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Quite a bit better than I thought it might be! I'll be keeping tabs on this one.

You write Applejack very well.

It's tempting, but I don't read anthro or humanized fics

That's really sweet!

An anthro story between Applejack and Me with some help from my favorite Zebra. Awesome! I can't wait to read what happens next.

3124145 That was quite possibly the most useless comment in the history of ever.

I actually quite appreciate their comment. Even if they didn't read it, it wasn't mean or hateful, and I'm happy to hear that the story may have tickled their curiosity for a moment.

Well, I must say the story here is very compelling. Applejack's 'old-school' ideas of how to behave proper is a good setting as far as her discomfort about stallions staring at her. That, coupled with the mention that this will lead to breast expansion and - from the sound of it - a milking fetish, would lead to quite a bit of an emotional roller coaster for her. And meanwhile, 'you' are there to help her through it, and she knows 'you' see her as more than just a pretty face and - after the expansion - a big set of knockers. Great place to start a good romance.
This should be fun, as long as the 'expansion' doesn't get too excessive.

Oh my god! I love the dialog and the actionas of the story. it slows so well! A bit odd when Fluttershy comes in, but I understond!


i have to say i think in the anthro humanized world i would expect rarity or pinkie to have the bigger breasts than the others i know it sounds silly but when i read it it seemed like, dash has the hot body, Twilight has the nerdy but i'll give it ago body, Fluttershy has the maybe if she really whats it body, rarity is the look but don't touch upon the pain of death body, pinkie is the if i have it i'll flaunt it body and applejack is the well trimed but look and i'll thump yah body,

But then again thats my current mind about it but please no milk fetish, i read alot of manga and i mean alot and the milk fetish that adorns alot of it just really freaks me out, leading to think why does this turn people on it's just nasty, i mean i drink alot of milk but just not that way lol.

This story pleases me, continue on.

The buildup is much appreciated. I have reasonable hopes for this fic. :ajsmug:

I wonder.

"We" are noted as actually being better with farm animals (like cows, for instance) than providing hard labour; and the story is noted as containing both breast enhancement and milking. I wonder if "we" will get some kick out of treating Applejack herself ("our" boss) like livestock, at least a little bit...

The story has a legit start, can't wait for the next chapter.:twilightsmile:

Actually I truly enjoyed this. I hope to see more soon.


Looking good so far. Characters are...well, in-character, a stable beginning, can't wait to see how this turns out, especially with that news from Trottingham...:trixieshiftleft:

(sees that Whirring Gears is involved in this fic) Awesome! :pinkiehappy:
(sees that this fic has an anthro tag) Well... I don't know... :pinkiesad2:
(sees that this fic contains breast expansion) Ugh... :pinkiesick:
(sees that this fic is 2nd person incomplete erotica) Please forgive me, but I can't read this. (moonwalks out of the fic)

Sorry to hear that. Perhaps our other story may be a bit more up your alley?

3128883 I see what you did there. :duck:
Thank god it's E rated!
Well, I'm gonna go over to that corner and you guys do whatever it is you do.
Holy shit, an E rated 2nd person romance fic...

I was waiting for someone to make your comment so I could make that pun. :trollestia:

Hope you enjoy it!

Nicely written! :yay:

The anthro AJ got me to come here and I verily enjoyed the story :D

I must say, that this story is so good, I forgot that there was going to be clop in it. (I think it might not need the clop but, you do what you want :twilightsmile:)

DAMMMN gurl....AJ got a noice rack! cummere gurl!:ajbemused:

What pun i dont get it... :rainbowhuh:

This is very well done. Right good proper writing, here. I happily await the next chapter. :rainbowkiss:

Anthro is best Category :pinkiesmile:

I am not one for clop, nor am I for Anthromance but geez well written is well written, have a like.

Sees that they're using the noun somepony when they're humanized.

Table flip.:flutterrage::twilightangry2:

Can't wait for more!:pinkiehappy:

3137231 they're still part pony under the anthro tag. human tag's a totally different one.

Huh...this is shaping up to be a good fic. Can't wait for more!
3138295That series is boss. Zero FTW!!

Holy. Very good writing of the characters... only complaints are the pet names you give Fluttershy and AJ. It's distracting when the characters have never used them before and all of a sudden they're things.


Actually, it says 'anthro', meaning they're not exactly 'humanised'. They still have some pony characteristics and therefore the terms some/any/everypony etc. are all very much applicable.


Alphosne, you went to the wrong world! Your supposed to be in the other earth, not Equestria!


Ooops Sorry, but this world is soo good! :twilightsmile:

Seems like Applejack is more or the traditional and conservative type. Guess that's just how she's brought up. Can't say I'm that much different since I'm also somewhat of a traditional stickler but I don't think I'll ever have an outburst like that.

I wonder whenthis will update

Our schedules are really messed up. We're trying when we can, but most of the time, one of us is busy.


Is this dead? I mean, it's been silent for the best part of a year now.

I really, really hope it's not dead...

Nope. Just in a writing funk.

Feel free to pester us. People telling us how much they want more is our main motivation right now.

Very nice set up. Is Zecora's rhymes the reason this chapter was so long in coming? I'm looking forward to what happens next.

Having seen myself in real world the difference in prices between regular and breast milk products, breast milk product sales would likely bring as much revenue as Cider sales for SAA...especially if they put a picture of AJ on the cartons.

It been awhile So II had to reread the first chapter. So know what going on. Now when I have time later tonight I read the new chapter.:scootangel:

you utter.

I see what you did there....

Yes the next chapter is needed but yeah this is a great story

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