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I enjoy manly beards, ponies and the occasional glass of scotch.


Due to a mishap while researching an ancient spell book Twilight unintentionally awakens a timeless horror. At the same time a strange bipedal creature wanders into Ponyville, a creature Twilight begins to question is even totally sane.

With the help of Discord, can Twilight and this strange crazed alien defend Equestria from the danger it now faces?

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Isnt it kind of odd,
How whenever a human pops up in equestria,
Some Dark Ancient Monster or something just happens to show up?


Actually the monster shows up first. :twilightsmile:

Well thats new,
And by that i refer to the good old saying,
"If i haven't seen it, then it's new to me."


Comment posted by Lonely Thorns deleted Nov 16th, 2013

Sorry, got excited.

What the, is that Macho Man?

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