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As Sunnydale fell, Spike, the Vampire with a soul, gave his all, and gave his very life to see to it that the dark army ruled by the First Evil was defeated. As he stood in the light of the Sun, his Flesh burning, he was offered a new life, a new chance.

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Woah. I did NOT see that coming! One of my favorite shows being crossed over with another of my favorite shows. One dark and at times desperate, and the other pure and mostly-innocent. :pinkiehappy:
I have to wonder how he'll react to being able to eat food again? Will he react like Angel, and stuff his face with anything he can find during his first meal, or will he tread carefully so as not to make himself sick?
And what about his manner of looking at 'life'? will it earn him a spanking from the purple pony? :twilightsheepish:
Bring on another chapter!

I was about to read it, story looks interesting, but then my eyes told my brain to go buck itself.

Please indent your paragraphs, or at least put in lines between then. For all of us.

i thought this was about spike the dragon :twilightoops:

Wahahaha, this is an interesting read. I must admit, knowing William the bloody it is hard to place him as Spike the Dragon, but as writer you need to find a way around that. He should now have a soul so his emotions should be better definable, making it easier. You also might put some whitelines between paragraphs just for convienence.

......... Biggest..... plot twist...... I have ever seen. And that's saying something. I will deffintetly be tracking this to see where it goes from here. You, my friend, have left me wondering just what Spike does in his spare time, and the real reason he's obsessed with rarity. Do continue, please.

yes...:rainbowderp:...just... YES :raritydespair:

Would be interesting to see this continue. If you do plan to do a time skip, it would be interesting to see at least a few short scenes along the way to see how Twilight and Spike intereact, unless you want the effect of just tossing the reader into the deepend when it comes to a Twilight growing up with the influence of Spike during her formative years. On another note...Fluttershy's pet rabbit is named Angel...:pinkiecrazy:

......Well. THIS ought to be interesting. Now it really will be Spike raising Twilight than vice versa. And it's already questionable enough in series. I'll track, if only for the insanity that must result. This Spike,may be less likely to convert her to finding friends.

This was very interesting, and I for one want to see more of it. I assume it will be AU from here onward, but however it turns out, it should be entertaining. One of the snarkiest characters in the Buffyverse, combined with possibly the snarkiest dragon in any fiction, the hilarity will be endless.

More please, and I do mean MOAR!!!

A good one-off, but I don't see much to continue on, everything awesome about Spike is in direct opposition to everything awesome about Spike! Still this gave me a good laugh, so I'm glad you wrote it! :D

254938 I have to agree, without indents or line breaks the left edge is a wall of text that can drive anyone derp-eyed.:derpyderp1::derpyderp2::derpytongue2::eeyup:

Shouldn't there be an "Alternate Universe" tag in there somewhere?

Wait wasn't spike a vampire in a past life in this story not a human?

Screw the script, I have a crossbow!

Vampires are humans first. Also, with the exception of enhanced abilities, immortality, stalking humans as prey, and aversion to sunlight, there is not that much difference between a vampire and a human, certainly not enough for a vampire to be any more likely to be interested in a relationship with a pony than a human would be.
I fixed the Indentations in the prolog. Now it should be an easier read.

261285 But last time I checked humans weren't immortal and didn't burn in the sun.... unless they are very pale....

True enough, but said factors do not have much if any baring on ones interest in Ponies, and thus make this version of Spike no more likely to have an interest in Rarity, which is the point of the statement.

I have a message.

Dear Nightmare Moon.
Your faithful killer and reason for your death,
Spike the Vampire DRAGON

* applauds* Brilliant chapter sir. And you have to do the bridle gossip episode with Spikes involvement.

I literally burst out laughing so hard I actually fell off my chair at the "His skin began to sparkle and he was promptly devoured by wolves" bit.
:rainbowlaugh: Priceless!

I like to see party of one over a barrel and dog and pony show




THIS WAS AWESOME. Okay, calming down now. It was moving, amazing. 5/5. Plus 2 for crossovers of awesome, plus 1 for super awesome Zecora, Plus 3 for dramaticness, plus 4 for no exact copies, plus 10000000000000000000 for the awesome. A lot 9/5.

Awesome story, I really hope there are more chapters to come in the future.

Sweet!! At one point I thought that Dragon Spike was going to become a vampire!! EPIC!!!!!!

Second time thrue this story its still EPIC as ever

is it... it cant be... A BUFFY THE VAMPIRE/MLP CROSSOVER!!!!!:pinkiegasp:

Please continue this:fluttercry:

Are you gonna continue this story. I really hope so.

2655376 I am working on it. My main issue is that it is a real pain to keep up the scene-by-scene retread for the scenes Spike being different does not change. It takes a lot of re-watching boring dialogue and examining actions of ponies and describing them. Which is somewhat annoying, So I am bringing a few of other characters in to interact and shift things to make it more interesting. But this takes time. I am also building a bit of backstory on what Spike has been up to since coming to Equestria (And boy has he been busy. you'll see).

Okay, so I decided to change it to complete. I am still going to write more, but it will be in the form of a sequel instead of more chapters.

I might suggest just not doing that. I know that I for one skimmed scenes that were too close to cannon, not really paying any attention to them.

Instead, you could read the Hub's previews for the episodes, write an outline based on that preview, and a story based on that outline. I'd suggest reading A Minor Variation for a good example of this kind of small change AU fic done well.

Spike looked right at the Pink Pony. “The whole, singing and dancing thing with musical accompaniment from nowhere.” He said, “Does that happen often?”
Pinkie nodded happily. “All the time!” she said, “Why?”
Spike silently cursed. “Don’t suppose any of you know anything about a red fellow with a long chin…” he asked.
Pinkie smiled. “You mean like my Uncle Sweet?” she asked, “What about him?”

Really loved how you added that reference in there. I knew there would be at least one reference in a buffy/mlp crossover using that as a common link.

A few moments later, the Princess suddenly lashed out with her front hoof, striking Spike in the arm and sending him sprawling in the dirt.
“What was that for?” Spike asked from his prone position.
Celestia looked down at him. “That was for Dumping your ex-girlfriend’s ashes on my head.” She replied flatly.
“Oh.” Spike said.

Don't quite remember that part. Gonna have to watch buffy to be sure

5511950 Actually, that is reference to the fact that Spike used his dragon fire to kill Drucilla in this Chapter, which then, presumably, whisked her remains off and presented them to Princess Celestia by dumping them on her head.

5512958 Ahhh. Gotcha. Almost forgot that dragon fire did that too for a sec. Was more focused on the whole vampire burning thing


Wow, a crossover between two of my favorite shows! I absolutely love this! You did an amazing job! I loved all the Buffy references, you clearly know both MLP and Buffy well. I would love to see more chapters. Would you consider coming back to this story or let somebody else finish it for you?

8062324 I have been suffering from a lot of writer's block for a while. I mean, I have a solid chunk of "The Name is Spike: Applebuck Season" written, but I barely have the time to work on it, and inspiration is not very forthcoming. I am working on it, though. I should produce something eventually.

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