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Ages before Luna had become Nightmare Moon, she had a curious mind. Traveling the space between realms, she encountered an ancient mentor, sleeping yet letting his own dreaming spirit wander.

Now Luna is on the road to recovery when she learns that her mentor has been slain. To investigate the matter, she comes in contact with one of her mentor's associates, one who owes her mentor a debt as well.

The two plan to fulfill that debt by following up on a plan Luna's mentor started: a child, both naive and skilled, showed a spark of nobility he did not want to see crushed by the shadowy life she lived.

Thus Luna's decision: to take on a disciple, a hoof in the shadows. Because even in a World Without Shadows, a Shadowrunner in the right place at the right time can make all the difference.

A Shadowrun Crossover that wouldn't get out of my head. Gore tag only for the first chapter.

Chapters (2)
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