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The multi-verse,the Doctor, love, loss, The past never stays buried.
This is the story of 10 ponies and the fight to keep Equestria from dying
There are more then three Alicorns....

Chapters (5)
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If you find any plot holes let me know!

As the Brilliant Doctor would say, "Brilliant!" :moustache:

Oh hey! I remember you! You're that guy who posted a thread in the Daring Do group! Huh, small world isn't it Mux.
Anywaaaaaaaaaaaaay, this story is looking to be AWESOME! Multiverses, the Doctor, impending armeggedon, all awesome stuff! Favoriting this.

Stay frosty my delicious friends. Silver, out! :pinkiehappy:

My mind is blown. All my favorite things in ONE prologue? Dear Celestia! :twistnerd:

(about the prolouge) this has some similarities as my original story's prolouge, with multi-universes and guardians (but the guardians are from the legendary race of Mystical Warriors, mentioned in my mlp story), except yours is less confusing. One exception is that i starte it before Mlp, so the first 70 something chapters have no inspiration from it. If you want to know about it Muxix, ill message you a summary on facebook. Its very intersting read.

oh and another thing: the Mystical Warriors are so overpowered that even a SSJ4 Gogeta couldn't handle, even with all their past enemies, friends, and alles teaming up on one. They have to be that powerful to kep the barriers between dimemsions from collapsing

Not bad.... The introduction of a relative of the mane Six is a bit weird, but you've been handling it well so far.

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