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Why wasn't Luna at the Grand Galloping Gala? Because she didn't want to be there, of course! But not attending has its own consequences, and now Luna's expected to throw a party for Twilight and her friends. With Pinkie Pie's help, can the Princess pull it off?

Originally written in August 2011 for Equestria Daily's Happy Luna Fanfiction Competition.

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This story is awesome, well written and funny. just maybe add comedy tag to it. 5/5

A very nice story! I wasn't a brony yet at the time of that contest, I'll have to check the other entries too.

I like how even though Season 2 Luna had not been revealed yet, you somehow managed to hit the nail on the head with her personality.


You know, I never really thought of this as a comedy story. But looking back at it, I think you're right. Anyway, I've added the tag. Thanks!


Heh, Luna Eclipsed still blew up my characterization in more ways than one, but I admit that when I saw the episode, I was pleasantly surprised to find I'd gotten many of the broad strokes correct. Thanks for the comments, and definitely do check out some of the other entries if you have the time--there's a lot of good stuff in there.

I give it a thumbs up. It was definitely a good read. And ya know what? Why not?

You, my friend, receive the Dream Weaver Moustache of Approval, for scoring at least a 7/10 on a prerelease characterization of the Mighty Princess of the Night. See it enclosed at the end of this comment.

Overall, this was a pleasant story to read. It wasn't clunky, like a lot of one chapter fics, and that in itself was an ease on the eyes. Typically, when I go out to read short stories and the like, I come across single chapter forays into territory that most of the characters would never really touch, depending upon who it is. Fluttershy at a bar? Hardly. Stripper Pole Rarity? Maybe if she got so desperate she couldn't see any other way. But I digress.

Your little tale here was definitely a pleasant read from start to finish. On top of that, it wasn't a shipping story, which by all means is a plus. I see too many of those in the fanfic realm already, so it's always nice to see something that isn't fluffed up with forced love and obviously poorly thought out romantics. Just a simple Sisterly Bond that says: "Hey. I thought it'd be good for ya. Just want you to know you're loved." I can whole-heartedly back that kind of story. Ya done good here, Chris. Real good.

~Dream Weaver~
P.S.: :moustache:

Nice work! I especially like the ending. :yay:

This is a marvelous story, one of the best short fics I've read in a long time.

Good work.

Very cute and fun.

I was pleasantly surprised by Luna's eruption, I suspect I was thinking it'd end up just Luna relaxing and having fun like so many others. Even this I felt was a bit toned down from what I felt would be appropriate. More rushed than it could've been.

either way a very cute fun fic and nicely characterized characters. I feel like AJ really got the short end of the stick here as she was legitimately busy (through no fault of her own) yet she's still punished in a sense. She still has to apologize when she didn't do anything wrong. To me it would be like her apologizing after Super Speedy.:twistnerd:

Author Interviewer

This was fun. And old. And oldly fun. I do have to wonder how it looks to you.

There's a roughness to the writing, but the tone and plot are wonderfully classic. This was a nice read.


Yeah, this fic... in case you didn't know, it was written over the course of maybe ten days for a "Happy Luna" competition. Deadlines aren't necessarily my friend, though they're often the only way I get anything done. There were a dozen or so prompts--either lines or scenes, of which at least one needed to be included--and I think my biggest mistake with this story was trying to include them all. Ugh; it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Anyway, to answer your question, PP: I have testy relationships with my old fics. Always have, probably always will. I can't look at this--or anything else I've ever written, really--without seeing all the flaws, all the awkward transitions, filler scenes, wonky dialogue, and forced puns that I'd like to take back. But every now and then I'll hit a bit like the "pig latin" joke that still makes me laugh, and I'll tell myself it's better than I think it is.

Glad you both liked it, despite its oldness and tortured prose!

Kinda odd to see Luna w/o her regalia. :twilightoops:

Hah! I have to say, after the rather baffling comments on To Make a Spark suggesting that your fairy tale ought to be taken up as a plot for the show, I wondered why people felt that it was in tone. This is much more in line with something I'd expect to see from Studio B. (Now DHX)

If I had to describe this, I'd say it was like The Best Night Ever mashed into Friendship is Magic Pt. 1, with a clever moral twist for Celestia herself. It's definitely something I would have liked to see inserted somewhere in season two. I won't say it's without flaws, but most of the marked improvement in flow and description I see between this and To Make a Spark is in the prose execution department, and wouldn't really translate to improvement in screenplay.

Perhaps Luna flipping out in Ponyville was covered by Luna Eclipsed, but this could totally have worked. I laughed at a good deal of the gags, and Luna's outburst was built up brilliantly.

As the mid-morning's light shown through

Shone, I believe.

Yay, I found it! I've been looking for this story. Still as good as I remembered it.

Really captures the Moon Princess's character. I love Celestia trying to get Woona out of her shell. Very nice story.

As good as this story is I'm surprised it doesn't have more thumbs-ups.

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