think to yourself as you help put away some of the staging. We may have to take the second train out of Canterlot, but at least we won’t have to deal with as big of a crowd when we leave. In the midst of moving a particularly large stage piece, you realize that you took on more than you could chew. This was a job for at least two ponies. Damn it, you curse. “Hey, can anypony help me out here?” you yell behind you, hoping somepony would hear.

“Yes? What’s wrong?” Twilight Sparkle asked as she appeared from behind the curtain.

“Oh, hey Twilight,” you say cheerfully. “Great job out there, by the way.” Upon seeing you, Twilight looked confused.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, obviously not expecting you to have gone to the performance. It was an understandable reaction; performances were never ‘your thing’ and you didn’t look like a connoisseur of the fine arts, but this one time you made an exception.

“I came with Ditzy,” you tell her matter-of-factly, thinking that was an explanation in itself.

She brought her hoof up to her head in facehoof. “Of course,” she grumbled, upset with herself. “Sorry, I guess I just didn’t expect to see you here. But if you came with Ditzy it makes sense.”

Struggling with the heavy scene piece, strain started visibly appearing on your face. “Not to interrupt you, but...” You motion to the piece you were holding.

“Oh!” Twilight jumped. “Sorry!” With that, she used some of her magic to lift one of the sides and you were free to move as you pleased. You suspect Twilight was doing a little more lifting than you were, but it didn’t seem to bother her in the slightest. Putting the piece in its assigned position, you collapse with exhaustion.

“Thanks Twi,” you say breathlessly. “Couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Oh it’s no problem,” she said quickly and waved her hoof dismissively. After a slight silence, Twilight spoke up again. “So you came here with Ditzy?”

“Yeah, she was pretty excited.”

“How’s that going by the way?” she asked quickly, changing the topic. “I mean, if it’s not too private.” She turned her head away.

“It’s fine.” You raise an eyebrow. “Everything is pretty normal.”

“Oh, okay. Just wanted to know.” She quickly looked to her left. “ You know, I think other ponies might need some help, see you later,” she stated before running off.

What the hell was that about?

The clean up took a little while longer and then it was time to get on the train back to Ponyville. Dealing with the crowd, you eventually got onto the train. Shortly after, the train started up and you were on your way back home.

“I wonder what we’re going to get,” Wingsley and Dinky whispered to each other, excited.

You smile, thinking how the day was almost over and allowing yourself to relax. Ditzy was fast asleep on your shoulder. That shoulder might have been sore from the clean up, but you let her rest. She earned it.

The peace of the trip was suddenly broken when the brakes of the train caused it to grind to a halt. Everypony in the cabin lurched forward in their seats.

“What was that?”

“What happened?”

“Did we get stuck?”

“We’re all gonna die!” One pony shouted amidst the other nervous whispers.

Looking out the window, you saw that the train was at a full stop. You couldn’t get up to observe the situation because of the crowd, so you were forced to have a seat. On cue, the engineer opened the cabin to give an announcement.

“Everypony, can I have your attention? It seems we have been caught in a massive snowdrift, the way ahead is blocked, and we have no idea when we will be operational again. If there is anypony that believes he or she could be of help clearing the snow, please move to the front car. We will organize you from there. Thank you, that is all.”

The nervous chatter continued as you turned to Ditzy and the kids. “I’m going to go out there to see if I can help,” you told them. “I’ll also see if I can learn anything new about the situation.”

“Oh no,” Wingsley murmured. “Hearth’s Warming Day is tomorrow and if we aren’t home for that...” His eyes widened. “Pony Claus won’t come!” Dinky recoiled at the thought.

You and Ditzy sigh. “I’ll leave you to deal with this situation. I’m going to see what I can do,” you say to Ditzy. Ditzy just looked at you with a sense of hopelessness. “Don’t worry.” You kiss her on the cheek. “I’ll be back really soon.”

The work was strenuous; it took a lot out of you to move the ton of snow away from the train. You worked beside quite a few other ponies, all eager to get back to Ponyville as soon as possible. You continue working for another few hours, and by that time you’re completely exhausted. You had even taken off your coat because it got too hot.

Collapsing on the ground, the pony next to you said in an even but friendly tone, “Go on and head inside, you did good out here. Go ahead and rest.”

You nod to him in thanks and go back to the train. Is there nothing else I can do to help? Ditzy needs me to help with the kids, but I’m not going to be able to calm them down. I can’t work on clearing the tracks until my muscles heal up. Damn, why can’t I do anything else? I mean the only way I could help Wingsley and Dinky is if... A single thought dawned on you. That will work. Yeah, I think I can do something else to help. I just need one thing though. For this to work I’m going to need Twilight’s help again.

