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Hi my name is Sparknanator, I went on a writing break for what I think was a few good years at this point but now I am back and ready to write!


Nova is a young colt, dealing with the typical issues of a high school student. Discovering the urge to do more with his meek life and to help a world plagued with crime, Nova shapes himself a new identity as the vigilante Kickplot. But soon, Nova finds out the hard way that reality is far harsher than his dear comic books.

Cover art by the always talented OtterofLore

Edited by my friend Blue Breeze I would also like to point out that I do consult Blue Breeze when it comes to idea's for this story

This story will contain OC's only

Chapters (13)
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Will read. Hope you don't kill the motherfucker in the sequel.

YES am going to read the crap out of this man, I love the kick ass movies this is going to be fun

The plot was kicked, straight in the head. This story is disgusting.:pinkiesick:

I see nothing wrong with this so far, although it might have been nice to get into the actual plot before publishing. I'll stick around and see how it goes.

4653190 Thanks man! And I still have plans for it that will come into play soon

Great to get a new chapter.

5336633 Well thank you and I promise the next chapter will be bigger plus it's going to well I don't want to spoil it

Is Shadow in every story idk?

5578873 Nah he's in a few but not all of them

Hmm. I guess it's nice to get another chapter, but this felt...tangential, not really connected to anything.

I guess we did learn a little more about Nova, and his parents, but it didn't really advance the story.

5752519 Oh it did this chapter is also going to connect Nova to become the masked....thing known as Kickplot!

5822171 ....good job dear sir

Just from the synopsis it looks like this story could have some potential. I'll stick it in my 'read laters' for now.

All I wanted for Christmas was another chapter of this story.

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