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An introspective look at the loyalty, determination, and courage of the Bat Ponies as they re-integrate with Equestrian society after a thousand years of isolation. Are they afraid of the strange land that they venture into once more, or is there something greater within their hearts, showing that the darkness is not to be feared...?

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Damn! This was good! :pinkiehappy:

Well done. This could be used as the Thestrals creed when a young one is admitted to adulthood.


@A Renegade Time Lord: Thank you! ^^ I was hoping people would enjoy it, even if it is on the short side.

@Shadowstar10: Ahaha... It's not the sort of story that really has a continuation, you know? XD But I appreciate the sentiment.

Creed of the bat ponies.
Absolutely wonderful.

For princess luna always

I would like to add this to the "short stories" group. However, I have no idea which category it would go in, since it has no category tag. Which would you prefer?

I love this story. I wonder what the bat ponies did when the new lunar republic was formed, or was that another story.

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