• Published 2nd Jul 2014
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Kickplot - Sparknanator

Follow the adventures of a young stallion who wants to be a real life superhero.

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Chapter 3





As time passed, Nova soon passed out. He was sprawled out on the couch with his glasses on half his face and he was snoring. He’d gotten rid of Crystal Ball, but just as the clock hit midnight the front door opened with Shadow and Evening walking through the front door. Evening was giggling like a school filly coming back home after a party

The light blue mare walked into the living room and saw her son passed out on the couch. She sighed a bit, “Let me just fix this.” she said, taking his glasses off and placing them on the coffee table. She slightly frowned when she saw the mess that Nova had left on the table and floor.

She ignored it. Evening knew her son and she knew that he would clean it up unless he wanted to see her angry, and nopony liked that. “Well I see he wound up tiring himself out,” Shadow chuckled a bit, looking around for his wife, “How does she do that?” He asked unable to see her for a split second.

“How do I do what?” Evening asked, tossing a blanket onto the sleeping lump that was her son.

Shadow shook his head. Every once in a while he would joke about Evening needing to wear a bell around her neck due to how quiet she could be when walking away.


Just as quickly as the night had come, the morning had come just as quickly. Nova rolled over as the sunlight made its way from the window onto his face. He hated mornings, but then again, what pony liked mornings? He sat up, looking around to see he was in the living room, and it was clean.

He had remembered having some things he meant to throw away before his parents got home. ‘Oh no.’ He thought in sudden realization. He felt his heart stop for a split second and his blood ran cold when he realized he had fallen asleep before they had gotten home, and knowing his mother, she must have waited until his father had fallen asleep before cleaning up Nova’s mess.

He hated it when she did that, not only because Shadow would question him about it the next morning, but because he was good at keeping things clean… Well, most of the time there were times when he was too lazy to clean his room, but who didn’t have those days when they just wanted to sit around and do nothing all day?

“Good morning, sunshine,” Evening said, ruffling his mane and causing Nova to nearly jump out of his skin, “Somepony is skittish this morning,” she giggled at his reaction and walked over to the coffee table, “Here you go.” She placed his glasses into his hooves and watched as he clumsily put them on. The total lack of anger in her voice was worse than actual rage.


In the middle of a warehouse, several ponies stood staring down a tied up pegasus who had sweat dripping off his mane and a bit of blood on his face. “Now I’m going to ask you one more time.” said a large light brown earth pony with dark brown eyes. He spun around and bucked the pegasus, “Who did you sell it to?”

He stepped back, allowing him some room to breath. “I told you, I didn’t sell it to anypony!” He spat, noticing a tooth coming out with a small amount of blood. He took a shaky breath “Somepony that looked li-” He was silenced by a punch in the jaw

“I don’t think you understand,” the earth pony said, “I am trying to run a clean business here.” He walked over to a table and wrapped his hoof up in a cloth and walked back over to the pegasus. “Now then, you clearly don’t want to tell me the truth.” He punched the tied up pony again, “And instead you want to give me some bullshit lie about somepony dressed up as,” he looked over at his associates, “What was it again? Spider-Mane?”

One of the ponies shook his head. “I think it was Bat-something,” he laughed, “It seems like this fool hasn’t been selling your-” He stopped talking to think for a second ,“Product to others and has been using it for himself.”

The earth pony let out a bitter laugh before punching the pegasus once more. “Take care of him for me,” he said throwing the cloth on the ground, “I’m going to spend time with my son.” he said before heading towards the door


Nova sat in his room, silently attempting to focus. For him it was hard being the only unicorn in his family, or the only one as far as he was aware, so he kept practicing magic. Even if he mostly used basic levitation, he still practiced nonetheless. But this time, he was doing something a little different, to put it lightly.

He had two pencils that, out of boredom, he was sword fighting with. He laughed quietly until he heard his door opening. ‘I need to start locking that thing.’ he thought while quickly grabbing the spell book that, most of the time was, left untouched and left to gather dust. He quickly flipped to a random page and began pretending to study in case his mom was walking in.

“Having a bit of alone time there?” He turned his head and smiled, seeing Blue Breeze, “I can come back any time.” he half joked. Walking over to Nova’s closet he, rummaged through it and pulled out a small bottle of whisky. “Thought you could hide this from me?” he laughed, opening it and taking a sip

Nova smiled, “Hey, uncle Blue.” He let out a small sigh of relief, “I thought you wouldn’t be coming here for weeks.” he said. He had just received the letter a few days ago, or maybe the post office had just been running late, or maybe it was just laziness on his behalf for not checking the mail.

“Nope,” Blue chuckled, ruffling Nova’s mane, “I got an early leave, so I figured I’d stop by for a visit.” Blue began to dig in his saddlebags. “Say, kiddo? You like that comic book stuff, right?” Blue asked before tossing what looked like a small paperback book on his bed, “I picked this up in Canterlot and figured you would like it.” he said.

Nova looked over at the book, seeing it read from right to left and had no color. ‘He grabbed me a manga?’ Nova thought before levitating it onto his bedside table. “Thanks.” he said, trying his best to sound grateful.

“Well, I’ll leave you be now.” He chuckled, walking out of the room, making sure to close the door on his way out. Although Nova was pretty sure he had heard Blue Breeze shouting something about him having his own personal playtime in there. He never was very subtle.

Author's Note:

And here it is! Chapter 3! Now I want to thank Blue Breeze for helping me out with the story its self (not sure if I said it before) but I am trying to do a small mix of both the comics and the movies! Anyway I will get back to working on chapter 4 now