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Have you ever heard about the theory about how subatomic particles can pop into existence at random? Well, replace subatomic particles with updates and you have my writing style in a nutshell.


The Equestrian Wasteland is a huge place, filled with all sorts of interesting ponies; each with their own unique and interesting stories. This is the story of a mare who is simply trying to survive day-to-day, without any big adventures happening. However, it seems like fate has other plans.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 8 )

Is this story meant to be a one shot or is that completed an error?

Volunteering for the Pit is one way to make your day go from bad to worse no?:raritywink:

3150728 I originally meant for this to be a one-shot but now I've decided to expand it.

She'll get killed by Littlepip like the others in Red Eye's army if she stays with them

Oh, promissing shit! :pinkiehappy:

Well at least he lived and I wonder what he's gonna do now that Red Eye has died, good chapter again :yay:

I love the little in-game accuracies that are presented in this. Like backing out of a terminal so that you don't get locked out. This was a pretty emotion-invoking chapter, where there's a build up of a friendship developing (my prediction), and the hatred towards the Enclave. Only thing I thought was wrong with it were the little grammatical errors that there are. Doesn't entirely matter, though. Amazing chapter either way

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