Ponies were nervously milling around the inside of the compartment. The strain on their faces was clearly visible, as it should have been. Everyone was trapped on a train the day before Hearth’s Warming Day while their loved ones had no idea where they were. It was a terrifying thought. With Dinky and Wingsley upset in the other car, you knew you had to do something. At this moment you were thankful that all the performers decided to take the later train back.

“Hey Twilight,” you call over to the purple mare.

“Oh, hi.” She jumped a little in surprise, but calmed herself quickly. “Didn’t see you there. What’s up?”

“I’m sorry but I was wondering if I could ask you a favor,” you try to say apologetically.

“Sure,” she said happily, turning to speak to you directly. “What do you need?”

“Well I was wondering if you could ask Spike to send a letter for me. Dinky and Wingsley are upset thinking that Pony Claus won’t visit the house tonight because they aren’t there. I need to send a letter to Prevailing asking him to do me a favor. I know it’s a little thing, but I’d appreciate it a lot.” You scratch the back of your head while giving a little nervous smile.

“Sure, that would be fine. It’s the least I could do for a friend.” You happen to notice that she said the last word with a little bit of a sigh, but you decide not to give it much thought as you thank her. Giving Prevailing’s address and the letter you drafted earlier, you thank her again.

“Well I guess I you a favor now too,” you chuckle. “And you better watch out, ponies might start swarming around you if they hear that you two can send letters.”

“Well I might have to let them, their families should know what happened. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure Prevailing gets this letter.”

“Thank you again Twilight,” you waved as you left.

“I’m expecting that favor,” she giggled.

“Of course, what kind of pony would I be if I couldn’t do that?” You laugh and return to find Ditzy sitting with Dinky and Wingsley. As Ditzy looked up at you, she got a sudden look of confusion when she saw the small smile on your face. You sit down next to both Dinky and Wingsley who both looked devastated. “I don’t know what you guys are so worked up about,” you say with a hint of playfulness.

“I-if we aren’t home, t-t-then P-pony Claus won’t come to our house,” Dinky sobbed, with tears in her eyes.

“You know, I think that Pony Claus knows that we got stuck on this train-”

“So you mean he’s going to help free the train?” Wingsley cut you off exuberantly.

“Um, well, no. But he does know that you two have been really good this year and because of that you might not need to be home for him to drop off presents. I bet that when we get home tomorrow, you’re going to see that he dropped off presents for you both.”

“Really?” Dinky asked, wiping the last few tears from her eyes.

“I have no doubt,” you respond confidently. With their newfound hope, both Wingsley and Dinky went off, presumably to tell Sparkler the good news. Meanwhile Ditzy raised an eyebrow at your previous statement.

“And what do you plan on doing? Did you take some magic classes or something?” she whispered to you so that Dinky or Wingsley couldn’t hear.

Whispering in turn, you reply, “I asked Prevailing to take care of it.”

“Then all hope is lost,” Ditzy smiled mischievously and put her hoof to her head in mock despair. “Speaking of which, how long is the train going to be stopped?”

“I think I heard that it’s going to be stuck until morning.”

Ditzy let out a sigh. “Well no point in worrying about it now. All we have left to do is just wait it out.”

“It could be worse,” you say with a smile. “But thankfully for you, I’m here.”

She giggled in response. “I guess you’re right.” After saying this she gave you a quick kiss on the lips before curling her head into your neck. “Can you get a blanket? I’m cold.” She looked up at you with her trademark adorable look.

“Of course, how can I say no to that face.” You get a blanket from out of a storage compartment and drape it over the both of you. You sit together in the now pitch black train car, snuggled together and letting the warmth wash over you. You glance out the window. The night sky, looking at it took you back. You remember a clear night like this with Ditzy, snuggled together for warmth, sneaking out of the house to be together. A smile adorns your face. That night, that fateful night. Who would have thought that at that point your feelings for Ditzy would finally surface? The terrifying feeling of love, of complete dedication to another. But as time went on, you grew accustomed to the feeling. No longer did it scare you. You knew exactly how you felt about Ditzy, you had no illusions anymore, you knew full well how you felt. But did Ditzy?

“Do you remember that night on the hill?” you ask Ditzy in a quiet voice.

“You bet I do! That was a pretty fun night.”

Looking out the window, you whisper “It’s amazing to think that no matter where we go, no matter what we do, at any time the stars are always there. The symbol of permanency.”

“I guess you’re right. You really like the night sky, don’t you?” She buried her face into your neck.

