• Published 2nd Jul 2014
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Kickplot - Sparknanator

Follow the adventures of a young stallion who wants to be a real life superhero.

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Chapter 6

Author's Note:

So I decided to pull a movie approach to it and just throw you all in the action and whoever can guess who the two mysterious ponies are then your OC will get a chance to appear in the next chapter!





Sleep, eat, school, shower… Maybe jerk off. That seemed to be Nova’s routine. It was all he felt he knew, but now he could do something else instead. Something important. Now he could become a masked crusader. He hadn’t come up with a name for himself yet, but in time it would come. For now, he was getting ready to take some sweet revenge.

Nova had told himself he’d be using his new found identity to do good, and he planned to, but his first target was something personal.

He walked up to an empty parking lot where two ponies would always take him and his friends’ lunch money. He went into an alley and quickly ripped off the trench coat he had put on and put on the mask. Thankfully the slots where the air tank would go on the scuba suit could hold the baton.

“Hey asshats!” He shouted, walking up and seeing one of them laughing while clearly smoking some sort of drug. The other had just gotten done with robbing a band kid, who was quickly fleeing. “How about you two walk away and stop trying to steal hard working ponies stuff.”

“Why don’t you walk away now, Spider-Horsey,” The bright orange one laughed, pulling out a pocket knife, “or suffer the consequences.” Nova wouldn’t budge. He held his stance… If a bit shakey. “Fine then, let’s just see how brave you are!”

The orange pony ran up, only to be hit in his stallion-hood with a baton. The thug groaned in pain and winced, the feeling between his legs stinging like hell, but not enough to distract him. “Now you’ve fucked up!” He punched Nova in the jaw before driving the knife into his stomach, leaving the young colt staggered as he bled out.

“The hell have you done?!” His partner shouted, having stayed back to watch. They both looked at the shocked pony in the suit as he was stumbling backwards. “Come’on run! The fuzz’ll be here if we don’t hurry!”


Lights flashed as Nova was rushed through the hospital. He couldn’t remember anything after being stabbed. He just remembered a sharp pain rushing through his entire body, and the next thing he knew he was in the hospital.

“Please don’t tell my parents about the suit.” He told the doctor tending to him. He had an IV hooked up to him, keeping him alive.

He knew they had given him some powerful painkillers to help numb him up. It was most likely a high dosage of dimmerall. “I’m begging you.” He was rushed. It was like the doctors were ignoring him.

“We have to take this kid in for surgery asap.” A large green earth pony said. Soon after, Nova felt himself blacking out again from the blood loss mixed with shock.


“My poor baby.” Evening spoke softly, rubbing Nova’s mane. He was still passed out from the anesthetic, and thankfully one of the doctors had been listening to him and put the scuba suit in his personal belongings. “Shadow, you better find the asswipes who did this!” She glanced at her husband, because if she found them, she would kill them. She turned back to Nova. “Poor thing had to get metal plates put in him.”

Nova’s nerves had been messed up by something that even the doctors couldn’t explain, but it wasn’t anything serious. They had said at most he wouldn’t feel any pain anymore, or at least not as much, so they had no need to worry. They would just need to make sure he took his antibiotics.

“Don’t worry, honey. I’ll find them and make sure they get charged with attempted murder.” Shadow growled. That was pretty much what the ponies had stabbed him were trying to do. Along with all the cases of robbery and assault. Shadow had every intention of making them prison bitches.

Shadow knew that Nova was wearing his dad’s old scuba suit, but he figured he’d just went to a pool or something. Now somepony had went too far by messing with his child. Thankfully Blue had agreed to take the knife to a forensics lab to be hoof printed to see who did it. This was beyond personal for all of them.


“Mom, come on.” Nova whined like a little colt whose mother was showing him affection in front of his friends. “I said I’m fine.” He popped his neck and smiled. It had taken a few days, but the doctors had finally allowed him to be let go. “I’m just glad my school doesn’t have metal detectors.” He chuckled looking, at the x-rays that showed his new metal plating. “Otherwise they’d blow up.”

The small family of three laughed and started on their way.


Meanwhile, in an unknown location, two ponies-one being a large gray earth pony and the other being a smaller white filly-sat drinking a cup of hot coco, laughing together.

“Now then, babydoll,” The larger earth pony smiled at the pegasus filly, “why don’t you tell me what you want for your birthday?”

The filly smiled, looking up at her father. “I want a puppy.” She grinned. In all honesty she was just messing with him. “A golden retreiver to be exact and I want to name him Baby.” She got a bewildered look from her father and started giggling. “Oh Daddy, that was too easy. I was just fucking with you.” She let out another giggle “I want a butterfly knife.”

The older stallion let out a sigh of relief. “Tell you what,” He ruffled her mane, “I’ll get you two butterfly knives if you’re really good. You’re not a dumbass like those young punks out there, so I know you won’t cut yourself by trying to be flashy.” He felt something hitting his gut and looked down. He saw the filly hugging him and hugged her back in return. “Now then, you go and finish up that homework I gave you.” He received a groan from her in response. “Remember the first rule of being a hero is…?”

“To always know what a weapon can do to you or somepony else.” She got an affirmative nod “But come on daddy! That’s just foals’ stuff. Can’t you make me study something a bit more difficult?”

The stallion shook his head. “Nope not until you know the basics word for word.” He made sure to be firm on that. He couldn’t live with himself if he’d let something happen to her. “Now go on.” He gave her mane another quick ruffle while she walked out of the room. “Now then,” He sat down at the desk with a paint brush in hoof, “time I finish this painting of our arch nemesis.” He turned to a canvas that was half painted, depicting a stallion he was all too familiar with.


Nova relaxed on the couch. He was happy that his dad wasn’t giving him any grief about lazing around the house for once. “Now we play the channel surfing game.” He chuckled, using his magic to levitate the remote and switch from channel to channel.

‘Maybe I should cut a mouth hole in the mask,’ he thought. He noticed while wearing it that it was hard as hell to talk and breath. Besides, now he could give a cocky grin to his enemies.

‘This world needs good kids like you to fix it…”

Those words from his uncle continued to ring in his head, no matter what he tried to do to tune it out. Even after nearly getting killed, he knew he had to try one more time. He wasn’t going to quit just yet.