• Published 23rd Aug 2013
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The Fire in My Heart - inacti

A little filly is found in the forest, she has incredible magical powers. Celestia sends her to live with Twilight Sparkle as a student, but eventually she becomes like a daughter to Twilight and she raises the filly, and discovers something new.

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Chapter Four: Surpressing My Magic

Fira pushed her hoof towards her teacher.

"Twilight? Wake up . . ." she whispered.

Twilight Sparkle stirred, the book she was reading was turned to a page about changelings. Fira Adara turned her head at the image. What an odd thing this creature was, she had heard of these creatures from her mother, discussing news from Canterlot. She remembered the conversation well.

"I can't believe they had the nerve to go against Celestia! They have no respect for ponykind!" her mother said angrily.

"What is it Mommy?" Fira asked.

"None of your concern, theres just been an invasion in Canterlot . . ." she said.

"Is anypony hurt?" Fira questioned concernedly.

"Of course! Ponies everywhere were injured in the attack, some probably killed. They were changelings!"

"oh . . . " Fira whispered

"Now go to bed, I don't want you listining in to everything I say," her mother scowled.

Fira shook her head. She didn't want to remember her mother. Why was Twilight even looking at changelings anyway? Fira wondered. She remembered hearing about Twilight fighting changelings with her friends. Her mother had talked about how Twilight didn't deserve to be a princess just a few days before Fira had woken up in the woods.

"Uh wha . . ." Twilight opened her eyes, and blinked.

"Mornin' Twilight," Fira smiled, she backed away from Twilight so she could get up.

"How long have I been sleeping!? Sorry Fira, we need to get you the school. I need to go visit Celestia too!" Twilight leapt up to see the position of the sun. "Come on Fira! We can't have you missing school on the first day!"

Twilight beconed to Fira to follow and rushed to the door, throwing it open in a haze. Fira raced after her, the schoolhouse wasn't far.

"Here, we'll teleport, its close enough that I can make it," Twilight said, breathing in slowly as her horn lit. "Hold on to my hoof Fira."

There was a flash of light and Fira Adara opened her eyes, in front of her stood Ponyville schoolhouse.

"Good . . . Everypony is still outside, have fun Fira, just play with Apple Bloom after school, you know her right?" Twilight asked quickly.

"Yes Twilight, see you later?"

"I'll find you when I get back to Ponyville, I should be back before nightfall."

"Okay, bye Twilight!" Fira called as the Cutie Mark Crusaders trotted toward her,

"Bye!" Twilight said before vanishing into thin air, presumably back to her library.

Apple Bloom grabbed Fira's hoof. "Hi Fira! How ya' been?"

"Oh, fine . . ." Fira smiled as Apple Bloom pulled her into the playground.

"Don't worry, Sweetie and Scootaloo will be here too. We'll stick to ya' like rasberry jam!"

"Hey Apple Bloom!" Scootaloo shouted from across the playground.

Apple Bloom reached the two fillies, Fira grinning lightly beside her.

"Hi Fira, I guess its your first day of school?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Yes . . . I guess so . . . I've never been to school before," Fira said shyly.

"Don't worry, we'll help ya'," Apple Bloom grinned.

Before Fira could give her thanks, the bell rung and Cheerilee stepped out from the school.

"Its time for school everypony!" she said brightly, waving all the little foals in.

The four crusaders held hooves and trotted over to her.

"Hello girls, oh, you must be the new student," Cheerilee said brightly.

"Yes . . . Thats me . . ."

"Welcome to the school. I'm Miss Cheerilee, your teacher," she explained, entering the school to join her class, the four fillies following closely behind.

All the fillies and colts sat in their respective seats, Fira grabbing one next to Apple Bloom. The class was noise filled and crowded. Cheerilee cleared her throut and looked down her nose at the foals.

"Hello everypony, today we have a new student! Her name is Fira Adara. Fira? Would you like to come up here and tell the class about yourself?"

"Oh . . . I . . . Sure," Fira smiled softly and stood from her seat.

Apple Bloom winked at her as Fira began to speak. She could hear two fillies giggling from the back of the class.

"My name is Fira Adara . . . and I-"

"Look at her horn," somepony snickered softly.

"Look at her wings," another pony snickered.

"I . . . Um, am Twilight Sparkle's student, I am training in magic . . ."

"I bet she can't cast any magic with THAT horn," the first voice chuckled again.

Cheerille stopped Fira for a moment. "Now Diamond Tiara, that isn't very nice, you apologize to Fira right now!" she said.

The filly who had spoken rolled her eyes. "Sorry."

"Ahem . . . I used to live in Manehatten but I was-" Fira thought for a moment, unwilling to say she was abandoned. "Was orphaned."

Apple Bloom's eyes widened, she felt an instant connection to her new friend.

"I was taken in by Princess Celestia and Twilight is teaching me now," Fira finished.

"Yeah right," Diamond Tiara whispered to Silver Spoon again.

Fira walked back to her seat, glaring at Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, she felt a hatred stronger than she had felt in a while. She felt the anger rising to her horn, she panicked and tried to hold it in. She put her hooves of her horn and held her breath, trying to surpress her magic. She breathed in and out softly as the class stared at her figiting self. She must have been quite a sight holding her own horn with tears in her eyes trying to stop the burst of anger.

"Are you all right Fira?" Apple Bloom asked, concern flooding into her giant golden eyes.

"What is wrong with her!?" Silver Spoon asked loudly as Cheerilee walked over the Filly with the same concern.

"What a freak," Diamond said to her friend.

"Agh!" Fira Adara shreiked, realising her lack of controll.

She held on for as long as she could, sensing the fire spell was about the backlash against her. She felt herself falling onto the floor if the school house, the panicked crusaders and her new teacher standing over her as she blacked out.

Meanwhile, Twilight stood next to her hero, staring blankly at the stained glass windows, she started to speak once again, letting her fears pour out.

"Her powers have struck an intrest with me and I am concerned about her. You see Princess, her powers are charged by anger, and I don't know if she can controll them."

Celestia nodded. "I figured as much, such an odd thing, you can tell just by looking at her. Twilight, I believe her to be a born Alicorn, I have theorized that she was born an alicorn through some sort of genetic oddity. Her wings are clearly not usable, what means I am unsure, but I have reason to believe they were altered perpousfully. But as for her powers, that is why I asked you to train her. You know how to handle troublesome ponies and still be friendly to them. I beleive you can help her master her anger," Celestia said knowingly.

"But Princess, I don't know if I know how to help her," Twilight said.

"You will be perfectly suited for the job."

Twilight nodded. "Celestia, what do you suggest I do?"

"Teach her the magic of friendship, care for her like a daughter. It will help her realise that the world is not out to get her. She has been dealt a cruel set of cards Twilight, she needs to know ponies are there for her otherwise she will never be able to controll her own hatred. Your friends can help you as well, they may be able to offer her specific teachings," Celestia explained.

"Thank you Princess, I suppose I should go back to my library and research what her magic really is."

"Goodbye Twilight, if you need any help at all please just ask," Celestia said as Twilight rushed out of the castle and toward the train station.