• Published 2nd Jul 2014
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Kickplot - Sparknanator

Follow the adventures of a young stallion who wants to be a real life superhero.

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Chapter 2





beep beep beep

Nova groaned. He knew only one thing in the entire house that could make a loud and obnoxious noise like that.

beep beep beep

Turning over, Nova used his magic to unplug his alarm clock. Sometimes he wanted to find the person who thought of making alarm clocks just so he could slap them for it. Only reason he had it was because it was either his clock or his dad waking him up. The former seemed more appealing.

Sitting up, Nova used his magic to put on his glasses. He found it a little funny that as far as he knew, in his entire family, he was the only one who needed glasses

“What the…?” Nova mumbled, seeing a letter on his bedside stand that normally only housed his glasses, a comic or two and his lamp. “Who sent this?” He asked to nopony in particular and levitated it. The letter was addressed to him, but from the looks of it his mom must have put it there. “Wait how in the name of Celestia did I wind up in here?” Nova said. The last thing he remembered was watching a movie, but not much after.

And within seconds, he opened the letter, smiling a little at who had sent it.

Dear Nova,

Hey buddy, it’s Uncle Blue. I thought you’d appreciate hearing from your favorite uncle. It’s been a long time, I bet you’ve had a lot going on. Puberty for one thing. If you’re like how I was, you can’t stop sneaking peeks at all the fillies… only to get a slap across the face. But I kid. I know it’s rough for a growing colt these days, and knowing my brother, he can’t be making things easier. But believe me, bud, it’s never as bad as it seems. You may deal with bullies, stress, piles of work, and not being old enough to do much, but it’ll all pass eventually.

Lately the crime rates across Equestria have been spreading more than a mare in heat. My entire unit’s been running rampant, but it’s not enough sometimes. I’ve been going everywhere from Fillydelphia to Appleloosa. I want you to keep safe out there, never know who’s waiting to shank you and rob you, or shank you just because. If I ever get some time off, I may come over and hang out. You can get a red carpet ready in the meantime.

Take care of yourself and your folks, Nova. The world needs good kids like you to fix it.

Love, Uncle Blue.

Nova smiled. He always loved hanging out with his uncle, even as a colt because, as his mom put it, he was the ‘fun family’ and unlike his dad, Blue was laid back and never really scolded him for anything.

The world needs good kids like you to fix it’ Those words rang in Nova’s head. He’d always had a passion for comics and almost every year on Nightmare Night him and his little group of friends would go out dressed as some kind of superhero. Sighing, Nova got out of bed and walked downstairs. When he looked into the kitchen, he wanted to go upstairs and just wait, but he knew that would get him nowhere

“Good morning, Nova.” Shadow grunted, reading the newspaper. Nova always found it a bit ironic his dad was a cop but every morning he would read the newspaper and talk about some crime going on in Manehattan.

His uncle Blue Breeze was a royal guard. ‘Next thing you know I’m going to be signing up for law school,’ Nova thought, letting out a little chuckle and grabbing a plate. Nova wasn’t really hungry, so he just grabbed a piece of toast. He always wondered what time his mom got up in order to make a, as he commonly called it, ‘buffet,’ but the only answer he would get is ‘it was magic.’

“Good morning,” Evening sang, kissing Nova’s head, “And good morning to you, Shadow.” She said, walking over to her husband. he hadn’t noticed it yet, but his mom had a towel wrapped around her mane. It was obvious she had just taken a shower. He forced his brain not to think past that observation.


“Do you have your house key?” Evening asked for what felt like the thousandth time. Nova was, for the first time in years, getting the house to himself for the night. He remembered the first time they had trusted him home by himself. Evening had told him she left him a plate in the microwave, but at the time he didn’t think to take the aluminum foil off of it and caused a small fire.

“Yes Mom,” Nova said, “And yes, before you ask, I checked the smoke alarms and I know to take the aluminum foil off of my food before heating it up.” He said, earning a glare from Shadow that he quickly matched. ‘And thankfully I get a night away from you,’ he thought.

“And remember, if you need anything at all, Crystal Ball is next door.” Evening said.

Shadow kissed his wife. “Come on dear, you're being a little over protective,” he said, surprising Nova. This was the first time in a very long time that Shadow had helped him out in some way like that. As small as it was, he appreciated it.


Nova smiled at the box in front of him. He had dragged his secret comic stash out from his closet. It had everything from The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well to The Amazing Spider-Mane. His parents knew about his comic ‘obsession,’ but they didn’t know about his secret stash of comics and he hoped to keep it that way.

Levitating the remote, he turned the TV on and, of course, the news was on. He kept watching, mostly out of curiosity. Apparently, some convenient store had been robbed. ‘The world needs good kids like you to fix it.’ Nova shook his head and turned the channel. He pulled out one of his Spider-Mane comics and began his comic reading binge.

Right as he opened the first page, as luck would have it, the power went out. “Oh come on!” he facehoofed, “I swear to Celestia we are the only ponies who still have a fuse box!” Nova grumbled, lighting his horn up. He started looking around for the basement door, “Would it kill Dad to actually have this place upgraded to, well, not having a fuse box?!” He mumbled, trotting down to the basement.

“Come here, fuse box,” Nova said, whistling, “Here little fuse box,” he said, talking about the fuse box as if it were a dog. he yelped, tripping over somethhing, ‘Dammit all’, He thought. When he looked, up he saw the fuse box, “I guess something good did come out of this.”


Nearly half an hour had passed since Nova had replaced the busted fuse. he sat back down and picked his comic back up. “There, now I can finally relax,” he said, “Now then,” he began, only to hear a loud knocking on the door. “Sometimes I think I am just cursed to never catch a break,” Nova said, walking to the door and quickly opened it

“Hello, Nova dear,” Crystal Ball said as she pushed Nova aside and walked in, ”I saw the power was off and, per your mother's wishes, I came to check and make sure you were alright and alive.”

“As you can see, everything is fine and I’m still breathing,” Nova said in attempting to get rid of the mare as soon as possible. As a colt, he had been taught to respect his elders, but Crystal Ball tended to scare him a little. It’s not that she was mean it was more that she hardly showed emotion when speaking.

Crystal Ball nodded slightly. “Yes, I can see that,” she said, “But I might stay over here until your parents get home and hopefully educate you.”

Feeling his heart sink, Nova had to think of something and he knew he needed to fast. He remembered when she would foalsit him, Crystal Ball would go into his room and search it from top to bottom, taking any and all ‘contraband,’ but in his case, it was normally a piece of candy. “You don’t want to do that,” he said gaining a look from the mare, “I’m, uhh, sick.” He said forcing out a fake cough.

Author's Note:

Alright chapter 2! Now then Chapter 3 is still a WIP but still it should be done fairly soon