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Kickplot - Sparknanator

Follow the adventures of a young stallion who wants to be a real life superhero.

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Chapter 4

Author's Note:

Hey so before the chapter begins I just wanted to say sorry if it seems slightly boring to some but I wanted to give Evening and Shadow a bit of back story and as always thanks to Blue Breeze for editing this





After a few hours of sitting in his room doing nothing, Nova decided to see what his parents and uncle were doing. When he walked downstairs he could hear his mother laughing. Out of curiosity, he walked into the kitchen to see what all of the fuss was about. “There you are.” Shadow said with a slight chuckle. “We didn’t think you’d ever come out of that cave.”

Sitting down, he grumbled something about needing time away from Shadow sometimes. “So, what’s going on?” Nova asked, getting back up to grab a soda. “If you had mom laughing like that. then something good must have happened.” He said, taking his seat.

Evening began wiping the tears from her eyes. “Oh, I was just talking about when your fear of spiders first began showing.” She said, remembering his reaction to a small spider all too well. Nova looked at the table and saw something that in his eyes looked massive, when in fact it was not even the size of a bottle cap.

“Everypony shush!” He exclaimed, noticing the spider. He felt his blood run cold and his heart began pounding as if it was going to burst out of his chest at any second. When the spider moved, Nova did something he hadn't done in years. He jumped into Shadow’s lap, screaming like a little filly. “Kill it! Kill it with fire! Burn the fucker until it dies!” He screamed.

Being the careful and graceful mare she was, Evening grabbed a glass and a piece of paper to get rid of the spider. “Nova,” Shadow grunted, “get off my lap, you're not five anymore.” He tossed his son off of him. “Speaking of that, I still remember the first night I met Evening”


The night was cold as it normally was, but that didn’t stop Shadow. He continued to trot along the cobble sidewalk; all he wanted to do was get home and sleep. He had a pretty long day, but thankfully it wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle on his own. That didn’t mean he didn’t want any help with some of the ponies, Celestia forbid.

Instead of being on patrol like he had been promised, he was stuck working at the station and making sure some of the ponies they had arrested-some of whom were awaiting their court dates-stayed in line. He rubbed his slightly sore head. “Well, there's always tomorrow.” He said aloud, continuing his trudge.

Most of the time he would fly home; it just felt faster, but some nights he enjoyed walking. He took in a deep breath when he heard something. “The hell.” He mumbled, listening closer to the noise. It almost sounded like a mare screaming. “The one night I want to myself.” He began running to the sound. When he got there he didn’t expect what he was saw.

“You know what!” A sky blue mare screamed at a stallion standing in a doorway. “Fuck you too! Go on and spend more time with that cheap hussy! See if I care!” She shouted, throwing a small rock at the stallion. “You stupid junkie!” She began walking away with tears in her eyes, only to bump into something.

Shadow looked at the mare with a questioning look on his face. “Are you alright, ma’am?” He asked, looking into her rose eyes. He watched as she wiped the tears with her hoof. “Is there anything I can help with?”

“I’m fine,” She looked up, noticing his police uniform, “officer.” She finished and looked back into his brown eyes.

Shadow smiled, slightly. “No need for formalities. The name is Shadow Breeze.”

She felt something inside of her, though she was unsure of just what. “Well, thank you, Shadow Breeze, but I’m fine.” She grumbled, wanting to just leave and be left alone.

“Listen, normally I wouldn’t do this, but do you want me to take you somewhere?” He asked. “A hotel? A friend? Your parents?” He questioned.

“I said I’m fine.” She said, trying to get past the pegasus in front of her.

“Can I at least get your name?”

Rolling her eyes, the mare just glared at him. “Evening Bloom.” She huffed, just wanting to forget the night she had. “Am I free to go now?”

Nodding, Shadow stepped out of her way. “Wait, before you go,” He reached into his pocket and held something in his hoof ,“take this in case you ever have any problems with whoever that was.” It was a card. “Just stop at the station and ask for me.” He kept his smile on and watched as Evening took the card before running off.


“Hold on a second!” Nova blurted out, interrupting the story. “You always told me that you and mom met at a club or something.” He said, feeling a hoof patting his back.

“Well Nova, you see, it was a lie.” Blue chuckled “Seriously, you thought they’d tell you how they really met?”

Shadow rolled his eyes. “If I may continue.”


Evening gulped. She couldn’t believe what she was doing, and she wasn’t sure what it was about Shadow that had her drawn to come to a police station of all places. She wasn’t the type of pony who liked coming to these places for plenty of reason. “Well, here goes everything.” She told herself, blowing her light orange mane out of her face before walking in.

As soon as she did, the first thing she was able to hear was drunk ponies whistling at her but she did her best to ignore them and kept walking until she reached a window. Upon reaching it, she noticed there wasn’t a pony at there. “Excuse me?” She called out, tapping on the glass, completely ignoring the sign.

