• Published 23rd Aug 2013
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The Fire in My Heart - inacti

A little filly is found in the forest, she has incredible magical powers. Celestia sends her to live with Twilight Sparkle as a student, but eventually she becomes like a daughter to Twilight and she raises the filly, and discovers something new.

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Chapter Two: Moving To Ponyville

A few weeks later, Fira stood at the door of Twilight Sparkle's library, she knocked at patiently waited for her new teacher to emerge and invite her inside. Twilight looked distracted as she flipped through pages and pages of books. Spike, a green and purple baby dragon, came to the door.

Fira jumbled back at the sight of the dragon. She fumbled with her hooves and stared up at him from her fallen position on the doorstep of the library. She quivered and held her hooves up, Twilight hadn't mentioned anything about a dragon

"Twilight! Its the filly you mentioned!" Spike called, not wanting to scare Fira further.

Fira Adara stood up and dusted herself off, wanting to make herself presentable for the Princess.

"Oh, hello Fira, sorry I was reading up on fire magic. Did Spike scare you?" Twilight Sparkle asked, opening the door wide for the filly to walk in.

"Is . . . he . . . the dragon?" Fira asked queasily.

"Yes, don't worry he wouldn't hurt a fly."

"I could if I wanted!" Spike protested from the back of the library.

Twilight laughed, leading the filly inside. "Sorry about him, he's just grumpy."

Fira laughed nervously and followed Twilight into the library.

"I know its not much but its-" Twilight Sparkle began.

"It's amazing! I've never seen so many books!" Fira Adara cried, aghast at the sheer quantity.

"Well thank you Fira, I think you'll be a great help around here."

Fira forced some laughter of her own, she was not yet sure about this dragon.

"Now, why dont you settle in, my friends are coming over in a bit to meet you, I hope you don't mind," Twilight said distractedly. "I set up a bed for you over here."

Twilight pointed torward a platform. A bed stood in the corner next to a huge stack of books dicussing the terms, types, and qualitys of fire magic. Fira's eyes widened, she rushed up to the bed and felt the covers, they were softer than anythg she had ever felt, her own blue blanket sat at the edge of he bed.

"No way! I get . . . A real bed?" she asked, her eyes filling with tears.

"Of course you do Fira. You have to sleep somewhere right?" Twilight smiled, wondering why the filly was so surprised.

"Well . . . I used to sleep on the floor, Momma was afraid I'd damage something."

"Well, don't you worry about that. I put a fire proofing spell on the entire library just in case."

"Wow, I wish I knew how to do magic like that . . ." Fira said quietly.

"You will soon enough, when we start your training."

"What am I going to be doing?" Fira asked with increasing curiosity.

"Well, first will just be practicing doing simple tasks like levitation and such, you can help me search the books and you'll read up on magic," Twilight grinned, excited to be teaching somepony with just as much potential as she had as a filly."After that we'll work on your fire capabilities and such, Spike can help a tad with that as well. Can't you Spike!?"

"Yeah. yeah . . ." Spike snorted from upstairs.

Twilight rolled her eyes, knowing Spike was jealous of her knew student and assistant. She would reassure him later, after she had gotten the little filly into the Ponyville School.

"Fira? Have you ever been to a school before? Because I'll be sending you to a lovely little school here in Ponyville,"
Twilight said, wanting to give the foal an education in basic Equestria history as well.

"N-no . . . I haven't been to . . . a real school . . . Momma said I couldn't . . . because I wasn't supposed to exist . . ." Fira said, in an emotionless lull.

"Well, I think you deserve to exist just as much as anypony else, and I bet you're going to love school, I know I did as a filly," Twilight said encouragingly.

"Th-thank you Princess Twilight . . ."

"You can call me Twilight," she responded.

"Okay . . . Twilight."

There was a knock at the door. Twilight looked back at Fira before walking over.

"That should be my friends," she said.

She trotted over to the door and swung it open, on the other side, stood Applejack with her little sister behind her.

"Applejack! Come in, oh and I see you brought little Apple Bloom too," Twilight said, letting the two in easily. "This is Fira Adara. She's my new student."

Fira smiled awkwardly and shook the overly enthusiastic Applejack's hoof. "Hi . . ."

Apple Bloom poked her head out from behind Applejack, she gasped and rushed out from behind her sister upon seeing the filly was mark-less as well.

"Hi, I'm Apple Bloom, ya must be new around here," she smiled.

"Hi . . . I'm Fira . . . Fira Adara . . ."

Applejack placed a hoof on her sister's head. "Sorry bout' that Fira, she's a little bit over enthusiastic . . ."

"Hey, wanna' meet my friends? Their names are Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle," Apple Bloom asked, ignoring her sister.

Fira looked back at Twilight who nodded easily. "Just come back to the library before it gets late."

Fira Adara smiled and followed Apple Bloom from the library. "So, what's it like here . . . in Ponyville . . . I mean," she asked.

"Oh, it's nice, but ya' gotta' watch out for Diamond Tiara an' Silver Spoon, they are real mean," Apple Bloom said, unconcerned about scaring the filly.

"Oh . . ." Fira whispered, wondering who these two were.

"Ah, there's my friends. Hey Scoots! Sweetie! C'mere an' meet my new buddy Fira!"

Buddy? Did she have a friend already? Fira gaped, her first friend? She smiled brightly, she had never had a friend before, maybe Ponyville wouldn't be so bad after all.