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As Trixie finds herself performing for her smallest audience yet, questions abound. Can her ego take the strain? Are the old stories still worth telling? And just how did Prince Blueblood get his title, anyway?

Originally written September-October 2011.

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Tracked because looks interesting and too busy to read atm.


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Fabulous. Of course, Princess Celestia as Sunny Days/Sunny Skies/etc. in incognito has been done, but this was a good take on it, and a also a nice effort at fleshing out Trixie. You could certainly make a Trixie and Blueblood sequel to this work, I imagine they might play off each other well.

275000 I do this to piss people off,.....did it work?

I remember this on EqD. I enjoyed it back then too.

This was great, and I'm not sure why it has so few views.

How can this have so few views? It's honestly great! :-/

In any case, are there any plans for a sequel?

Read this one a long time ago and was probably one of the first stories I read. So, the whole, Celestia in disguise was all new to me.

I liked your characterization of Trixie: low-key, but still can command a presents when she wants to.

Nicely done!

I'm actually fairly familiar with the whole "princess in disguise" bit, but somehow I didn't catch it here until the scene abruptly changed to Canterlot Castle, at which point I swore out loud at the fact of my obvious inattention. :facehoof: I'm going to chalk it up, in hindsight, to Celestia being a darn good actress.

Trixie's actual story (the tale of Blueblood) is... pretty disappointing, to be honest. It opens with a big prophecy and epic betrayal and whatnot, and the resolution only pertains to the question that came from outside the story, and not to any of the more important parts that were visited along the way.
That said, her storytelling is phenomenal. The transitions from the text written as story to the text written as dialogue are always smooth and the interruptions are interesting enough to justify the pause in the tale, whether it's for more background on the story and its history or just a bit of Trixie's character shining through. The phrasing in the story is suitably arcane to match its subject matter. And the references to Boast Busters are meaningful, but also subtle enough that I suspect if I had never seen that episode I wouldn't notice that I was missing something.
Celestia's reactions after the performance are both interesting and heartwarming, and I enjoyed the little glimpse into life at the palace.
And the scene with Blueblood at the end... wow. That is what unconditional love looks like.

A lot of stories on this site lead me to conclude that the writer had an intriguing idea but could have improved their execution. It's rare for me to find one where I can only suggest that the concept be improved- the disappointment in the end of Trixie's story is the only thing that strikes me as a problem with this one. I think I'm going to have to add this to my favorites just to keep it as reference material.

Wanderer D

Aww. Love that ending! :raritystarry:

I wonder why it took me so long to take a gander at this.
Well it was entertaining! Sunny Days was mirroring my reactions to Trixie's story. And the rest of it was cool too.
One thing though...

as the band finished the tune they were playing to a smattering of inattentive applause, then launched into a slow-paced balled.

Looks like you misspelled ballad.

Someone reviewed this relatively recently, and I'm glad.

Wow. I really loved this story. Trixie really should focus on story telling. And Celestia actually tells Blueblood that she loves him. That was very touching. Have a like and a fav.:pinkiesad2:

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.

I think that this needs a Prince Blueblood tag.

Wow. Amazing, just... amazing. I liked how you borrowed from real mythology to help tell your story. :pinkiehappy: I really hope to see more. maybe a sequel/sidequel? :rainbowkiss:

A very nice tale, here. This one and the one Trixie told.

I would REALLY love to hear some more of Trixie's "historical set"
Do you plan on writing any more of them?
Also, maybe tell us what happened to Trixie's mother?
BTW I thought the ending was perfect. A mother's love covers and heals all things.

and your point is......... ?
Sorry sir/madam/other, but I must say this is one of the least informative reviews I have ever seen.
Oh, I see now.
Your diaper was full and you got bored waiting for your mommy to change it.

I love this story, beginning to end. Well done.

The fact that Sunny Days was Celestia was hardly surprising but yet still fulfilling. The way you wrote it still left the possibility that it was not Celestia, which made it quite exciting and kept me reading to see if it was so. All in all this was a rather enjoyable story.

Remember when fanfics were good stories like this beauty?

Hehe shows yo uwaht follwoing simlar section of stoire will get you.

I enjoyed this story, well done and kept me reading till the end. :D

Well, that was a fairly fun tale. I wonder if Celestia would be tracing Trixie's family tree to figure out who her grandmother, great-grandmother, etc. are, in an attempt to figure out if one of Trixie's ancestors is somepony Celestia personally knew. After all, this tale seems more like an obscure bit of knowledge that isn't exactly banned, but which Celestia made no efforts to circulate either. I suppose she actually nearly forgot about the origin of Blueblood's line herself, given Celestia goes to see Blueblood and give him a hug at the end.

Though if Sunny Days were Celestia, she shouldn't be blanching at Trixie's salt lick bills, unless it's because she's astounded one pony can go through that much salt in one night :trixieshiftright:

Did Celly use mental suggestion to get Trixie to go along with Celly's gift of staying the night?

Full review here, but in brief: this one does show its age, and though I enjoyed several aspects of it (salt!) I couldn't really get on with its Trixie and Sunny Days is really obvious.

Spying a recently harvested field below him, Radiant dropped toward the earth again, changing himself now into a grain of wheat. He lay on the field amid thousands upon thousands of other identical grains. All was still and quiet--for a moment. But a white hen appeared then, picking her way through the shafts littering the ground, cocking her head sideways to stare down at the abandoned kernels of wheat lying beneath her. She hunted, and she pecked, and all the while she cackled in a most un-henlike way. Finally, she came to the grain that was Radiant Brow, and with a triumphant cry the hen snatched the grain in her beak and swallowed it up.

Is that a reference to Horton Hears a Who? Or are they both based on some other story? Either way, nice touch.

Great story. I have a bit of a soft spot for Celestia in disguise, not to mention well-written Trixie. Is it weird that I read her entire tale out loud to myself in her voice? Because I did. And I regret nothing.

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