“Hello?” She said tapping the glass again, and soon enough a pony with a cream colored coat, thick glasses and a red mane rolled up to it

“Yes, what can I help you with?” She asked in a thick accent. “And please avoid tapping on the glass.” She pointed to the small sign that read “No tapping.”

Evening sighed and began questioning why she was doing this. “I’m looking for an officer.” She looked at the deadpanned look the receptionist was giving her. “He gave me this card.” She slid the card through the little slot in the glass before getting a nod from the pony.

She receptionist pushed a button on a small microphone that was hooked up to an intercom. “Shadow Breeze to the receptionist’s desk. You have a pony looking for you.” She said over the intercom .“Will that be all?” She asked, turning back to the mare. Evening gave her a nod. “Then please take a seat over here.” She pointed to a small seating area that was away from the other ponies.

As she sat down, seconds started to pass and eventually the seconds turned to minutes and the minutes turned to hours. “I should have know better.” Evening groaned before standing up to leave.

But before she knew it, she felt something on her shoulder. “Hey, sorry it took me so long… Evening, wasn’t it?” She turned around, shocked to see Shadow standing in front of her and soon that feeling from before was back. “I ended up being caught up in a few things” He chuckled, looking at the clock.

“I-it’s fine,” Evening stuttered slightly, “I just wanted to thank you for last night.” She lied. “Well, I’m heading out now.” She turned back around, wanting to leave as soon as she could, but it wasn’t until something stopped her. It was her stomach.

The stallion chuckled at the noise. “Let’s say to make it up to you I take us out to lunch?” Shadow smiled “My treat.” Evening just nodded in response.


Blue shook his head. “Making a mare wait like that.” He gave his brother a knowing look. “Shame on you! I thought mom and dad raised you better than to keep a lady waiting.” He laughed.

Unable to stand it anymore, Nova started stretching and listened as his joints popped. “No offense, but this story is getting a little dull” He said before feeling something hitting his head “Ouch!”

“You hush. This is how you were born!” Evening said putting a small plate on the table that was somehow filled with cookies. “But I think to keep him from falling asleep on us we should skip to the good part.” Evening winked. Not that kind of good part.

“Fine, honey.” Shadow chuckled. Nova only gulped in nervousness.


Months had passed and eventually Shadow and Evening had started dating. They had yet to move in together, but they had made sure to see each other daily, even if it was for a short amount of time. They always made time.

“Come on, Shadow.” Evening begged. Today they had decided to spend some time in her apartment. “Please? For me.” She kept begging. “Its just one dinner with my parents!”

Shadow sighed. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to meet them, it was more of who Evening’s father was that made him reluctant to go. “I’m sorry but your dad scares me.” He admitted. “If you can promise me that he won’t kill me on sight, then I’ll go.”

“Don’t worry.” She hopped on the couch next to him and kissed his cheek. “My mom told me he will be on his best behaviour.”

He couldn’t help but smile. When they had first met, Shadow would have never taken Evening as a daddy’s filly. Then again, she never stopped surprising him. “Fine, I’ll go.”

“Good!” Evening cheered. “The dinner is tonight at seven sharp.” Shadow gulped. It was clear that she had planned this out. “Now, I’m going to go and shower.” She said, hopping off the couch to get cleaned up and leave Shadow to his own devices.

Soon enough Evening came out of the bathroom with her mane braided slightly. Looking at the clock, Shadow noted that it was nearing six thirty. “Well, are you ready?” She asked, grabbing a coat.

He nodded slightly “I’m as ready as I’ll ever be” Shadow said grabbing his own jacket and quickly putting it on and before they knew it they were walking with Evening leaning her head on Shadow

As they walked, looking at the stars, they soon arrived at Evening’s parents’. Taking one last breath, Shadow forced a smile. He really hoped that the dinner went well, but Evening seemed surprisingly giddy. She ran up and knocked on the door, and soon enough, a magenta mare with orange eyes and a black mane opened the door, smiling gleefully. “Evening!” She said, hugging her daughter.

Evening returned the hug with a large grin plastered on her face. “Mom!” She said. before noticing a large beige stallion with purple eyes and a navy blue mane. Dhe pulled out of the hug with her mother before nearly tackling the stallion. “Daddy!” She squealed, hugging him as tight as she could

“Well hey, darling.” He said, hugging her back before turning his gaze to the grey stallion standing at the door. “And you must be Shadow Breeze.” He looked him in the eyes. “Well, what are you waiting for? Come in, my boy!” He chuckled, stepping out of the way for him. “You know my daughter.” He motioned his hoof to the mare next to him “This is my wife Dawn Meadow and I am Lights Out”

The room still felt tense to Shadow. He felt like if he said one wrong thing that Light would possibly punch him and do just as his name suggested and knock his lights out, “I-its nice to meet you.” He stammered in reply.


