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Halted on FanFiction for now.

A young brony named Jordan takes a walk while his family is away, but he sees an unexpected sight in an alleyway...in the form of a certain lavender unicorn.

Due to a recent site update, I will not be changing story details any more.

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make more:pinkiehappy:

I can tell this will end awkwardly

:yay: :yay: Well, you said double yay....

thank you for the reviews! :yay:

when will you make another one?:twilightsmile:

Hopefully sometime soon. I have been producing chapters like a factory lately, probably got inspired by an essay I wrote for school a few days ago :twilightsmile:

i can tell this is gonna be awkward :derpytongue2: BTW HORAY FOR TRIPLE YAY! :yay::yay::yay:

Ya dun goofed

Ok, please just go straight to the talk with Celestia, after what Jordan went through, I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to lose his new friends. :fluttercry: Please update soon.

I know how much a buck to the gut hurts (specially if AJ does it)
Good chapter btw

"Care to explain that?" Jordan interrogated Jordan.


Thanks for the suggestion, although I already have Chapter 6's outline planned out. Chapter 7 will have your suggestion! :pinkiesmile:

262547 Wow! I didn't expect that! Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

Whoops! Thanks for catching that :twilightblush: I'll go ahead and fix that now.

I really didn't expect to be such a big help.:twilightsheepish: I just hope Celestia accepts them and they all become friends again.

I agree with 262810, I rly hope Tia (as did with me) accepts them, and let's just say jordan and jake are going to be bombarded with questions

Haha yeah, tyrantlestia gets a little..used after awhile, but eh its your story!

[quick catch i found. intriduce should be introduce ;)]

More Pinkie-Author interaction for extended epicness! Bring the (4th) wall down!

Might I ask what a Sarsaparilla is?

Silly Jordan. There are two types of Pinkie promise. If you were a good liar, you'd be okay! And I've wanted to say this for a while. Ze "Jordan" iz a spy!


From Wikipedia.org:
Sarsaparilla is used as the basis for a soft drink, frequently called by the same name, or looga.

O_O oops, thanks for pointing it out.:twilightblush:

Jordan should be an unicorn while Jake is a pegasus :pinkiehappy:

I just think that they will stay humans, since it seems like there's a LOT of people that hate ponifications :fluttercry:

I think you should make one of them ponies and leave the other one human, and for the one that is a pony I think it should be Jordan. Jordan should be either a Unicorn or a Earth pony.
Trophy out.

P.S.: The story is looking to be a good one. I can't wait for the next chapter.

I think you should keep them as humans. Maybe give them magic or wings. :pinkiehappy: However, if they do become ponies (which I do not mind at all :twilightsmile:) I think Jordan should be a Pegasus and Jake a Unicorn.

I say keep them humans, but maybe do what anon17 said. I mean, I'm okay with ponification, but to me it seems overdone..but hey, thats just me. So yeah, humans with those properties.

make able to do magic or have wing or end up be super strong ponyfication is way overdone

I agree wholeheartly with 263574
With the update ratio I don't mind at all short chapters (like this one, I just felt it short but I'm not the writer so oh well)

In another note, good chapter, although they got a rougher in ecceptance from them (twi and all ponies exept Tia and pinkie)

Voting has closed! :pinkiehappy: I will tally up the votes and implement the winning selection in the story.

Well these autors note reminded me o-.....
She just wants to say that she likes the storie (pinkie is who), now that's out of the way
Good chapter keep at it

"Jake are you ok"
Best quote EVA

I like this story keep up the good work two yays for you:yay::yay:

Celestia, dafuq you doin' gurl? :rainbowhuh:

:rainbowlaugh: Pinkie, you are a master at breaking the 4th wall! I hope for another update soon, I'd like to see how Jordan's gonna learn how to fly. :twilightsmile:


I'm speaking this from watching it happen..... RUN LIKE HELL JUST BROKE THROUGH AUTOR!!!!:flutterrage:

:pinkiegasp: Now THAT was a surprise! Maybe they can both join the Wonderbolts soon. :pinkiehappy:

Jake, like pinkie, just broke the fourth wall.

I winder where Applejack is.
don't you mean wonder?

"Who's leroy jenkins?"

:yay: Hooray for Jordan and RD! I see a couple.:pinkiehappy: I wonder who Jake is going to end up with?

i see hilarity when RD wakes up

262542 interrogating yourself

279260 Betcha anything jake ends up with pinkie pie

279327 I'm gonna say Twilight

279333 Hm, valid point..but i'm leaning more towards spike...they just seem to make a good pair...tehe:rainbowlaugh:

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