“I do. I think it’s from when I was in Cloudsdale. Everything was always changing, but every night I could go out and look at the same stars. Sounds kinda corny, but it was something to hold onto. But now I’m looking at them less and less, like I don’t need to anymore.”

Ditzy was curious at this statement. “Why do you think that is?” she asked.

“Maybe because I finally have something that I hold onto now that I know will never change.” You spoke smoothly and answered Ditzy without hesitation, not realizing the weight of what you said until it was too late. Ditzy in turn rose up from on top of you and looked you in the eyes.

“And what could be?” she asked, dead serious. She looked deep into you, her gold eyes glistening in the moonlight. Her expression was tense yet stoic. It was as if she was preparing for fight or flight.

Your heart raced. “Ditzy...”


The rhythmic drum inside your chest kept up its count of two and steadily increased. “I couldn’t help myself, but I...”

“Yes?” her tone grew more impatient.

You feel as though if you don’t say it now, your ribs may break from the beating of your heart. “I love you,” you blurt out. Your heart’s tempo decreased.

Ditzy’s eyes widened.

“I’ve fallen hopelessly, madly, head-over-hooves in love with you.” You take a breath of air, realizing you hadn’t been breathing. “It’s good to finally say that.” You turn to Ditzy with a smile.

She sat there for a second. The air was still, the wind outside settled. The world itself waited on bated breath for her response.

Suddenly, she grabs you by the head and forces herself upon your lips. Your body hadn’t been expecting for the mare to jump literally onto you as you’re pushed backwards almost onto the floor. Catching yourself with your hooves, Ditzy continues to kiss you. You’re stunned, still reeling from the shock, but after awhile your eyelids slowly fall and relax as you return the kiss. The kiss continued for a long while after until Ditzy pulled away and smiled. “Took you long enough.”

The night passed by quietly and without incident. The harsh winds of the snow storm calmed to a whispering breeze, nature itself seemed to have been in tune with you and how you felt. You felt as if you were watching the rest of the train ride from a perspective outside of time. Nothing else mattered, just like all of those moments you had with Ditzy.

As time went on, it became a blur, and before you knew it you had arrived at Ditzy’s house.

“Made it, finally!” Dinky cheered.

“I know, it took forever! Do you think Pony Claus really showed up?”

“I know he should have,” you say under your breath.

Opening up the door, you’re greeted with an amazing sight. Presents were displayed right next to the mantle, and the house was decorated top to bottom.

“Wow, I guess Prevailing went a bit overboard.”

“No kidding,” Ditzy agreed. In the sheer contentedness of the situation, you look at each other and crack up into laughter, both reminded by each others’ confessions last night.

Everything is finally normal.

You notice a small note with your name on it sitting by the entrance. It was wrapped up like a scroll. Undoing the string tying it, you open the parchment and read what lay on it. It was a short simple note left by Prevailing.

Now if I couldn’t play Pony Claus on Hearth’s Warming Eve, what kind of best friend would I be?

Also, you owe me a favor. But since you’re probably itching to pay your debt I’ll make it easy on you. Set me up on a date with Carrot Top, I look forward to you telling me when it is.

~Prevailing Wind

P.S. Tell Ditzy not to beat the stuffing out of me for going after her best friend.

Putting down the letter you sigh and smile slightly. “Oh Prevailing, what the hell are you getting yourself into?”

“Well he did pull through in the end, you’re lucky to have a friend like that.”

“Yeah, not to mention how lucky I am to have you.”

“Yeah, you are pretty lucky,” she said confidently as she flicked her mane.

Ditzy’s gift! The thought resonated in your mind. “Oh right! I need to go get something! Wait right here, I want you to open it first.”

“Alright, I guess,” Ditzy said slightly confused as you rushed off to grab her perfect gift. You brought back a wrapped up box, not exposing any hints as to its contents. Ditzy slowly undid the wrapping paper and threw it aside, not taking her eyes off of the box. When it finally came time to open the box itself, Ditzy peeled it open slowly, as if it were precious in itself. Inside of the box was the perfect gift. A handmade glass representation of a picture of Ditzy, Dinky, and Sparkler. The picture was a time in their past where they looked so carefree, so happy. A happiness not forced, not sudden, but a happiness that was stretched out over the vastness of time. The time that you want to share with Ditzy.

Ditzy’s response didn’t come in the forms of words, but rather as tears. Tears of joy, the joy of someone who hasn’t known true happiness in a long time. And you held each other. You felt the warmth between you combine. For the first time, you and Ditzy were truly one with each other.

Dear Dad,

Well I finally said it, took me long enough. I can’t say I was ever this scared in my entire life, but you know what? She loves me too...