The story was interrupted by the high-pitched screaming of Nova. Instead of being in his father's lap, he was sitting in his mother’s lap, screaming.

“You know Shadow, I’m starting to think he is more of a filly than a colt.” Blue chuckled, knowing how many times he had abused his nephew’s fear for a quick laugh. “It’s just a toy. This thing doesn’t even look re-” He was silenced by the rubber spider being chucked at him.

Evening glared at Blue Breeze. It was times like this she wanted to kill him. “Anyway, I think we should just skip to the good part.” She said, winking at her husband again.


“Do you think it could be a false positive?” Crystal asked, looking at Evening with a look of worry and happiness on her face. She had been dragged out of her home by her friend, who was in a blind panic, having found out she was pregnant.

Evening took a deep breath, looking at the test. “I don’t think so.” She received a questioning look. “I’ve done this about five times today.” She was scared. If she was pregnant, then what would Shadow do? Would he stay with her? Or leave her? Evening was fully aware it was his child, but would he be so accepting?

Still in her state of panic, Evening had not noticed that her friend had placed a hoof on her shoulder. She looked up at the smile. “You have nothing to worry about.” This seemed to help her slightly. “Trust me when I say being a parent is one of the best things.” She nuzzled the nervous mare. “Do you want me to stay while you tell Shadow?” Crystal asked, getting a small nod in return.

The pair sat down, waiting and talking to help pass the time. Most of the time Evening would ask questions about things that had a low percentage of happening, or would be impossible. As time passed, eventually they both heard the front door opening, and to Evening that meant it was time for the inevitable. She needed to take a few deep breaths.

But soon, Shadow came into the living room. “Hey sweetie, I’m home.” He smiled and looked over at Crystal. He had grown accustomed to seeing her at their home nearly every day. It had become a normal thing. Evening felt her body freezing; she couldn’t say it not now, she was too scared and that fear was growing more and more. “Evening?” Shadow waved a hoof in front of his wife, hoping to get her attention. “Is something wrong?” He gave her a concerned look.

All the while Evening had zoned out, thinking of the many different outcomes of the situation, when suddenly she felt herself being shook. “I’m pregnant!” She shouted, looking at Shadow. She wasn’t sure why she had shouted. “Shadow, I’m pregnant.” She repeated, looking at the shellshocked stallion.

There was an awkward silence that lasted nearly half an hour. They both had to process everything, and soon Evening felt herself being hugged. She looked at Shadow. He was smiling. Dhe knew what it meant… However, she did feel bad that he would have to put up with her mood swings. Oh, those were gonna be a rough series of months.


The whole table was quiet. Nopony, not even Blue, knew how that had went down. As far as they knew, Nova had been planned. “So, I was an accident!” Nova pointed at his mother with a slightly victorious grin... and soon that grin fell “...Shit, I was an accident.” He felt himself being nuzzled.

“No, you weren’t. I think you were one of the best things to happen to me.” Evening smiled. While they had not planned on having a foal so soon, she wouldn’t have changed it for the life of her. Well, she would have changed a few things about the pregnancy, but who wouldn’t? “Well, go back to the story.” She motioned to Shadow, still hugging Nova.


Time passed as one would expect, and Evening noticed a few things changing. One of them was her appetite, the other was her mood swings, and the final thing was the most noticeable. Anytime she would go out ponies would ask her when she was expecting and what the gender was. It felt great, but it also got quite tiring after a while. For now she was sitting on the couch, watching a movie.

She had never seen the movie before, but had heard good things about it. The movie was about some teenaged mare and her friends going on the run after her brother accidently shot a stallion whose son broke his cart. She giggled almost every time the detective came onto the screen. Almost everything about him reminded her about Shadow, even his demeanor.

She felt like something was hitting her stomach from inside, and looked down at it. “You seem to be hyper today, don’t you?” She asked the foal slowly growing inside her, and as expected, got no reply. Soon after, her stomach began rumbling. She looked at the TV and was thankful it was on a commercial.

Evening got up slowly but surely and went into the kitchen. “What to eat...” She looked around, opening the fridge, and saw the leftovers from dinner. She grabbed the pizza box and went back into the living room. “Now back to the movie.” She sang, opening the box. While she ate her mind began to wander. During her ultrasound the doctor had said they noticed a small abnormality on the foal’s head. She was scared. What if she had done something to cause it? But then she thought to something else they had said.

They had said that there was a slight chance that the foal could be a unicorn, and if that was the case, she was even more scared to give birth. Try not to think too hard on that one.


Evening kept hugging Nova despite him trying to push her away. His face turned an even deeper shade of blue than before. “Come on, you’re gonna kill the boy!” Blue Breeze said, trying to help separate her, but she was like a snake who had gained hold of her prey and refused to let go.

“Mom, please.” Nova gasped for air. “Can’t breath!”