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When Sunset Shimmer finds herself in the world of Garry's Mod, she meets the Elements of Insanity, and she discovers that they plan on going to her world of Equestria to bring even more havoc that Discord can make! Will Sunset Shimmer decide to stop the Elements of Insanity, or will she join them in order to get revenge on the true Twilight Sparkle?

Mane 6 tag for Elements of Insanity

mlp is copyright of Hasbro
Garry's Mod is copyright of Garry Newman
Elements of Insanity are copyright of TheInvertedShadow

so many copyrights so little room to put them in. Almost anything besides the story I write is copyrighted.


Chapters (2)
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4061699 That's a good guitar cover of the song. Also, have this pic for getting the first comment. derpicdn.net/img/2014/2/8/546335/large.png

Time to choose, Louis, or Brutlight, friends, or revenge, a light in the darkness, or a bane of all good and servent of evil. CHOOSE! Honestly, please have Sunset say no.

4063526 Hmm... I guess I'll have her say no. I'm gonna be quite busy with school for a while, so I may not be working on my fictions for a decent amount of time. In the meantime, have this.

4129478 I have absolutely no clue. It will probably be during a time where I'm not quite as busy with school work.

4129716 I hear ya', but I don't have any homework to do on my Spring break

4129723 Lucky you. My spring break doesn't start until April.

well, you cancelled, so can you rewrite it and make i don't funny and more postive or uncancelled and strat her up please:applecry::fluttercry::fluttershysad:

5639680 Uh... I don't understand what you mean. Could you spell it out more properly and use words that I can understand, please?

i mean you sure continue making chapter in this story don't cancelled the story so please make more chapter of sunset shimmer meet the element of insanity for once and i like to see what happen, i mean sure you cancelled that story, but please don't do this please bring back the story please:applecry::fluttercry::fluttershysad:

to bad its cancelled i was wondering how sunset shimmer reacted seeing the rest of the elements of insanity

5810047 Eh... If I really put my mind to it, then maybe I could revive this story. But it would need some MAJOR revisions.

I like the element of insanity this story is getting very interesting to read keep up a good work update more on this story your doing great update soon. :twilightsmile:

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