• Published 2nd Jul 2014
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Kickplot - Sparknanator

Follow the adventures of a young stallion who wants to be a real life superhero.

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Chapter 9





A large grey stallion sat at a desk, painting. He would take down this ‘villain’ no matter what, but today was special, and he couldn’t focus on such things now. Today was his daughters birthday.

“Morning Daddy!” sang a voice. He turned around and smiled to see her. The little filly was balancing a bag of egg and cheese biscuits and two cups of hot chocolate on her wings.

“Well, gosh darn it. I was going to get you breakfast this morning.” He gave the filly a kiss “Well, Haily, guess what I got you?” asked the older stallion as he grabbed a small box that to somepony looked like it could hold a necklace. Haily was quick about grabbing it and opening it. She grinned like a mad mare when she saw that her father had bought her two butterfly knives. the filly grabbed one with her wing and began playing around with it, skillfully avoiding cutting herself.. She couldn’t wait to use it in action.

“These are so cool!” She continued to play with the knife. “Daddy look!” She kept doing tricks with it in hopes of getting her father's attention


As the day passed, Nova would turn to different news stations and almost all of them seemed to show the tape of him. He wasn’t sure how he’d done it, but somehow he had created a name for himself.

There was a knock on the door, making him quickly get up. “Who in the world could that be?” He wondered aloud, opening the door.

Much to his surprise, it was Spring. she had a bag filled with… Even he wasn’t too sure what it was.

“Nova!” She quickly hugged him. “May I come in?” He nodded dumbly, allowing her in. It was times like this he was happy his parents trusted him home by himself, even after the infamous carpet fire. “So last night I got to thinking,” she sat down on the couch and reached into the bag, “”What is something we could do together?” And it hit me!” Spring pulled out what by that point had to be a miniature spa.

“Oh, that uhh...” He blinked, mentally slapping himself. “It sounds like fun.” He figured he would wait just a bit longer to tell her that he was straight. He wasn’t sure what other harm it could possibly do.

Spring gave him a smile in return. “And if your parents are alright with it, I figured we could spend the night over at my place.” It was times like that when Nova hated his luck. It seemed to purely want to screw him over and keep him from screwing over. “We could do each others manes and maybe one of those spray tan things I’ve been reading about.” Why do ponies even need to tan?

“Well, I don’t think they’ll have a problem with me spending the night.” He gave a fake smile. Sure, it was his dream come true to sleep in the same room as Spring, but as her coltfriend he knew he’d eventually have to get himself out of this mess. For now he could just enjoy the fact that she was at least paying attention to him.


“Huh.” Hail sat in front of the TV with her father, watching the news “This guy isn’t half bad. Sloppy, but at least he didn’t die or pussy out.”

The anchor pony smiled after stating the vigilantly now known to all of Manehattan and possibly the world as Kickplot. The larger stallion had to laugh. “He should call himself Plotkicked.” He laughed at his own joke. “Or even Plothead.”

“Do you think we should try and contact him?” The filly looked at a match that sat on the table. It was what allowed her and Ignis Fabrica to communicate if he was out on a mission that was what he considered too dangerous for her. They had spares and fully intended on giving one to a pony who they found worthy.

“He might just be the pony we are looking for...”


The day passed rather quickly for Nova and Spring. When his parents had arrived, they had been slightly confused as to why he had company over and let alone a mare, so when he had asked if they would approve of him staying over at her house that night they had been reluctant at first. Eventually, they figured it wouldn’t hurt and agreed.

They, of course, gave him the safe sex spiel, but Nova knew he didn’t need to worry about that seeing as Spring and him wouldn’t be doing anything.

“Are you ready?” Spring asked as she put the gloves on her front hooves. They had decided to try out the spray tan and they had even put some highlights in Nova’s mane. He tried telling himself it’d be worth it soon enough. Hopefully.

“Y-yeah.” He stuttered, walking up to her. Why he was so nervous was beyond him, but he was none the less scared about being that close to her. There’s those hormones again.

“So I was thinking...” She felt Nova beginning to rub the lotion like substance on her coat, “Maybe we could pop some popcorn and watch a movie.” She shivered a bit as the feeling. “Sound like a plan to you?” She looked in the mirror and saw Nova nodding. Yeah, it was starting to feel worth it.


A large brown earth pony sat in a rather lavosh chair with his wife and son. They were having dinner together. He smiled. His wife knew his ‘business,’ however his son was still blind to what he really did for a living. To his family he was known as Sceleri Ictus, but to the stallions that worked for him he was known as...

“Boss? Can I speak to you in the office?” A large and rather plump earth pony stallion said from the doorway.

Sceleri nodded and followed his colleague to his office. “What in the name of Celestia could you possibly need?” He asked in a slightly angry tone “Couldn’t you see I was having dinner with my family?!” He shouted slightly, not wanting them to hear.

“Boss, I think you’ll want to see this.” He pulled a tape out of his saddle bags and walked over to a TV. “Remember that pony we were trying to… question?” He said just in case Sceleri’s son was eavesdropping. Sceleri nodded. “Well, somepony… You’ll just want to watch the tape.” He put the tape in the VHS player and hit the play button.

Sceleri watched in shock as his stallions were bested by some-to him-moron in a wet suit “Who the fuck is that?” He looked at the pony. While his tone seemed calm, anypony could tell there was malice dripping off every word.

“The kid refers to himself as Kickplot.” Even he couldn’t help but chuckle at the ridiculous name. Sceleri simply glared in malice, angered knowing some punk was getting in his way.

Author's Note:

And a big thank you as always to Blue Breeze for editing! And for those of you wanting to know Hail is 11 as Mindy was in both the first comic series and the first movie